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Frederick md Padgetts

Frederick md Padgetts

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Hi Earl, Sorry I didn't get right back to you, I was on vacation. We are tracing the same family line I think. Is the the Robert you are looking for by chance born @1780 in Md married on 3/21/1811 in Clark Co. Ky? to Harriet Taylor? b: @1787 in N.C.? her parents Cary Taylor and Elizabeth Thompson? their children ( Robert & Harriet) were Araminta 1717 Ky., Nicholas 1818, Elizabeth 1818, William 1822, Harriett 1824, Harrison 1828, Benjamin 1830 and George Washington 1814????

I also found the same info as you did in previous boards.
I live only a half hour from Frederick and my family has been in this area since the beginning of time it seems. I have traced many families in the Frederick area and they all seem to be related somehow.
In the 1790 Frederick census the names of these Padgetts are listed, Josiah 2 sons born @ 1774-1790, a Josiah with 3 sons between 1774- 1790 and 3 daughters born up to 1790, a William with 4 daughters born up to 1790 another William with 2 sons born @ 1774- 1790 and 1 daughter up to 1790. If I am correct Josiah moved south into the Carolinas So this would explain the 1800 census, the men listed here are williams children, 1800 census reveal.......Benjamin B@ 1755-1784 with 3 sons 1 @1790-1800, a son 1784-1790, a son 1774-1784 and 6 daughters, 3 b@ 1790- 1800, 2 daughters b@ 1784- 1790 and 1 daughter b@ 1774-1784. Solomon b: 1774- 1784 a son 1784 -1790 (is this possible?) and a daughter 1784-1790(maybe they were infants... a William with 1 son born 1790- 1800.
I believe that Benjamin 1676 Calvert Md. is the the father of these men, John is the only one not listed in Frederick census as I have the sons of Benjamin as John, William, Benjamin and Josiah......The thing I haven't figured out is John, he is not listed in Frederick county in the 1790 or 1800 census but in the Graceham Morravian church records, it reveals that John Padgett had 12 children their births and bapt. are recorded. His children are the ones listed in the Myers, M. Lincenses of Frederick Co. and I have who they are married too and where most of them went. I figured John must have been in Surry N.C. during this time 1790 - 1800. He states in his 1811 memoir (right before his death)that he had gone to Surry to follow the Brethren Faith. He also states he was the son of Benjamin and Mary of Charles co Md. so-oo what do you think? John's children were
By the 1st wife: Elizabeth Cawood
1. Mary b:1746 m: Benj. Chitty
2. Elizabeth b:@1749 m: 1st Joseph Layton 2nd m: John Cooper
3.Thomas b: 1752 m: Sarah Anne Matthews
4.Benjamin b: 1755 M; Mary Elroy moved to Ky
5. John b: 1758 m: Elizabeth ?

2nd wife's Mary Trasher children to him
6. Sarah b: 1761 m: James Jarvis
7. Eleanor also known as Nelly b: 1763 m: Jonathan Markland in Surry N.C.
8. Dorcus died in infancy
9. John b: 1768 m: Nancy Ann Peddycord moved to Ky
10. Maria/ Mary b: 1771 m: Elias Lashmitt
11. Lydia b: 1773 m: William Wilburn
If you notice there is one missing? an unknown who was it?
Why is there 2 Johns is the one maybe Josiah?

This is what I'm thinking.....

Bejamin Padett 1676 Calvert Md. M; Mary Stephens b: 1680 married in Charles Md. @ 1700 had the following children:
John inherited "Wallnut Thicket" b: 1723 d: in 1811 in Hope N.C. m: Elizabeth Cawood m: 2nd Mary Trasher
William b: @1725 note: There is a William b: 1726 who m: a Mis Deskin in 1745 in Loundoun Va. (connection?)
Bejamin inherited " Paggets Purch" b: 1727 d: in Hope N. C. M; Mary?
Josiah B; ? m: 12/31/1796 in Prince George's County Md. (now Frederick Md) to Johanna Lovelace) ? moved to N.C.?

