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Jan Napierski (View posts)
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Surnames: Napierski, Napiersky
Searching for more informations on the Napierski(y)
family, especially in the Nidzica and Dzialdowo county.
Towns: Ulesie(Uleschen), Klezkowo , Jurgi, Jedwabno,


M.Napierski (View posts)
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Surnames: Napierski
Hi,my name is Marina Napierskiand I`m searching for my ancestors in Poland and the USA.If you have some information about the name etc. please write back.
Here in Germany isn`t much family left!


Ralph Napierski (View posts)
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you will find the wappon of the Napierski familie.


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Surnames: napierski
I don't know if we're any relation, but my grandfather was August Napierski who immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1905.


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I am Alan Napier - send me a not cousin.


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In Poland:
Map of Poland's wojewodztwos to see where the surname shows up the most or least


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Nierpiskis have lived in Wickno and Jablonken, later Seehag and now Jablonka in the region of Neidenburg today Nidzica.
You may contact me.


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Surnames: Napierski, von Napierski

my name is Jana Napierski and I live in Thuringia (Erfurt), Germany. For some time I have been trying to find more information about the napierski's and where the came from... I'm still on it;-)

My grandfather Robert Napierski had to flee with his mother and his brother from Prussia to Germany during the WW2.

His father's name was Franz (died as a soldier WW2 in France), his grandfather's name was also Franz (also died as a soldier WW1) and seems have been nobility. I have found an entry of the grandfather Franz von Napierski under this website adress:

But any Napierski before Franz von Napierski, I do not know of, because my grandfather has no memory or information of due to the fact that his grandfather and father both died very young, only their wifes and children remained.

where do the Napierski's come from? I have a theory that seems to be true. The more I get futher in to the history and the sources, I get a clearer picture...

The Napierski's are a prussian nobility that exists since the 16./17. century. before that there are just a vew Napierskis but in the 17. century and onwards more and more Napierski's seem to live and leave traces in Prussia and Germany.

My theory is that Napierski as or should I better say the Napier's were never from Prussia or Germany or Poland for that matter... THe Napierskis (probably) dereive from the Scottish Clan Napier (most prominent John Napier, a genius in the middle ages). During the 17. century up to the 19. century it is estimated that 30 000 Scots left Scotland and went to live in Prussia.

During that time Scotland wasn't a beatiful country to live in, there was the religious persecution (which was very, very bloody in Scotland),hunger, and last but not least political persecution. In the last one is also a very interesting story for all Napier's: One Napier (nobility in Scotland) supported the wrong king and was almost executed because of that, another supporter of the king Lord Montrose was executed by the way, I also read that they put the Napier's under House Arrest and a few left Scotland because of the situation.

I have found a few proofs for Napier's leaving Scotland for Prussia, the earliest is from 1605 of a J.Napier. But it is striking that the Napierski's exist as a family since that time, that the scottish settlers came into Prussia.

A lot of other Scottish Clans came into Prussia and with time their name changed into a more "prussian version", Scottish settlers where often merchants and had the right to be a citizen, and that's why they got the suffix "-ski" on their name.

Napier's were already in Scotland a nobility, in Edinburgh half of the city has traces of them, and a lot of them were merchants who also settled in Prussia.

When they arrived in Prussia, there were Citizens becaue of their work as a merchant and then they transformed to Napierski's, which each generation in Prussia they became more German, instead of Scottish.

My grandfather actually knows that. He was told by his father that they came from Scotland.

So my conclusion (so far) is, that the Napierski's are the Napier's from Scotland... This is also the reason why you will nver find more information about the Napierski's in Prussia in the middle ages or before that, because they still lived in Scotland as Napier's at that time.

But the Clan Napier seems to be scared of that theory, probably due to the fact that it would be very uncool for them that Napier's left Scotland for Prussia. The Clan is only interested into American, or Canadian Napier's. They do not bother to realize that there are traces of Napier's becoming Napierski's.

