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Surnames: Dobbins
looking for Dobbins from Mississippi 1800-1940. Dave or David Dobbins, married to Ella Wimbley, she had three children Will, Sarah, and Louis. Looking for Great Grand parents and earlier. Ella was born 1893.

Re: Dobbins

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Without more information, it's really hard to search for these folks.

Can you give any additional info? Perhaps when and where the children (Will, Sarah & Louis) were born? Where (and when) the family lived? Where any of them died?

I'd be happy to try again.

Susan Bork
Little Falls, NY

Re: Dobbins

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Susan thanks, Good feeling to know someone is there to help. My father, Louis Dobbins, I believe was born, Septemher 1919, youngest child of Dave and Ella (Wimberly) Dobbins, somewhere in LeFlora County MS. He married Jeanie (Coleman). Will Wimberly (same mother), Sarah(Lang) and Louis all died in Chicago IL. My grandfather, Dave Dobbins, Died in Chicago, but was born in Baton Rouge, LA March 1881 to Edward and Sarah (Smith) Dobbins. Seeking Edward Dobbins' parents, place of birth and death. How many children did they have? Did he have other siblings? Were they plantation workers? Were they slaves? Why I can not locate them in Census records? Any information would be greatly appreciated, especially how to search instructions other than Census records. Utimately, want to trace the Dobbins family name far back as possible. Again thanks!
Flint, MI

Re: Dobbins

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Hello “Flint,”

With the additional information you provided, I think I have found some of your Dobbins family. And I am also beginning to understand your frustration/difficulty with locating them on the censuses. I apologize if anything presented here is info you already have found or know.

At the outset, here, though, would you please tell me your source for Dave Dobbins being b in Baton Rouge, LA? The two censuses I found for him give MS as his birthplace, though this could be incorrect.

However, beginning with the best clue that your father Louis was b. 1919 in Leflore Co., MS, I searched the 1920 Leflore Co., MS census for black children b in MS c 1919 and found this family:

1920 MS LEFLORE Beat 5 ED 165 [same ED as Rollins Wimley family in 1920]
13 March sh 21A beg ln 15 dw 345 fam 468
Dave Davin [sic] head black 40 md MS MS MS farmer wkg on own acct farm 520 on schedule
Ella wife black 30 md MS MS MS
Willi(e or s) son black 4-1/12 single MS MS MS
Charlie son black 1 single MS MS MS
L.W. son black 5/12 single MS MS MS

The name variation, DAVIN, might be explained as enumerator error. I’ve been told that enumerators went door-to-door taking notes which were later transcribed onto the census schedule forms. The accuracy of the census, therefore, depended on the accuracy of their notes and their ability to later decipher what they’d written. But then there’s also the problem of the child, Charlie, a son, when you indicated there was a daughter, Sarah. Though a bit of a stretch, I can see that Sarah might have been recorded as Charlie. Nevertheless, this family is the best fit.

I checked both the WWI Draft Registration Cards and the WWI Civilian Registration Cards and found these Dobbins in Leflore Co.:

WWI CIVILIAN DRAFT REG – not original images, just transcriptions
1. Aaron Dobbins b 8 Jun 1897 in Natchez, Sunflower, MS Black
2. Aaron Dobbins b 8 Jun 1897 in Dad B. [sic], Woodville, MS Black
3. David Dobbins b 14 Mar 1882, birth place not given, Registered Leflore Co., MS black

Will Dobbins 27
Res: Schlater, MS
b 10 Jan 1890, Macon MS
Occ: Farming for Shellm(anna) Planting Co., in Schlater, MS
Dependent: Wife
Race: Negro
Registered in Leflore, MS

Isreal [sic] Dobbins 28
Resides Ruleville, MS
B Nov 10 1889 Natchez, MS
Occ: Farming for George (Yeager) near Ruleville
Dependent; Wife
Married, Race: African
Signed with his mark, “X”
Registered Sunflower Co., MS

Aaron Dobbin 21
Res: Ruleville
B June 8 1897 Natchez, MS
Father’s birthplace: Woodville, MS
Employer: Geo Yeager, in Drew, MS
Nearest rel: Maggie Dobbins, Ruleville

Presuming these men might be related, I searched for them and found the family of Ed and Sarah Dobins:

