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John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Looking for both descendants and ancestors of: John Ryan, Patrick Ryan and Edward Ryan, all of Tippary Co, IRE, and all immigrated to USA in 1837 / 1838.

We don't know what port they landed at, but all of them settled in Rock Co, WI by the mid 1840's.

We know that John and Edward were brothers, and their unmarried sister Catharine accompanied them.

We are not sure if there is a connection to Patrick, but since they came from the same place in the same time frame, and settled in the same area (in fact, within several miles of each other), suspect there was some connection.

Have searched many ships records, but have been unable to find which ship they booked passage on.

Can anyone help on this?

Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

Kellie E. Ryan (View posts)
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My great Grandfathers name was Patrick Thomas Ryan and married to a Lady named Maria. They in tunr had several children in the Ohio-USA area. Joseph, John, David and his twin brother Thomas, Robert, a sister Catherine. I do not know the rest but I hope this helps your journey. Also, if you know of anything from what I have menyioned above please forward to me -- I just started my Journey today.

Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Thanks for the info. I doubt it is the same family, as we KNOW that Edward and John were brothers, and both were born in IRE. You didn't mention an Edward. Also, I didn't see any dates, do you have these for your Ryans?

This group of Ryan's were born between 1809 - 1815. We have been searching to find what ship they may have immigrated on, but no luck so far. There is just so much information out there, but when we do find Ryan's by that name, it is not on a ship that would have landed in America circa 1838.

Where did your Ryan's go after OH, or did they stay there? This group of Ryan's ended up in Rock Co, WI circa 1845 - 1850. They all raised families there. We hope Patrick was not related to Edward and John and their unmarried sister Catherine, as John's daughter married one of Patrick's sons, and Edward's only daughter married another of Patrick's sons! So, we have 2 instances of Ryan's marrying Ryan's! That makes it all harder, but at least they didn't have to learn to rewrite their names when they married!

Good luck on your searching. If you give some dates and locations, I will let you know from our records if I can see any other connection.


Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Surnames: Fowler, Rice, Ryan, McCormick, Lennington, Rea, Perry, Bowman, Brady, Wilson
Did any of these have a daughter named Annie Marie, born about 1842?

Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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I have Michael Ryan (b. abt 1815 in Ireland d. Oct. 25, 1886 Rock Co., WI) married to Margaret Hefferan (b. abt 1817 in Ireland d. Dec. 11, 1901 in Janesville, Rock Co. WI) Both are buried in Mt Olivet Cemetery, Janesville, WI. They had 7 children including my gr grandmother Catherine Ryan Doran, aka "Katie", Margaret Ryan Flaherty aka "Maggie", Christopher Ryan aka "Christy". Michael & Margaret were long-time residents of Evansville, Rock Co., WI.

Do you think there may be a link?

Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Do you have an idea of when Michael and Margaret came to Rock Co, WI?

These Ryan's came mid 1840's - 1850, with Patrick and wife Bridget coming first. We know that one of Patrick and Bridget's sons married one of Edward's daughters, and another of Patrick and Bridget's sons married one of John's daughters. This established 2 double Ryan marriages. John and Edward were brothers. We don't know if they were related to Patrick or not.

Edward and Patrick settled in Plymouth Township, and it appears John may have been in Magnolia Twp - but we are not certain of that. Magnolia borders Plymouth on the north west side. I believe Magnolia continues up towards Evansville.

I had not heard of your Michael before this. He is definitely in the right age group to be a brother to one of these other Ryan's. Do you know what part of IRE he and Margaret came from?

We had believed up until this point, that due to the double Ryan marriages - most Ryan's in Rock Co were related in some way. There was a large family of McCarthy's in Evansville area that also came from IRE, and there is a cemetery located on the old McCarthy farm. They helped establish a Catholic church in that area, which later moved from their land in the country, into the town. But - these McCarthy's are buried in Fulton / Edgerton area. Surprising your Ryan's are buried in Janesville, Mt Olive, since there was a Catholic church in Evansville.

Do you live in or near Rock Co? Have you had a chance to review any old obits on these Ryans? The obits have been a great help in our discovering how these other Ryan's were connected. Would be interesting to see where your's fit in.

Melanie Rice

Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Melanie -

Sorry, I don't know when these Ryans first arrived in Rock County or what part of Ireland they came from. I have found very little on Michael so far. There was mention of a "Mr. Ryan, a farmer who loves four miles southwest of this place, died at his residence Monday" in the Janesville Gazette on Oct 27, 1886. This is a little odd since the date matches, but Evansville is northwest of Janesville, not southwest.

