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Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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Surnames: Mikulsky

I am looking for Joseph and Casimir Mikulsky, who arrived in New York at 1873. I like to know the exact month of arrival, the ship´s name and any other informations. Unfortunately I have no idea to get this informations.

I can only see in US & Canada Immigration Index the year and the port but nothing more . So what can I do?

Thanks, Andreas

Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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Name: Casimir Mikulsky
Departure Date: 26 Mrz 1873 (26 Mar 1873)
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1850
Age: 23
Gender: männlich (Male)
Residence: Mirwens, Polen (Poland)
Occupation: Arbeiter

Ship Name: British Queen
Captain: Bulman
Shipping Clerk: Louis Scharlach & Co.
Ship Type: Dampfschiff
Accommodation: ohne Angabe
Ship Flag: England
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: Hartlepool (Amerika (USA) via Liverpool)


Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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Hello margaretferguson17,

thank you very much for your reply. I know this document but it is not the answer to my question. The Mikulsky´s used an indirect passage from Hamburg to New York via Hartlepool/England and Liverpool. They started in Hamburg with the "British Queen" at 26 Mar 1873, that´s correct.

But I want to know when they arrived in New York and what ship they used from Liverpool to New York. "U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s" shows only the year, but not the month and ship´s name. But these should be available...

Best regards

Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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I had a look at the Immigration Lists you mentioned, dated 1500s - 1900s, and I saw them both mentioned there as you said they were. But they still don't come up anywhere else. But I'd like to suggest something.

...You see below the record where it says that they arrived in 1873 - there is a "source" for the information that is given.

Try a google for: "Moser, Geraldine and Silverman - Indirect passage to New York 1855 to 1873." ...A page comes up, which might be interesting to you.

I have looked at it and I thought that if you could contact this site, you could ask them for the full details regarding the 1873 arrival, because they are the "source" of the information.

Or perhaps you could just buy their book to see if the information you want is there.


Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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Hello Brian,

thank you very much for your response. I have this book from Moser & Silverman but there are also only reduced informations (departure date, first ship´s name).
It´s strange but there are no information available about the arrival in New York or data in Castle Garden.

The primary source where more informations could be available is "Filby´s Passenger and Immigration Lists" but I have no possibility to get an acess to this source without spending a lot of money.

A direct access to this via is not accepted. The system does not allow the payment of any suscription and I don´t know why. May be because I am not from United States...
This Filby file must be really a top secret data base which is not for everyone´s eyes :-(

So I must go on....

Thanks again

Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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Google "Indirect route emigration" and Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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Thank you very much for this link! It gave me an idea, why extented data are probably not available. And I learned much more about the emigration process in this time. Thank you!

Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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I think this is them! Maybe there was a language problem when they boarded the ship "SPAIN". All the passengers from the same Hamburg list are also on the same ship, but on different pages. I checked.. and they are all on the same ship.
Please see illustration to compare..

Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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Here's the link

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Johan L Mikestone
Name: Johan L Mikestone
Arrival Date: 14 Apr 1873
Birth Date: abt 1842
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Polish
Place of Origin: Poland
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland
Destination: United States of America
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Spain

Re: Mikulsky Brothers - more Informations?

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thank you very much! It´s very funny that you did the same work what I did! :-)

I identified and compared nearly all persons from the Hamburg list ("British Queen") one year ago and got the idea that the Mikulsky brothers MUST be passsengers of the "Spain".

I also noticed that some names were extremely wrong written in the passenger list and were additionally wrong transcripted.
Sometimes also the birth place is wrong. For example, sometimes Germans became Britains or Swedish.

Again and again I looked through the Spain list and I gave some corrections to ANCESTRY.

But the change from "Mikulsky" to "Mikestone" was to hard for me to see and phonetically hard to understand. But I think, yes, you are right, age and birth place fit well.

My main interest is WILHELM JAKOWSKY (my great-great grandfather) and it was not possible for me to find him on the "Spain" passenger list. I used the Mikulsky brothers as indicator persons. My idea was: If I can find the Mikulsky brothers I will find also my great-great grandfather. May be they all used another ship, but now it looks like that they travelled also with the "Spain".

Now I have to look again, looking with other "internal filters". :-)

So, thank you for this idea and your work!

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