1910 US MS LEFLORE Beat 5 Dist 75
3 May sh 10A beg ln 38 dw 285 fam 269 [NOTE: Peter & Allis Wimbley are on lns 20 & 21]
Ed Dobins head black 44 md 27y MS MS MS farmer/genl farm employer rents farm #2335 on schedule
Sarah wife black 44 md 27y motherof 7/5 living MS MS MS
Rosa dau black 18 single MS MS MS laborer/farm wage
(Ar)on son black 12 single MS MS MS
Charlie son black 10 single MS MS MS
Henry son black 7 single MS MS MS
Mary dau black 3 single MS MS MS
Dave boarder 24 single MS MS MS laborer/farm wage

1900 US MS ADAMS Beat ED 11
16 & 18 June sh 7A beg ln 24 dw 161 fam 161
Ed Dobbins head black b June [no yrs given except for Lemar] 38 md 16y MS MS MS farmer/rents farm #63 on Schedule
Sarah wife black b May 36 md 16y mother of 7/6 lvg MS MS MS farm laborer
William son black b Apl 15 single MS MS MS at sch
Odie son black b Oct 13 single MS MS MS at sch
Israel son black b Jan 11 single MS MS MS at sch
Aaron son black b Dec 4 single MS MS MS [1920 lvs in Wayne Co., MS – pars bp listed as USA]
Rosanna dau black b June 9 single MS MS MS
Lemar son black b Dec 1900 5/12 single MS MS MS
James Pearls boarder black b Oct 23 single MS MS MS farmer/rents farm #64 on schedule
Alsi(e) Nichols boarder male black b Mch 25 single MS MS MS farm laborer

Regretably, Dave does not seem to be with Ed and Sarah on the 1900, unless he is "Odie." This 1900 entry is the ONLY census hit for a name "ODI* DOB*" adding weight that it probably is him.

That Dave is listed as a boarder on the 1910 rather than a son, is also interesting, but may simply indicate that he was in fact working for his father and actually paying board. Notice that the family was in Adams Co. in 1900.

I’m still looking for any of these Dobbins on other censuses. Dave & Ella’s family seem to have left Leflore Co before 1930. Do you know when they relocated to Chicago? Do you think they should be on the IL 1930 Census?

On the Wimberly side, I found these, which, again, you may already have:

1930 US MS LEFLORE Beat 5 Dist 19
22 Apr Sh 22A beg ln 18 dw 479 fam 509
(Roslie?) Wimley [sic] head female negro 22 wid MS MS MS
Annie dau negro 4-(4)/12 single MS MS MS
Rollin son negro 2-8/12 single MS MS MS
Luther J son negro 3/12 single MS MS MS
NEXT DW #480, fam 510
Rollin S. Wimley head negro 53 md 1x@21 GA GA GA
Amie wife negro 40 md 1x @19 MS MS MS
Minnie dau negro 18 single MS GA MS
Joseph son negro 15 single MS GA MS
Alex [indexed as Oley] son negro 8 single MS GA MS
Pinsie [indexed as Pressie] dau negro 13 single MS MS MS
Sarah Dobins [indexed as Dobias] g.dau. 13 single MS MS MS
Abbe Sanders g.son negro 5 single MS MS MS
(Mane) C Dobins g.son negro 5 single MS MS MS
Jimmie Sanders g.son negro 4 single MS MS MS
Tommy Sanders g.son negro 4 single MS MS MS

1920 US MS LEFLORE Beat 5 Dist 165
12 March Sh 20A beg ln 22 dw 330 fam 449
Roll(i)ns Winley [indexed as Robina] black 53 md GA GA GA farmer/genl farm wks own acct farm #499 on schedule
Annie wife black 50 md MS AL SC
Minnie dau black 14 single MS GA MS
Bettie dau black 12 single MS GA MS
L. Emma dau black 8 single MS GA MS
Pinkey dau black 6 single MS GA MS
Elin son black 5/12 single MS GA MS
1920 US MS LEFLORE Beat 5 Dist 59
7 Jun sh 3B beg ln 81 dw 67 fam 68
Roland Whimley [sic] black Apr 1870 30 md 10y GA GA GA farmer rents farm #58 on schedule
Annie wife black March 1862 38 md 10y mother of 4/2 living GA GA GA farm laborer
Leanna Alfred sister black June 1881 18 single MS GA GA farm laborer
ELLA WHIMLEY dau black Jany 1890 10 single MS GA GA farm laborer
Follie dau black July 1896 3 single MS GA GA