The Josiah and William of the 1790 Frederick census have to be the sons of John and grandsons of Benjamin, unfortunately
it's not much to go on.
Now by the 1800 census we can figure out who's left or have moved on and and we can narrate the field alittle.
William was a young man in 1800 he was between 16 and 26 with a wife the same and 1 son under sixteen this tells me that this son was an infant
Solomon is the same, young with young wife and 2 children both under 16 so now we have 2 young Padgett men with some infants
Bejamin he is between 26-45 with 3 sons under 26 and 6 femals up to 26 and his wife 26-45 and a woman over 45, this tells me that either Benjamin is the father of William and Solomon or an older brother. I think he is the father.
Why I feel this way is for me looking for my grandmother, there is a Abraham Hargertt who lives 6 dwellings from William Padget my grandmothers parents were Abraham Hargett and mother Deborah Padgett I feel there is a real connection between the Hargett here and the Padgetts living down the road from one another.
Because there is an older woman living with Benjamin in 1800 it tells me that 1 it was a patriarichal system where the wife lives with the husbands family and 2 the head of the house hold was deceased making Benjamins mother living with them which would have been John and his older sons married.
If they would be brothers then there is alarge gap in the ages between them as Benjamin had children up to age of 26 living with him same as the ages of Solomon and William.

We, have to have come from William or Solomon or one of the younger sons of the Benjamin any info? or do you disagree with me. There is an answer out there, I plan on going to Frederick Historical Society and pull the Evang. Luthern Records as that is where both our ancestors are listed maybe there will be more info on the rest when I get there unless you have already done that and can answer some of the questions. I am still looking for Deborah Padgett who married Abraham Hargett I did find a Thomas Padgett b: Jan. 29, 1785 in Charles Md. m: 1801 to a Deborah Robey she was the daughter of William Roby and Susannah Dement this Thomas was the same son of John so it tells me Thomas must have been married twice. The name Deborah isn't that common so I thought maybe this is a clue. Can't tell you yet if Robert and William are twins or are brothers but I will tell you I had a set of twins myself paternal twins but I do have twins on my fathers side and they are fairly easy to trace, people back then were interested in them too and the gene does carry so will continue to search. Sorry this is so long, take care of that arm. Jeanne

Re: Frederick md Padgetts

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Dear Jeanne,

I did fine it. It is most interesting. I read it over quickly, but I want to read it over tomorrow when I'm rested. I'll read it slowly and digest it.

I've never been to Frederick, MD to do genealogy, but my sister did hire a genealogist in the area 2, 3, 4, or 5 of years ago.

I want to send you 3 or 4 e-mails, I found in 2000 or so, listed on the Frederick Co. Maryland message boards. They are from two women. I have e-mailed both of them, the e-mails didn't come back, but they have not answered me either. From the 3 or 4 e-mails is where I got the William Padgett & Robert Padgett as twins. One of the women had some kind of a book giving the details.

I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Many, many thanks for all your hard work.


Earl C. ("Cal") Padgett, Jr.,
6522 Summit St.
Kansas City MO 64113-1821

< > (816) 361-5360

Re: Frederick md Padgetts

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Hi Earl, or should I call you Cal? I am in business in Gettysburg and my season is on me but will be glad to help in any way. I know what it's like trying to research many miles away in a geographic area you are unaware of. I don't know where you are with your research but maybe I can be of service to you. Like I said before I am just really just beginning the Padgett family but if appears they left pretty good records behind. I have been researching for around 20-25 years I am by no means a professional but must say I am pretty good at it. What made you get in to it? I am always curious to know what possesses us to do it. For me it was my husbands grandfather and great grandfather, they were always talking about the family and grandparents. One Easter, many years ago one of them brought baskets over for my children and behind him was a large paper bag and he had a picture in the original frame with my husbands g.g. grandfather and his wife. He said this is for you with the condition you find this mans father as you will have found the man who came here. Well our quest started, no it was not his father who came here but a man that went back to 1709. My children by the time we finished were the 22nd generation here. How cool is that? From there I started researching.
Like I said Fredrick is where my mothers families are, my youngest is just finishing Hood College there. At one time Frederick was a small rural community with the mountains around it. There area is now the 2nd largest city in Maryland but is still very beautiful. You can still go down all the back roads and still see the country side and farms. The Evangelical Luth. Church is on Church Street, one of my favorite in town places, the old court house and history is all right there. The Eval. Luth. Church is also affiliated at least at one time with Zion Evan. Luth. Church in Middletown. Middletown is in the valley between the mountains on the way to Hagerstown Md. (Washington County) The families were are searching I believe were living closer to this area. According to what I have researched alot of the old Padgetts in the area were born in Carrol Manor also know to the home of the Carrol family. This family was from the man where Carrol County Md. came from. Carrol Manor was also called Carlton Mannor at one time and the home is still standing. Over time the Carrol family started leasing land and selling. I want to check and see if the Padgetts were related to the Carrols or if they were ones who leased or purchased land. I do know that the Padgetts intermarried into the Hargett family but the Hargett family married into the Carrol family and the Carrol family into the Calvert family.(Lord Baltimore) If and how they all connect, I'm not sure but sure am curious about it. The bottom line is if we can connect all the dots back then and follow the journey forward then we will uncover a world of wealth. I must say the Padgetts seem to travel a lot. I am looking at a family right now in Loundoun Va. it is right next to Frederick. There is a Padgett family there and one of the men married a girl from Frederick. Many of the surnames there are the same as Frederick's surname so there has to be a connection there. Well I have talked enough, will wait to hear from you. Jeanne

