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1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

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Classification: Lookup
Surnames: BROWN
Am looking for a Census look-up for Lanark for 1861 if anyone has access to such.

Am looking for the family of John & Ellen (Helen?) BROWN. I have no idea of their ages, although they were both born in Scotland. They have one child that I know of ... Roderick BROWN who was born 30 December 1859 in Woodhall, Scotland.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

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Classification: Census
Surnames: brown

nearest match:

Ellen Brown 44 born: Bothwell
John Brown 45 Coal Miner born: Hamilton, Lanarkshire
Mary Brown 16 Lace Worker born: Bothwell
Robert Brown 14 Coal Miner born: Bothwell
Rodrick Brown 7 born: Bothwell
Willm Brown 12 born: Bothwell
Andth Brown 2 born: Bothwell
25 Portwell Road, Hamilton

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

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Classification: Query
Thank you so very much. I realize that I will still have to try and verify with birth records ... hopefully I can find something in the IGI records.

Are these census records available on line for free searching?

Thank you again,
Cynthia from Canada

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

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Classification: Query
Hi again

You are most welcome

the place for online stuff in Scotland is:

however, this is a subscription/pay as you go but, it may help you in the long run

The 1881 census (not Scotland) is free to view

do you have the sons marriage or birth certificate/s? if so, give a shout and I will see if I can dig a bit more for you


Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Brown, Baird
I appreciate your willingness to help me, unfortunately, I don't really have a lot to go on.

I have just visited a site at
and don't quite know what to think. I was looking for info. about Woodhall, hoping to find old pictures.

Instead, I ended up finding the "Baird" family ... no doubt there is no connection but it makes me wonder.

I knew nothing beyond "Roderick Brown" until I received his Death Record (which I think he was really older than everyone thought). And I know nothing about any siblings he may have had.

I have received the Death Record for Roderick's wife, Jeanette (Probert)Brown, born in Scotland (no place) and Jeanette's parents were Wm. (William) PROBERT and Euphemia BAIRD. (Co-incedence no doubt.)

HOWEVER, Roderick & Jeanette's oldest girl was supposedly born in Edinburgh and their second child was born in Muirkirk, where I understand there use to be an old mine/steel place. This second child, Euphemia Brown married & had three children of which one of them (my grandmother, Jeanette) had her parents names on the Death Record listed as Father: James Woodhouse Mother: Euphemia Baird Brown.

Curious. Anyway, I appreciate your offer to help, but I am afraid everything is too sketchy. Perhaps if I find something more 'certain' I shall yell "Help".

Thank you again,
Cynthia in Canada

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

Posted: 1207898361000
Classification: Query
me again
going by certificates ONLY what info (+dates!) do you have?

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

Posted: 1207979832000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Brown, Lee
I will work backwards as it will be easier for me ... hope you won't mind.

My grandmother, Jeanette Beatrice McDowell (nee Woodhouse)born 17 Sept 1907 South Dakota USA died 24 Dec 1965 Richland, Benton Co, Washington USA FATHER: James Wilford Woodhouse MOTHER: Euphemia Baird Brown Source: Certificate of Death

My great grandmother, Euphemia Wodehouse (nee Brown) born 11 Nov 1888 born Scotland died 09 Sept 1974 Richland, Benton Co, Washington USA FATHER: Roderick M. Brown MOTHER: Janet Probert Source: Certificate of Death
NOTE: Obituary states she was born in Muirkirk, Scotland.

My great great grandfather, Roderick M. Brown born 30 Dec 1859 Woodhall, Scotland died 19 June 1937 Parker, Turner Co, South Dakota FATHER: John Brown (born Scotland) MOTHER: Ellen Lee (born Scotland) Source: Standard Certificate of Death

My great great grandmother, Jeanette Brown (nee Probert) born 12 July 1861 Scotland died 29 Dec 1918 Parker, Turner Co, South Dakota FATHER: Wm. Probert (born Scotland) MOTHER: Euphemia Baird (born Scotland) Source: Standard Certificate of Death

1900 U.S. Census:
1900 U.S. Federal Census; South Dakota; Turner Co.; Parker City, Ward #3; Enumeration District #322; Sheet Number 13; Image 23 of 30; Line 93 - 97; Enumeration Date 23-25 June 1900
BROWN, Rodrick; head; male; Owned; Free of Mortgage; House
BROWN, Jennett; wife; female; 2 children born; 2 children living
BROWN, Ellen; daughter; female; born in March (no year)
BROWN, Euphemia; daughter; female; born in November (no year)
PROBERT, Euphemia; mother-in-law; female; born November 1820; age 80*; 6 children born; 2 children living; born Scotland; father born Scotland; mother born Scotland
*Note: it appears that the age 79 was written above the 80. Also; the page is quite dark on the left side of the page. In the three columns where the enumerator was to mark Place of Birth; Father's Place of Birth & Mother's Place of Birth, the columns are left blank for everyone except the mother-in-law, Euphemia Probert. There are no ages marked either, except for the mother-in-law.