1910 US MS LEFLORE Beat 5 Dist 75
27 Apr sh 2A beg ln 31 dw 34 fam 35
Roland Wimble head black 35 md 17y GA GA GA farmer/genl farm wks own acct farm #34 on schedule
Annie wife black 29 md 17y motherof 7/7 living MS MS MS
Eva [indexed as Ena] dau black 17 single MS MS GA [enumerator reversed parents’ birthplaces for all children]
A(?)na dau black 14 single MS MS GA
Fannie dau black 9 single MS MS GA
Minnie dau black 6 single MS MS GA
Bettie or Bittie dau black 5 single MS MS GA
Henry son black 3 single MS MS GA
Emma R dau black 4/12 single MS MS GA

MS Marrs 1776-1935
Roland Wimberly md Anna Alford 5 Feb 1892 Leflore Co.

I look forward to hearing your feedback. I let you know what else I can find.

Susan Bork

Re: Dobbins

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I had the wrong year for one of the Wimberly censuses, listing it wrongly as 1920 when it's 1900:

1900 US MS LEFLORE Beat 5 Dist 59
7 Jun sh 3B beg ln 81 dw 67 fam 68
Roland Whimley [sic] black Apr 1870 30 md 10y GA GA GA farmer rents farm #58 on schedule
Annie wife black March 1862 38 md 10y mother of 4/2 living GA GA GA farm laborer
Leanna Alfred sister black June 1881 18 single MS GA GA farm laborer
ELLA WHIMLEY dau black Jany 1890 10 single MS GA GA farm laborer
Follie dau black July 1896 3 single MS GA GA


Re: Dobbins

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Lost first reply.
Thanks so very much. this information is filling voids in my life.
Will is Willie
charlie must be Sarah.
L.W. and Man is what my father was called.
This is the correct family.

WWI Civilian Draft Reg
Aaron Dobbins unknown
David Dobbins seems to match the Death Certificate I have but name Dave b 14 Mar 1881. In Died 31 Mar 1966 in Chicago list as his place of resident for 16y.
Maybe my aunt Sarah believe Ed and Sarah were his parents because he lived with them and they were Dobbins. They could have been his fathers family members.

1900 Sarah had 7/6 living children.
1910 Sarah had 7/5 living children.
I agree that Dave was not their child.

Dave and Ella may have left Leflore Co. but to my knowledge they never live in Chicago. Dave came to live with dau Sarah in the 50's. She never had children and I was her baby but I was too young to want to know about family ties. I do have much information about family that I took to be Dobbins but they were Wimbley's. Rightfully so because their mother was a Wimbley.

1930 Sarah and Man ( I believe to be my father) were living with their M. grandparents maybe because their parents separated or Ella passed away. I will begin seeking Daves birth records.

Seems as if Rollin and Annie lived or was born in GA.

I found an Obit on a James Dobbins b 18 Jan 1927 in Yazoo City and his parents are listed as Hiburnia and D.A. Dobbins. I have many Obits my mother kept faithfully. I know my father use to name towns he had been and I wrote them down some time ago and Yazoo City is one of them. He has a child in Yazoo name Alvera who I met once.
spoke of Belzona, Swift town, Hazlehurst, Bogalusa, Bellwood, Isola, Bentonia, Osceola, Greenwood, Jackson, Indanola, Clarksdale, & Greenville. I wonder if D.A. was a brother to Dave.

Back to looking for my great grandfather Dobbins.

The men in the He and the Wimbley's were drinker and they partied, partied, partied.

Re: Dobbins

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Hello Virginia,

I’m so glad the info is useful and that I hit the mark on at least some of the folks.

I think you are right about David not being Ed & Sarah’s son, but I think they had at least 9 children. I tried to merge all the data I had for the family to get an overview, but I can't attach the file, as it's a Word Document. I'll be happy to send it personally, if you care to email me at

That being said, Dave might have been Ed’s nephew. I think the fact that he’s as old as he is yet living with Ed (and not on his own) and that he’s the only Dobbins listed as a border, suggests he had no surviving siblings.