Re: Frederick Co., Maryland Padgetts

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Posted By: Marilyn Roth
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Subject: Re: Early 1800 Padgett Family in Frederick,
Post Date: April 20, 2000 at 17:27:04
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Forum: Frederick County, MD Genealogy Forum
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BARNES' Maryland Marriages, Fredk. Co.:

PADGETT, Benjamin, 25 Mar. 1778, Ann GREEN.
PADGITT, Wm. Ward, 16 Dec. 1788, Mary GROVER.
Pr. Geo. Co., PAGETT, Josias, 8 Jan. 1797, Johanna LOVELACE.

MYERS, M. Licenses of Fredk. Co:

PADGET, Elizabeth, 23 N 1802, John DAVIS.
PADGETT, Benjamin, 25 Mar. 1778, Ann GREEN.
PADGETT, Elizabeth, 27 Mar. 1782, John QUYNN.
PADGETT, Sarah, 14 Je. 1783, Wm. PERRILL.
PADGETT, Susanna, 16 Jan. 1802, Peter PEPPER.
PADGIT, Wm., 14 Apr. 1800, Barbara FISTE.
PADGET, Alfred, 9 May 1840, Elizabeth BUMBAUGH.
PADGET, Ann, 23 Oct. 1826, Samuel SHIPMAN.
PADGET, Deborah, 12 Jan. 1829, Abraham HARGERT.
PADGET, Henrietta, 3 May 1828, John WHIP.
PADGET, John, 11 Mar. 1824, Rachel ELSROTH.
PADGET, Lethe, 2 Apr. 1819, Andrew MOSBURG.
PADGETT, Alfred, 16 July 1830, Eliz. EADER.
PADGETT, Allison, 5 D 1812, Catherine TUCKER.
PADGETT, Eliz., 13 F 1815, Geo. STAMP.
PADGETT, Geo. W. H., 26 F 1831, Polly KARN.
PADGETT, Hester, 19 Dec. 1811, Gisbert GISBERT.
PADGETT, Rebecca, 26 Mar. 1833, John NICHOLS.
PADGETT, Richard, 23 F 1811, Mary JMOSSBURG.
PADGETT, Richard, 27 S 1828, Mary WELLER.
PADGETT, Susanna, 9 Oct. 1830, Wm. EDER.

Index to Probate, Pr. Geo. Co., MD:

PADGETT, Benedict, 1824; Benjamin, 1874; Eliz. by Hezekiah, 1778; Hezekiah by Naylor DAVIS, 1794 & 96; James B., 1894; John by Eliza, 1771 & '72; & Violetta, 1861.

Thomas PADGETT adm. estate of John HILL, 7 Mar. 1711.
Benja. PADGETT adm. estate of Samuel HARWELL, 25 Je. 1726.