Euphemia Probert (mentioned in the 1900 census) is not found on the 1910 census, nor have I been able to locate a death record for her. The census states that Euphemia Probert had given birth to 6 children and that only 2 were living at the time of the census ... I have not been able to locate the sibling of Jennett (Probert) Brown.

Immigration year for the family is uncertain - between 1885/88, and I have not been able to locate these records yet, though I keep looking.

Referring to the census, daughter "Ellen" is actually Helen Louise Brown, who 'I have been TOLD though her family descendants' that she was born in Edinburgh, Scotland 05 March 1884 ... they were not willing to share the documentation regarding this.

Regarding Roderick Brown's parents, I have located a marriage record at IGI (Batch #M116524) for John Brown and Helen Lees (instead of Ellen Lee) 20 Nov 1831 Old Monkland, Lanark Co, Scotland.

"Someone" has posted information regarding John Brown and Helen Lees family through FamilySearch IGI Family Group Records listing 9 children ... child #5 Helen Brown born 19 Nov 1843 Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland. I feel the info. is inaccurate as I have found the actual IGI record on-line to show the same birth date & place, but with different parents (John Brown and Helen Frame). I have not been able to find any of the other children - so am distrustful of this information. (This was found in IGI Batch #C116254).

I 'believe' the same person that posted the 9 children has also posted a separate child for the family, which may prove to be my Roderick, although I have not been able to find him in the IGI. This entry states his birth as 09 Dec 1852 Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland, with his FATHER being John Brown and his MOTHER being Helen Lees. This birth date, while far different from either the census records I have found in the U.S. or his death record, matches more closely with the 1861 census record that you located.

Unfortunately, that is all that I have. Almost like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

Posted: 1207986714000
Classification: Census
Surnames: brown, probert
me again

Working backwards is THE only way to go!

I am having problems with my connection so might have to do this in "bits"

Euphemia Probert 60 born: Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Janet Probert 25 Dressmaker born: Mossend, Lanarkshire
Rodger Brown 23 Coal Miner born Woodhall, Lanarkshire
John Cameron 35 Coal Miner born: Shotts, Lanarkshire
in Village of Muirkirk, Ayrshire

(Is this really Roderick?? tooooooo much of a coincidence I think!!)

you have to remember that spelling errors are rife in census'

back in a while

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

Posted: 1208118682000
Classification: Marriage
Surnames: proctor, brown
MARRIAGE (after banns)

(this is very poor writing/copy so.. I think)

Entry No. 41

In the Parish of Muirkirk in the County of Ayr [?]
28 or 29th December 1882
Roderick Brown a Coal Miner - Batchelor aged 26
Father John Brown a Coal Miner (Deceased)
Mother Helen Bra.... ..... Lee..(deceased)
Janet Probert a dresmaker - Spinster age 24
Father William Proctor a ...ller (Deceased)
Mother Euphem.. Proctor ... Bird or Biad or ....

Re: 1861 Lanark Scotland Census Look-Up

Posted: 1208123516000
Classification: Census
Surnames: brown
John Brown 38 Coal Miner born: Bothwell, Lanark
Ellen Brown 37 Sambourer born: Shotts, Lanark
Jane Brown 17 Sambourer born: Old Monkland, Lanark
John Brown 14 Coal Miner born Bothwell
Margaret Brown 9 born: Bothwell, Lanark
Muay Brown 7 born: Bothwell, Lanark
Robert Brown 4 born: Bothwell
William Brown 2 born: Bothwell, Lanark
in Maggies Haugh , Old Monkland, Lanark

John Brown 25 coal Miner born Lanark
Helen Brown 25
Jean Brown 7
John Brown 3
Margaret Brown 1
in Bellshill, Bothwell, Lanark
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