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Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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Surnames: Group, Gieselman
Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

The Evening Herald, Syracuse, NY, Friday, May 26, 1893, Page 4

Obituary – Death of Adam Group

Career of the Veteran Police Officer and Court Interpreter

At 7:20 A. M. today Police Court Interpreter and Doorman Adam Group died at his home, No. 123 Townsend Alley. Up to late yesterday afternoon it was not thought that his illness was of a serious nature. Tuesday morning he ate his usually hearty breakfast and went to the Central Police station to report for duty. A little before 8 o’clock he was seized with severe pains in the stomach and Dr. D. M. Totman was called. As he had been subject to cramps of the stomach it was thought to be a return of the old malady and the Doctor prescribed for him, and in an hour or so he was relieved considerably, and Supervisor of the Sixteenth ward, Adam Klink, a son-in-law, removed him in a carriage to his home, Doctor Totman accompanying him. On Wednesday he was attended by Doctor Kemter and Alfred Mercer, who prescribed the usual remedies. Yesterday it was found that the trouble did not yield, and it became apparent that a severe illness was developing, so late yesterday afternoon a council of physicians, composed of Doctors Kemter, Saxer, Mercer, Totman, Welch and Oberlander, was called. They pronounced his illness inflammation of the bowels and that the prospects of his recovery were very slight. From that time on he grew gradually weaker until he died. When the results of the council was made known Mrs. Rosina Group , who, with her three daughters, were in Chicago visiting two married daughters and a son who live there and incidentally seeing the World’s Fair, was telegraphed to, but she did not reach the city until this afternoon.

Sketch of his Life - Adam Group was born in Rhine-by-Ulmet, Germany, May 7th, 1823. Forty-five years ago next fall he left his native land for America, coming direct to Syracuse. He learned the trade of a tanner, but as this did not agree with his health he abandoned it for the business of salt boiler. On October 9th, 1861, the first year of the war of the rebellion, he enlisted at Auburn with the Seventh-fifth regiment and became a member of the regimental band. By order of the Secretary of War, the band was mustered out of service in New Orleans September 8th, 1862. Mr. Group returned to this city and resumed his work of salt boiling, and in November, 1869, soon after the reorganization of the forces into what is known as the metropolitan system, he became a patrolman. This position was faithfully filled by him until May 1st, 1885, when he became doorman and court interpreter at the Police headquarters. This promotion was given him because he spoke German and French and had a smattering of Spanish, Italian and other languages and dialects which made him a very useful man about headquarters. In these respects there is not a man on the police force that can take his place. His knowledge of the different tongues was acquired while traveling in Europe with a band of musicians. About five or six years were spent by him in this sort of travel, and in that time he had visited all the great cities of Europe. He was a good observer and never tired of telling stories of his travels. He was a fine musician, his instruments being clarinet and trombone. Before going on the police force Mr. Group lived for two years in Edgerton, Ohio. With this exception, his home has been in Syracuse since he came to America.

Father of Fifteen Children - He had been married forty-four years and had been the father of fifteen children. Ten are living, seven daughters and three sons. With the exception of two daughters and one son who live in Chicago, the family, including the widow, live in this city. He came of a long-lived race, and few people who saw him about his daily employment can realize that he was seventy years old. A sister, who was with him when he died, is seventy-eight years old. A brother, who lives in Ohio, is eighty-nine years old, and the deceased was planning to take his furlough the 15th of next month and pay him a visit.

Officer Group was member of Central City Lodge, Order of Harugari, and a member of Lilly post.

The deceased was a member of the Policemen’s Mutual Benefit society and his family will, therefore, receive a death benefit of three dollars from each member of the society.

The dead officer was a general favorite about Headquarters. His sunny temperament and witty replies are remembered by his associates. He was a kind father and was intensely devoted to his family, and his home life was one of affection and beauty. He had lived for about a quarter of a century in the house where he died. End

Both are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY.

Adam Group is my 2nd great grandfather; his daughter, Elizabeth "Libbie" Group married John F. Gieselman, my great mother and grandfather.

Question – If any one knows Adam Group wife’s maiden name (Rosina Group, but listed as Lucinda on earlier Federal Census information) or the name of her parents, I would appreciate being contacted. Richard Wheeler

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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Thanks for posting this fascinating biography/obituary of one of Syracuse's more prominent German-born citizens.

The surname was more often spelled GRUB in Germany, but was Anglicized to GROUP in the U.S. His town of origin was the little village of ULMET in the district of the larger county seat of KUSEL, in the Western Palatinate of southwest Germany (today, the German federal state known as Rheinland-Pfalz). My GILCHER ancestors attended the ULMET church, walking the mile or so from their own village of RATHSWEILER. You can see photos of the church, which dates back to the year 1091, here:

This area of small farming villages in the Pfaelzer Bergland (mountain region of the Palatinate) and the Glantal (Glan River Valley) was famous in the 1800s and up to around 1900 for sending talented German musical bands and musicians around the world. The Musikantenland-Museum at Burg Lichtenberg, the castle at Thallichtenberg near Kusel, tells the story:

as does this website on the Musikantenland:

I would urge you to send a copy of this obituary to The Institute of Palatine History and Culture in Kaiserslautern:

The email is: info"at"
and the director is fluent in English.

The Institut maintains a database of Palatinate emigrants and this obituary would be a great way to include yours. They may also be able to provide you with more information on your Palatinate ancestors and their home villages and home life.

This area of Germany is also an incredibly lovely place to visit. The small villages have not yet changed their looks much in the last 100 years.

Ulmet today, along with other adjacent small villages, falls under the municipal direction of the district of Altenglan:

You can use an online translator to more or less decipher the websites in German:

Best wishes,
Michelle Stone
"German Immigrant Ancestors in Syracuse & Onondaga County, NY"

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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Surnames: Group, Gieselman, Busse, Bussey
Michelle Stone:

Is there any information available on the surname Busse or Bussey in Onondaga County. I have another German ancestor, Henry Gieselman, b 1821, Westphalen, Prussia. I have posted his obituary, as well. His obituary lists his wife as Catherine Bussey. Catherine’s death certificate lists her father as Casper Busse; birth place as Germany. Any clues you can offer here would be appreciated. Richard Wheeler

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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Sorry I can't help you with that; I don't have any info on that name. Good luck.

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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I also have an obituary for Adam Group (his sister Catherine was married to Nicholas Morgenstern, my ggg grandparents.) It states that he married Lucinda Hargear on July 17, 1849. I also have her obit, that says her name was Rosena, born Feb. 28, 1833 at Redwood, Jefferson Co. She died Feb. 1, 1914 at her home, 123 Townsend St.

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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Thank you for the information. Yes, it seems she went by both Lucinda (on some early Federal Census) and then by Rosena. The name of her parents on her death certificate and on the wedding certificate is Harger. I have found an obituary for Rosena in the February 02, 1914 Monday Syracuse Herald, on page 3 under Obituary Notes. It is very brief and does not mention birth information. Where did you find your obituary? I would like to obtain a copy. Best regards, Richard Wheeler

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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On the fultonhistory site there is an obit for Rosena that is quite lengthy. Search "Rosina Group" Post Standard.


Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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sorry the obit is with the spelling "Rosena Group" There is also some articles wth the spelling "Rosina Group"

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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The obit I have is also from Feb 2, 1914, but from The Post-Standard. Looks like it might be page 7. It is actually more like an article than an obit.

Re: Obituary - Adam Group, 26 May 1893

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Thank you. I will look for the obit from The Post-Standard.
Best regards, Richard Wheeler
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