Earl C. Padgett
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Re: Frederick Co., Maryland PADGETTs

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Posted By: Debra Dunlap
Subject: Re: Early 1800 Padgett Family in Frederick,
Post Date: February 04, 2002 at 12:27:39
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Hi Peggy, The information that I have comes from a paper written about my line of Padgetts by a family member in 1945. In this paper, it mentions that Alfred's brother, George, had 6 children. One was Ruth Padgett Kreig from Adamstown, MD; and a granddaughter named Lucia Cromwell, who also lived in Adamstown, MD.

My Alfred and George, also had a sister named Ann, who married a Stephens. This sister also had a son named, George.

Almost every brother & sister in that family, had a child named Margaret.

My line decends from Elias Padgett, who was the youngest brother. I will email some cousins and see if we can make a better connection. Stay in touch, you can email me directly at:

Earl C. Padgett
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Re: Frederick Co., Maryland PADGETTs

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Posted By: Peggy Nealon
Subject: Re: Early 1800 Padgett Family in Frederick,
Post Date: February 01, 2002 at 18:32:04
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Hi Debra, I sure hope there is a connection as I have been searching for info for a very long time. I cannot, how-
ever say for certain as I know nothing else about my Padgett line except Alfred was born abt 1802 and he married two Elizabeths. My line comes in from the 2nd Elizabeth.

I have always suspicioned that William was his dad only because it fit with the 1810 census. I do not have
verification of this though. Can you say for sure the Alfred and George you have listed in your posting are my family. I am more than sure George is my Alfred's brother from what I have gleaned in my records. There are however, 2 Georges showing up on my paperwork. I always stay with the George in Alfred's neightborhood.

I would be sooooo elated if it is the same family. Can you add anything definite to my Alfred. I know nothing of the girls names. I do have Alfred's children's names but not sisters.

I am going to hold my breath until I hear from you again, I am so hopefully excited. I would love to know William is his father.
Thanks for writing.

Peggy (Margaret) Nealon I am named after Alfred's dau Margaret (actually my Aunt Margaret was who is still
living in Maryland) We are from Alfred's dau Emily.

Earl C. Padgett
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Re: Frederick Co., Maryland PADGETTs

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Posted By: Debra Dunlap Email: < > Subject: Re: Early 1800 Padgett Family in Frederick, Post Date: February 01, 2002 at 13:10:16 Message URL: Forum: Frederick County, MD Genealogy Forum Forum URL:

I have been looking for the Padgett side of my family. Some of the names in your post seemed to match. I have William Padgett who married Barbara Ann Fiste (or Fice); both died of Cholera in 1832. Their children were: George; Alfred; Sarah; Ann; Elias; John; Susan; Rebecca; and Henrietta. William had a twin brother, Robert, who moved to Kentucky.

If any of this information matches yours, please let me know.

Earl C. Padgett
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Re: Frederick Co., Maryland PADGETTs

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To Earl

I Haven't had a chance to check out the original church records in Frderick yet but want to share some info I have discovered. I am not sure if you have this or not.

I.-Robert Padget b: 3-18-1780 D: after 1850 in Bath Co. Ky
m: 3-21-1811 in Clark Co. Ky.
to: Harriet Taylor or Traylor b:1787 in N.C.
(her parents were: Cary Taylor and Elizzabeth Thompson)

children of Robert and Harriet
II-George Washington B: 1814 Fleming Ky D:7-20-1880
II-Araminta B: 1817 in Fleming Ky.
II-Nicholas B: 1818
II-Elizabeth B:1820
II-William B:1822
II-Harriet B:1824
II-Harrison B: 1828
II-Benjaminn B: 1830

I believe this Robert is the son Of Reubin Padget out of Va.
It appears the Md. Padgetts and the Va. Padgetts are related.

Va Padgetts
Edmund Padget B;1646 in Dent, Kent England
M: Elizabeth Veale B;<1650 Dent, Kent England

II- Edmund Padget B: 1681 Essex Va
II- Abraham B: 1683 Essex Va
II- Henry B; 1685 Essex Va
II- Francis B: 1687 Essex Va
II- Ephram B: 1689 Essex Va
II- Mary B: 1691 Essex Va
II- Elizabeth B; 1693 Essex Va
II- John B; 1695 Essex Va