But the Clan never asked a historian and they never will. If they would, it would change their picture... ;-)

Another interesting fact is that Napierski's seem to be an almost only German family. Just a few Napierski's are actually polish. Today there live in Germany more Napierski's as compared with Poland. In both countries the name is very rare but in Poland far more than in Germany.
in the sources of the 18.-19. century of birth registers, weddings at churches, death registers I found 69 entries of Napierkis in Prussia for Germany and only 7 for Poland... It is an indicator that the Napierski's were basically only German Prussian, and not Polish as some like to think.


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Surnames: Napierski, Napier
For those that are interested in the Napier theory, just a few more notes that I would like to share with you that I found while studying (yes, I was supposed to make my homework for university but eat least it is still history and I'm a history major)...

about the Scots that left their country for Prussia:

- some say that in the 17. century 40 000 Scots left to live in Prussia
-in the 18. century sources say ant least 30 000 Scots left to live in Prussia
- but in general historian believe the numbers to be much higher, for the 17. century they believe that at least 60 000- 90 000 left for Prussia

- there are a lot of sources of Scottish Soldiers who fought for the Prussians against the Swedish and the Turks, and they stayed in Prussia. During that times Scottish Soldiers were the best of the best, with them you would win any war

- Scottish names -> Prussian names:

The Scottish name Dawson became in Prussia "Dasson", Lindsay became "Lendze", MacAuley became "makalinski", so Napier (my theory) became Napierski...

- Suffix "-ski" had only about 10% of the population, in Poland women got ska instead of ski, interesting to know that women of the napierski's are always napierski's, so far I haven't found a female Napierska...

more information about the Scottish on Prussia in general:

. since the 15. century there were trade relationships between Scotland and Prussia
- in 1576 the Polish King even protected scottish merchants as long as the Scots traded with the Polish

- in 1576 there was a part of the town Crakow that was only
for the Scottish settlers

-There is a New Scotland in Danzig, it was an offical part of the town.

-there was also a village called Scotland with 200 inhabitants but there more villages with that name in prussia and germany

-you find (if they are not destroyed) a lot of scottish names on the gravestones in the prussian cemeteraries with names like Ramsay, Lambert, Payne, Larding...

- Scots lived a very good live up into the 19. century. they had more rights and also more privileges than anyone else. It helped them to trade better and become richer.

-There existed an phrase in east prussia "waiting until the Scot comes"

- the language between the traders in Prussia was Scots (due to the fact that almost all traders were Scottish people)

-Danzig, Königsberg and Tilsit were places, where you would find the Scots, because these cities were trading cities

I have more information but I wanted to give a short summery. For a few years the Napierski Napier Connection has become my hobby or my third study subject. Thanks to the University I tend to get most information that I need,

If you would like to talk more about my findings or share yours, please email me : since I'm not a paying client here (hey, I'm a student)...

Have a nice evening,

Jana Napierski from Germany

Fallen German Napierski Soldiers in German Database

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Classification: Death
Surnames: Napierski

Yesterday I found several Napierski's in German Databases which got updated with a few more fallen soldiers...

There where several Napierski's:

NAPIERSKI, ?: he died in Russia in Oct./Nov.1914 near the east-prussian border, he was part of the "Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 18" (RIR 18), he had the rank of a "Landwehrmann"

NAPIERSKI, Adolf: He was the rank of a "Stabsgefreiter", He was born on the 12.5.1911 in Prussia, lived later in West Germany in the area of Cuxhaven and he died in the second World War in 1946.
Here is the link to the German database:

NAPIERSKI,Gustav: He was a Driver during WWI and died on the 17.10.1918 in France. He was from Ittowken, County Neidenburg, East Prussia. Here is the link to the database:

NAPIERSKI, ADAM: He and his brother Gottlieb were from Malgaofen (Today Malga), County Neidenburg, East Prussia. Adam had the rank of a "Landsturmmann" and he died on the 15.11.1914.

NAPIERSKI,Gottlieb: (Adam's brother) had the rank of a "Reservist" and died on 13.05.1915.
Here is the link to the entry on the German database:
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