Meanwhile, here are some additional findings…

William Dobins b 9 Jan 1883 d Jul 1962 issd MS
Link Dobins b 10 Nov 1888 d Aug 1969 Greenwood, Leflore, MS
Pearlie Dobins b 21 mar 1893 d Oct 1980 issd MS last ben: Sumner, Tallahatchie, MS
(I don’t know if Pearlie is a man or woman.)

Will Dobin, 34y
Address: State Insane Hospital [an employee per occupation below.]
Date of Birth: “Don’t know. Don’t know.” [RE month and day.] Year: 1884 [b Apr per 1900]
Occ: Attendant at State Insane Hospital
Nearest relative: Father, EDWARD DOBIN, Ruleville, MS
Registration place: Jackson, Hinds, MS
NOTE: I did find him working/living at the asylum in 1920. I think it was indexed as Dobs or Dobbs.

9 Apr sh 7B beg ln 85 dw 151 fam 161
Link Dobbin head rents farm negro 40 md 1x@20 MS MS MS farmer/genl farm wks own acct farm #139 on schedule
Velma wife negro 30 md 1x @16 MS MS MS
W. T. son negro 14 single laborer/farm MS MS MS
Harret dau negro 12 single MS MS MS
Clothield Wade niece negro 21 single laborer/farm MS MS MS
ED DOBBIN FATHER negro 66 wid md 1x@20 laborer/farm MS MS MS
Henry brother negro 21 single laborer/farm MS MS MS

1920 US MS WAYNE Beat 5 dist 154
19 Jany sh 4b beg ln 56 dw 67 fam 67
Aaron Dobbins blk 26 md birthplace: Unk, crossed out, “US” written on top of it] US US laborer/turpentine wage
Valonia blk wife 21 md AL AL AL
R. T. blk son 2-6/12 MS MS MS
James Will boarder blk 35 single FL FL FL laborer/turpentine wage


I’m quite disappointed that I could not find more of the family on the 1920 especially when they are on both the 1910 and 1930.

You are most fortunate to have the collection of obituaries. I am envious.

I know I did not answer one of your first questions RE records searching tips. I have a complete subscription to Ancestry which allows me to cross reference findings in the various databases – a great asset. In searching for the Dobbins, I found I had to cast a wide net, often using DOB* (WIM* for Wimberly) or even less criteria, sometimes just race and approximate age, which also needed to be a wide range, and then scroll through the hits. I also mostly use Ancestry’s “old” search engine format and the “exact” name option.

I did think that if you’re reasonably sure Dave was b. in Baton Rouge, that you might try to locate and contact some of the older black churches there and see if they have his birth/bp record. I work in Utica, NY and at least one local black church, still in existence, began in the early to mid 1800s.

I wish you continued success. I’m sure you are as eager as I am for the 1940 to be available to help with the hunt.

My very best regards,
Susan Bork

Re: Dobbins

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Let me know if a message came I lost it again.
What about plantation searches servants from the south? I remember my mother mentioning Pufler ( not sure of spelling) plantation where her family worked.
Virginia Sadly

Re: Dobbins

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Ancestry DID send me an email via their message system that you'd posted your message (if that's what you meant by "losing the message"), but I'm checking the board regularly anyway.

The only PUFLERs I find in MS that seem relevant are two PETER PUFLERs (Jr. & Sr.) in 1822 in Wilkinson County, which does happen to be where Ed Dobbins was born, per his son's WWI registration, which said he was b in Woodville. As near as I could understand this database (MS State & Territorial Census Collection, various years), both Peter Puflers owned slaves, but only a total of 5 between them, which makes it hard to believe they had a "plantation."

A Soundex search on PUFLER mostly brought up the names of POPLAR and PEAVLER, but neither on the 1860 Slave Census.

I'll be happy to look further if you can tell me what area your mother's family was from, and what approximate time frame your mother meant. And I assume you meant the Puflers were in MS. Yes? No?

Meanwhile, I may not get back to this until late Sunday or early next week - busy weekend.

I appreciate the opportunity to broaden my research skills. Thanks.

Sue Bork

Re: Dobbins

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Surnames: Dobbins
D.A. Dobbins is Doug Aaron Dobbins, MY grandfather. My mother is Almeater Dobbins, spelled "Almeda" in the 1940 Census.

My birth name is Adam Swan. I stumbled upon this while searching for more information on my grandparents, as I work to supplement the information given to me by my mother.

You can reach me by email at if you so desire. I would love to exchange information.

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