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Inconsistent names

Inconsistent names

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Surnames: Kamer, Brod, Brodie
My paternal grandmother was called Bertha in the U.S. Her Hebrew (Yiddish) name was Beila and I was named after her. I have found the names Itte and Itte Beila on passenger lists and naturalization papers, although without consistency.

Her death certificate and family lore says that her maiden name was Brodie, but I have seen the surname Kamer on paperwork in the combination Itte Beila Kamer.

My understanding is that the old way of naming children was to list their given name then the parent's given name, so this makes it look like Beila would be her mother's given name.

A person with the surname Brod lived with them for one census and signed as witness on their naturalization papers, but I know of no actual biological relationship. Those events were separated by years, so he was not just a casual boarder in their home. I have searched various combinations on,, and a couple of other sites, to no avail .

Both grandma and Mr. Brod list their birthplace as Marijampol, sometimes alone, or with a country attached, or with Stanislawow, which is a district. I think I've solved the geographical part, finding a shtetl within 10 miles of Marijampol, Stanislawow (now Ukraine) that my grandfather lists as his birthplace.

Ideas of how to put this puzzle together, please?

Re: Inconsistent names

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I'm not sure what you mean by "the old way of naming children was to list their given name then the parent's given name". I've never heard of this as a custom; can you point to a source? In Ashkenazic practice, there is an extremely strong custom of NOT naming a child after a living parent.

It's more likely that Itte Beila was given two names, possibly in honor of two different deceased relatives. She may have preferred to use Beila, and later Americanized it to Bertha. (Itte is a Yiddish version of Yehudit/Judith.)


Re: Inconsistent names

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I know that we Jews do not name children after living relatives, but I also read an account of naming practices somewhere (perhaps JewishGen) that listed that possibility. It could be a non-Jew's interpretation of 'bat' or 'ben'.

As for the last names, the name HAMMER has shown up in that line from the same geographical area. Perhaps HAMMER and KAMER are different spellings based on the confusion of how to interpret the Hebrew letter 'chet' in the Romanic alphabet, which is the supposition I'm using for now.

I'm not sure how to interpret the BROD/BRODIE confusion, but am continuing to research both names in hopes of finding a connection either here in the U.S. (and Canada) or in Poland/Ukraine.
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