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Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1300637302000
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Does anyone know what the publication name is that Georges Society put out? I am trying to find the original and complete story of the following James Davis, also shows publication I am talking about in context.

"The "Relation" of James Davis is interesting and is given in full in Vol IV of the Georges Society Publication, so we will not dwell any further on his narrative. This narrative suspends on the 6th of October 1607 and Mr Thayer ..."

Rob Davis

P.S. I found many things in google search about St. Georges society and lot of other books that reference them. However I was unable to find the vol iv or any other volume for that matter.

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302798160000
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What is the source of your quote?

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302799691000
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Edited: 1302799801000
I'm not sure which St. George's Society printed this (There are many societies) but you might not need that because you can get a reprint of the Relation online.

The Relation = a narrative entitled "The Relation of a Voyage unto New England begun from the Lizard, ye first of June 1607"

A reprint of the narrative is in this free online book:
"The Sagadahoc Colony, comprising the relation of a voyage into New England" by Henry Otis Thayer

Note: The author of the original narrative is UNKNOWN, but Thayer believed that the author was JAMES DAVIES.

Somehow further references to this work have changed the name to JAMES DAVIS.

Also see this web page:

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302819708000
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Thank you but I already knew about all of those. If I remember correctly Henry Thayer's book is the one I got the original quote out of. While I found the missing pages on that were not included in the google book.

I still do not know what it is talking about St Georges society publication.

What is Georges Society Publication Vol 4? I also found that there were many Georges Society publications, that is why I asked the original question, so that I could at least narrow the search a little.

Thanks again,

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302819955000
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There are also a lot of websites that can be found that try to dissect the original story or at least Thayer's relation of it. I do not want their relations of the relation. I want to find the full and complete original relation. :-)

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302830772000
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The text of the original Relation was in the book that I cited -- starting around p. 38, if I remember correctly....

Oh -- pages 35 to 86. Take a look.

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302831355000
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I searched around a bit -- It's the GORGES Society, not Georges. It was based in Portland, Maine.

I'll see if I can find anything else....

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302832202000
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It seems that the Gorges Society did not name their publications.(I mean their publication was not a separate "journal.") According to WorldCat, their series was thus:

Vol I = New England's Vindication
Vol II = George Cleeve of Casco Bay...
Vol III = Rosier's Relation of Waymouth's Voyage...
Vol IV = The Sagadahoc Colony, comprising the Relation of a Voyage...[by Thayer]
Vol V = Christopher Levett, of York...

The book I cited IS Volume IV.

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302833480000
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Edited: 1302833776000
The source of your quote is this book:

by John Bennett Boddie

page 435

(sorry it's in caps - I pasted the title)

Re: Georges Society Publication Vol iv

Posted: 1302834489000
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Edited: 1302834836000
So the Thayer story was the original? Wow, no wonder I was having trouble with it. Thanks for the info. It's a bummer though in the other instance as I thought there would be more detail.

Thanks again.

Rob Davis

P.S. sorry I got the book wrong on the quote, I've read so much about this from different places it's hard sometimes to remember exactly where I saw what.

Thanks again for the excellent info. How'd you figure out it was Gorges instead of Georges. Don't you just love all these old books that have these references and they name the reference wrong or the reference has changed it's name, etc.
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