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Can't find the address or person I need in a 1910 ED

Can't find the address or person I need in a 1910 ED

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Good morning all,
So I am wondering if I am blind because I am struggling to find even the street name in this 1910 ED generated by Steven Morse's One Step " Unified Census ED Finder." I have a relative named Joseph Ziering who arrived here in 1903. On his passenger manifest, he stated that he was going to live with an "I. Zuker" at 223 Baltimore Ave., New York (Staten Island). I went and I plugged in all those numbers + cross-streets into the ED finder and came up with an ED of "Richmond-1328." I have looked through that ED 3 times now, and I can't even see that Baltimore Avenue is listed in there. If someone could perhaps tell me where I am going wrong, I would greatly appreciate it!
Here is Josef's passenger manifest:

Here is the link to the Unified Census Finder (should be set automatically at 1910 with the link):

Lastly, here is the link to my results:

Re: Can't find the address or person I need in a 1910 ED

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And why didn't you email Steve or myself on this?

So.... let's duplicate the search.

I also get 1328 for Baltimore Ave in 1910... so far so good.

Now, let's look at a modern map and see 223 Baltimore Ave...I only see Baltimore St.... but want to see surrounding street names.... see Hardy Pl, Rhett Ave, Margaret St.

Now to look at 1910 census to see if we are in right area for 1328. Don't see any of these streets in 1328. In fact, the streets I'm seeing are way North of where we want to be... 10 or more blocks north.

The question is, where did we get the resources to do this. The ED definitions are just political information, no street boundaries.

Now, there is a series of Microfilms that have the street indexes for Staten Island for 1910 that I scanned and that's where our information comes from.

So.... I check it and indeed, it shows 1328 for Baltimore and Baltimore Ave.... so we correctly transcribed the base information (whether it's right or not).

So.... let's look up Margaret St, Hardy Pl, Rhett Ave on the One Step search. Hmmm... Rhett Ave shows 1328, so does Hardy Pl.

OK.... let's see if I have ED maps for 1910. No, have lots of 1910 ED maps, not for Staten Island (Richmond) 1910.

Now another problem.... if I look at what streets are contained within 1328 in 1910, which I can do on our utility, I see a ton of streets. That can't be right.

The ED definition I have for 1328 is "Ward 5, Election Dist 37". ED 1328 actual film shows....that I am in ED (Election District) 37. Hmmmmm...

We do the best we can, with the resources we have. I'll let Steve know about this, and if we can figure out another strategy, we will come back to tell you.

There apparently is no online City Directory for the area/year or that would also be something to try.

Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA

Re: Can't find the address or person I need in a 1910 ED

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Thank you very much for taking the time to address my concern. I greatly appreciate it! Next time I have a problem, I will email you directly =)
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