The Gazette also had an obit for his wife Margaret. I put a copy at the bottom of this message.

I don't live in Wisc., so access to the files of the Rock Co Genealogical Society is problematic. I found a person to do a lookup for me in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery records and of the Gazette death records. These are the sources of my data. I also have a copy of Margaret's death certif. I know someone in Madison that is going to take pictures of their headstones for me.

Do you know if there is an index to the Evansville Badger newspaper or where copies may be archived?

Craig Moseley


The Deceased Was Eighty Years of Age, and Passed Away Yesterday - Long and Useful Life

Death ended a long life of usefullness yesterday when Mrs. Margaret Ryan answered the final summons and passed away peacefully from the scenes of earth into the life beyond the grave. Deceased was eighty years of age and her death occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Flaherty, 1 (?) Maple Court, with whom Mrs. Ryan had made her home for the past two years. Before coming to Janesville Mrs. Ryan had resided near Evansville for over twenty five years and was one of the most esteemed ladies in that part of the county. She was a woman of lovable christian character and enjoyed the sincere friendship of many people in this city.

She leaves seven children, one son, Christopher Ryan of Evansville, and six daughters, Mrs. Charles Hayward, Evansville; Mrs. W. T. Dooley, Janesville; Mrs. John Doran, Coon Rapids, Iowa; Mrs. W. T. Flaherty, Janesville; Mrs. Ed. Garry, Beloit.

Funeral services will be held at St. Patrick's church tomorrow morning at 9:30 o'clock."

Janesville Gazette, Dec. 12, 1901, p. 8, c. 3

Note: maiden name - Margaret Hefferan

Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Surnames: Ryan, Hefferan, Flaherty
With death in 1901, and living 1 - 2 years in Janesville, w/ daughter...25 years in Evansville...this would put arrival in Rock Co prior to 1875.

I do live in Rock Co, and can go to Mt Olivet and check the headstones for you. They aren't open at the office on Sunday's, but I am familiar w/ the cemetery and should be able to find the stones.

Patrick and Bridget did have a son Michael, who from my memory, died rather young. Could be him that was referred to in the obit that you found.

As for the Evansville paper - they had several old papers in Evansville in circulation for various years. Some overlapped. There is a lady now who is entering obits,etc from those papers, onto the Rock Co, WI site, by name of the person the article featured. They keep those papers on microfilm in the damp basement of the Evansville library, and while they will let people see the things kept there - they require a library staff person to be in the room with you while you look at them. They don't always have the staff to do it's kind of hard to get access to the films.

For some reason, the Hefferan name is familiar to me, but I can't say why.

Still think it's unusual that the funeral would have been at St Pat's in Janesville, unless she was from Janesville, or attended that church. You are correct in that Evansville is NW of Janesville. St Pat's is right in the middle of Janesville. Maybe they lived SE of Evansville, and went to church at St Pat's. St Pat's do have some records - baptisms, marriages, and funeral. They will look them up. If you would like, I can get their address and you could mail them a request for records. The Patrick Ryan family attended St Pat's. Son Daniel operated a funeral home in Janesville, and had the first motorized hearse in town in the early 1900's. He also operated a livery stable with coaches for weddings / funerals prior to motorized vehicles. His son James took over the business, and several of James' sons were involved until their early deaths. After James death, the busines was sold. Sadly, the records are gone. My boyfriend is descended from James / Daniel / Patrick. James widow apparently got rid of all that information after his death. Don't know why. If that had not happened, it would be in family possession now.

Have you gotten any census information on your Ryan's? That should help with where they were born etc.

Tomorrow, I will go to Janesville and drive through the cemetery and let you know what I find.


Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Patrick Ryan, aged 60 years, died yesterday at 6 p.m. at his home in the town of Magnolia. He is survived by four children, Mrs. Maggie McGovern of Janesville, Mrs. Will Kennedy of Footville, Patrick Ryan, Jr., of Magnolia, and John Ryan of Footville.
The funeral service will be held Thursday at 10 o'clock from the St. Augustine's church at Albany, Wis.

Janesville Recorder and Times Oct. 7,1909 Pg.5:1

Re: John, Patrick, Edward Ryan from Tippary to USA ab 1838

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Is it possible that James's widow passed on the records to the Janesville historical society or genealogy library? It might be worth asking someone since the information would certainly be of historic family interest, etc.
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