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Newsome, broxton family

Newsome, broxton family

Darlene "Newsome" Giles (View posts)
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I am looking for any info. on my grandfather or grandmother and their family.
My great grandfather was sampson newsome, my g. father was jessie thomas newsome, he married laura Ida broxton, she died June 1947
my grandfather died between 1969/ 1971. I know that he had a brother named william madison newsome and one named Idie newsome
and i know of a sister named Beatrice Kittrell, Not sure about the spelling. I also know that I am related to a Saul Newsome and Elbert newsome, My father is JB newsome of Dublin Georgia. Any info. will help, and also looking for family of my fathers brother frank m. newsome, who passed away around 1965-66,He and his family lived in texas at the time, please help,
Darlene "Newsome" Giles
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are you african american? I am trying to research my family history also. both surnames newsom, newsome( so of my relatives retain the e ending) and giles are in my family history. are the names john, james lola, roberta, collin, annie blakemore,robert or emma mentioned in you family's bible. did any of your relatives reside in tennessee?
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Sorry Im not but i dontknow about on down the line. Those names dont ring a bell, my great grandfather was sampson newsome and grandfather was jessie thomas newsome. but hope you find the info you are looking for.

African American Newsomes

Brenda Andersen (View posts)
Posted: 960644847000
Jackie, I don't have Giles in my database but I do have a Moses Newsome, Sr b-1709 who married Judah (last unk)who is African American. They had 4 sons who were considered free blacks and may have served in the revolutionary war. Their names were James, John, Booth and Moses, Jr. I have no other info on this line.

Nesome Family history

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My name is Victor Newsome. I am from Danville Illinois. I am looking 4 relatives of mine also. The information that I know about Newsome's in my family is this: My graet great aunt Neicy Newsome was born in 1892. Her mother's name was Ann and her father was Dave newsome. She had a brother whose name was Joe newsome. They were located or eresided in the Mississippi area. We arfe related to some Taylors, Powells,Smiths. They also reside in the Mississippi area. Any info would greatly be appreciated. I'm looking 4 infor on where the name Newsome originated from...
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Hi Vic, I reside here in Ireland and my bunch come from Co.Wicklow. I would say you should look into the possibility of your origins in Yorkshire England. Most of them were quakers and may have gone over your way from the time of the Mayflower or after. The town of Newsome pronounced Newzum in Yorkshire is located as a suburb of Huddersfield. I would think we all originated from there at some time or another.
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I am looking for the african american newsome's
my great grandmother was Bessie Newsome she married a
Phillip Perino. Her father and mother were Caleb and Ella Newsome.
Bessie had a brother Spellman,Oliver, Isaac. She also had sisters Maude,eSTELLA,Marie.
Bessie was born approx 1890 in Hinds County, MS.I am looking for Caleb and Ella's ancestors.
I found Caleb had a brother name Isaac with a wife named Caylne. This would put Caleb and Isaac
to be born around 1860's and or 70's.

Newsome family in Ms.

victor newsome (View posts)
Posted: 976264600000
Hello I am a Newsome and I am trying to research my family. Does any of these names
ring a bell with you? I got some of this info
from the census. The spelling of our name is changed now, but my grandmother's parents name was spelled newson. My Great great gradndparents were Dave and Anne Newson. They had children MArtha Nicie David Doon Joe and one more in the 1910 census. They are from Simpson county MS. My grandmother's father was joe newson. Their aunt nicie just died in 1994. she was 101.

Re: Newsome's

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Surnames: Blakemore
My maiden name is Toni Blakemore, I live in Tennessee. My father's name is Joe Blakemore, son of Joseph Franklin Blakemore and Rosa Blakemore. However, I do not know an Annie Blakemore. Can you send more info?

Re: Newsome's

mike walker (View posts)
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Did you ever live in Gary Indiana?
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