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Alice Lenda Cude

Alice Lenda Cude

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Surnames: Cude, Howell, Whitley
I am the granddaughter of Alice Lend Cude and the great granddaughter of Melthia Georgetta Eddie Cude. I would love any information you have on the family. I was told that Melthia Cude was Greek and also Native American as well in our line. Any information or family reunions I would appreciate .

Thank you

Re: Alice Lenda Cude

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I'll send you a message on your ancestry username since it doesn't look like you've been on here in a while. That way, I'll know you get it by e-mail. Sherry :0)

Re: Alice Lenda Cude

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Please share accurate info? None of the principals are displayed on your family tree. They were: Timothy Cude who wed Serena Johnson, 3 Jul 1829, in Jefferson, AL. They had James Hyrum Cude (15 Mar 1839 - 2 Jun 1907) and he sired Jesse Thomas Cude (7 Aug 1875 - 9 Feb 1944). Jesse wed Melethia Georgetta (nee: Turner) Cude (14 May 1880 - 2 Feb 1971).

A little info for you (I hope) :0)

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Hi again!

I know I don't have the exact people as you do.. although since both of our Cude's came from Montgomery County, there's probably some relation somewhere?

What I was going to suggest though is that you take a look at another tree on here. There is a member on here that has some of your family members in her tree.

Instead of "Alice Lenda Cude", she has her down as "Lenda Alice Cude". She shows Lenda's parents as Jesse Cude and Melethia Georgetta Turner, just like you said.

If you go up to your search button and type in Lenda Alice Cude (type it in the way she has it down), you'll see a tree by: Kristi1956Coza. Hopefully you can contact her and get more info on your family.

Here's another thing to look at if you haven't already yet: Someone created Lenda on FindaGrave. They show her marrying twice and if you go over there, just do a search for "Lenda Holeman". There's only one person in the U.S. by that name so you don't have to add a state.. but it shows her as being buried in Stanislaus County, California.

James Hyrum Cude is also on FindaGrave and there are links to two of his children, Jesse and Allen.

I hope some of this helps!! Take care ~~~~Sherry :0)

Re: A little info for you (I hope) :0)

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Many thanks for the public discussion. Daily, I view many error-filled trees that are copied ad nauseam. You've directed her to a tree that has been thoroughly researched. Although some of her granny's siblings enjoyed long lives, they did not produce many off-springs. Sara Olean (Cude) Brogan (25 Feb 1908 - 17 Apr 2010) and Hiram H. Brogan had James Harold Brogan. There are three birth records identifying James and Teddie Laverne (Blanton) as parents. Ruth (Cude) Kocurek (30 Oct 1905 - 31 Jan 2011) enjoyed 105+ years of life but had no direct descendants. James Henry Cude (28 Jul 1911 - 15 Jun 1930) died childless in a motorcycle accident. George E. Cude (4 Dec 1921 - 4 Sep 2012) sired daughter Rikki.

Re: A little info for you (I hope) :0)

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Okay! Your tree is missing several children descended from William Arthur Cude, Sr. There is a pedigree on familysearch. Basically, William Arthur, Jr. and Timothy (father of James Hyrum and grandfather of Jesse Thomas) were brothers.
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Hi Rikki!

I only JUST now noticed that kdoll1965 wasn't the one who responded to my response to their question on here! :p

Hopefully Kdoll1965 will see these messages.

I wasn't sure if your last message about William Arthur Cude, Sr. was for kdoll1965 or for me? :D (I do have an Arthur Cude, Sr. in my tree, but wasn't sure who your message was directed to)

Thanks again HL2604 and Kdoll1965!

Take care! ~~~Sherry

Re: Cude's..

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My responses were directed to Sherry. Ancestry indents one character to direct messages. The originator has on two surname Cude(s) on her tree.
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Thanks Rikki~ :0)
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