II Francis b:1687 m: Ruth ? b: <1691 in Essex Va
III-Timothy Padget b:1715 Augusta Va
III- Reuben b: 1717 Augusta Va
III- Elizabeth b: 1719 Augusta Va
III- Mary b: 1721 Augusta Va
III- Nancy b: 1723 Augusta Va
III- Peggy b: 1725 Augusta Va
III- Sinthy b;1723 Augusta Va
III- Francis b: 1729 Augusta Va
III- Amy b: 1731 Augusta Va

III-Reuben Padget B; 1717 Augusta Va Shennadah
D: 1801 Shennadah Va
M: Elizabeth Calfee B: 1721
IV: Martha b: 1749
IV: Theophilus b: 1748
IV: Reubin b:@1750
IV: John b: 1752
IV: Jude b: 1751
IV: Thomas b: 1785 (can this be right? see notes below
IV: Edward b: 1765
IV: Nancy b: 1767

There appears to be a whole generation missing if you ask me, children born from 1770's to 1790's only sketches of one here and there. That's why I question the Thomas of 1785 date unless one of these boys also had a Thomas.

IV- Thomas B? I have found 2 Thomas @1752 b: in Md & one in @1785 Va
Note: a Marriage to a Thomas Padgett son of Ruebin, no date for Thomas
b: 1-29-1785
m: 1801 to Deborah Robey daughter of William Roby and Susannah Dement both from Port Tobacco Md

I have been looking into the Roby, Dement families, they all come from Charles Co. Md decendents end up in Va and Frederick co Md.

Note: A Susannah Roby Washinggton Co Md leaves a heir Deborah Padget b: 1-30 -1791 Washington Co. Md
d: 11-12-1849 Buckeye Twp. Stephenson Ill. daughter of Owen Robey and Susanna Bartholemew

There is another Deborah Roby one b; in 1775 who marries a Richard Padgett (Parriott) cross reference it and it is Padgett.This Deborah is from Loundoun Va she is the cousin of the first one. Why all about these women? The answer is I think in the connections between the Roby,Dement, Calvert,Harget and Padgett families.

There is so much talk about John, William, Josiah and Benjamin of Md. but I believe their uncles scattered through Md, Va first then into N.C, S.C, Md, Ky, and Ohio
The family names all cross reference with one another but the missing pieces begin back either through Benjamin's siblings b: 1676 in Calvert Md. he dies in Hope Forsyth,N.C
And the generations between 1770-1799

It also appear they really worried what people thought, before the Rev. War it would appear they must have been Loyalist as they came from a English background and following the Rev all of a sudden you see names like George Wasington, America ect. read the history of the Calvert Carrol familes of Carrol Mannor also known as Carolton Manor, it says that the families of Catholic or English families who supported the King, they and their homes were to be destroyed, maybe this is why some of them left. I do know that John who died in N.C. states in his 1811 menior that they followed the Brethern Church down there (he states he was raised in the English Church) there is also a diary from some of the families complaining the Brethern minister was not English. I think they left to escape persucution, that's why they named their children patriotic names it made them feel safe. If you notice they start marrying German woman to.

In the line above: George Washington (II) Maryland Padgetts his daughter was America E. Padgett b: 3-17-1849 Farmers Ky. her mother was Harriett Calvert granddaughter of William Buck Clavert b: 1790 in Va. this America Pagett marries Sampson P. Hargett. Being also a decendent of the Hargett family we were German. I have found the same in Frederick Md. Deborah Padgett marries Abraham Hargett. I do know that most of the Hargetts also went to N.C. and into Ky.

The bottom line is I think your Robert may be the above line, I also believe they were the cousins of the William Frderick line along with the John N.C. line. Josiah ends up in S.C.

Let me know what you think, sorry this is so long again.

Re: Frederick Co., Maryland PADGETTs

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Dear Jeanne,

I have been unable to get through to you with information, because RootsWeb has continually blocked my messages. I would like to try to get a message directly to you WITHOUT the RootsWeb intermedery. Please send me a e-mail address or postal address so that we can correspond or give me a call. I have the complete family tree of Robert Padgett of Farmers, Rowan Co., KY, thru and past me. I believe I can save you a lot of work.

Earl C. Padgett
6522 Summit St
Kansas City MO 64113
(816) 361-5360 < >

Re: Frederick Co., Maryland PADGETTs

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Thanks Earl

Will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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