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Schleich-tree in Bavaria

Schleich-tree in Bavaria

Ralf (View posts)
Posted: 968229154000
Hello Donna,
glad to receive your message,
since I don´t have your email-adress yet.
Mine is:
and my
URL is
Since you could not open it yet, I copied my Schleich-tree in this message below:

23 Katharina Schleich
* 11.6.1853 82445 Grafenaschau
+ 3.3.1933 82418 Murnau

46 Georg Schleich, Farmer
* 5.12.1815 82380 Unterpeißenberg
+ 26.1.1881 82841 Murnau
oo between 1835 und 1853
47 Maria Agatha Echtler
Farmer at Schloss Linderhof
(King Ludwig II from Bavaria)
* 30.7.1813 82442 Saulgrub
+ 18.1.1881 82841 Murnau

92 Josef Schleich Farmer
* 30.1.1773 86971 Oberobland
+ 17.2.1847 82380 Unterpeißenberg
oo 19.8.1799 in 82380 Unterpeißenberg
93 Juliane Schelle
* 7.5.1777 86971 Unterobland
+ 17.9.1822 82380 Unterpeißenberg
94 Norbert(us) Echtler
~ 9.6.1748 86989 Steingaden
+ 3.10.1814 82442 Saulgrub
oo 12.9.1803 in 82433 (Bad) Kohlgrub
95 Maria Fischer(in)
~ 31.8.1771 82433 Kohlgrub-Sonnen
+ 5.2.1850 82442 Saulgrub

188 Thomas Echtler
~ 12.11.1692 86989 Steingaden
+ after 1748
oo 10.2.1727 in 86989 Steingaden
189 Lucia Schelle (von Riso)
* 13.12.1706 (not in Steingaden)
+ nach 1748
190 Joseph Fischer junior
~ 13.3.1739 82433 Obernau
+ 12.4.1814 82433 Obernau
oo 10.1.1763 in 82433 (Bad) Kohlgrub-Obernau
191 Maria Anna Gyndhard(in)von der Linder
16.3.1742 82433 Obernau
+ 9.8.1828 82433 Obernau
The 5-digit-numbers are zip-codes

Schleich family tree-Bavaria

Posted: 968234244000
Edited: 1008340400000
Hi Ralf,

I am a Schleich descendant. I only have from family word or mouth that my Schleich line came from Bavaria Germany. I don't have a clue where in Bavaria they came from. I am still trying to figure that out. I've traced my line to Jacob Schleich born in Frederick, Maryland, USA in 1767. I am trying to found out who his parents were and whether they emigrated to the US from Germany or whether his grandparents did.

Thank you for the family tree information.

As I look your list over, I am wondering if any of your Schleich's are relatives of my ggggrandfather Jacob Schleich. Like I noted above I haven't been able to find out who Jacob's parents were. Since Jacob was born in Frederick Maryland, I can only assume the following:

That his parents were also born in Frederick, Maryland OR they emigrated to the US before he was born.

Anyway, thank you so very much for answering.

Jacob Schleich

Posted: 971706164000
Edited: 993591528000
My John/Jacob Schleigh lived Baltimore,MD
d)1802 leaving a will naming daughters, Mary Sophia and wife, Catherine. My descendant was Catherine Schleich who married Solomon Allen. There was also a daughter who married George Franciscus of Baltimore City, MD. John Schleich live on Gay Street 1798-1803 according to tax records.

Jacob Schleigh

Posted: 973345435000
Edited: 994016119000
Hi Donna,
I'm wondering if the Jacob Schleigh you mention later came to Ohio.If so there is a possibility he changed his name to Sly.He had a son Jacob who married Sarah Prickett. Have you heard of these Slys? Markie

Jacob Schleich

Posted: 973494811000
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Hi Markie,

I don't think my Jacob Schleich changed his name after he came to Ohio. Everything I have found on him shows his name spelled as Schleich, Schleigh or Sleigh. His last will and testament also shows his name spelled Schleich. He had a son named Jacob Schleich Jr. (born early 1800's - I don't have an exact birth date for him yet). Jacob is buried in the Amanda Township Cemetery, Amanda, Fairfield Co., Ohio - his wife Hannah is buried beside him. There are other Schleich's buried there also, please note that I couldn't find another Jacob buried there.

I might add that other Schleich's within my line spelled their name as Schley at some point and then changed it back to Schleich. I haven't figured out why yet.


Jacob Schleigh

Posted: 973843543000
Edited: 994016119000
Hi Donna,
Thank you so much for your reply.Some information I have seems to think the reason they may have changed the name was they didn't want to be known as Germans.My maiden name was Slye but the information I had was they changed the name over an arguement about slavery.Who knows which is right? Markie

Jacob Schleich/Schleigh

Posted: 973844118000
Edited: 1008340400000
Hi Markie,
Nice to hear from you. Very interesting information about the name change possibilities. I had not clue before, you've opened up a whole new avenue to pursue.

Both ideas (not wanting to be know as Germans and dispute over slavery) could be the answer. Especially Jacob Schleich owned a couple of slaves according to an early Maryland census (I think it was the 1800 one - not sure, I don't have my records with me).

I'll keep those ideas in my mind. Curiously, I am at a dead still on my Schleich research, at least as far as Jacob Schleich is concerned - I haven't been able to find out who his parents were.

Happy hunting and thanks again for your response. :-) Donna

Schleich family name

Steve (View posts)
Posted: 981724557000
8 Feb. Sacramento. I've been researching the Schleich family for some time. My gr-gr-gr-g'ma was Caroline Eliz. Schleich from Pickaway and FF Cos., Ohio. We've had trouble tracing her, but I've got most of the Schleich family done back thru Jacob, among others. If you can send me an address to my Hotmail address, then I can send you copies of all I have, which is considerable, as it's been collected over the last 20 years and runs to at least 20-30 pages of family group records, and the like. If you could give me some idea about when your Schleich ancestor was born, then it's possible I could find him on the records I have, and will be sending you. Don't have any of this one computer, as the systems I use are so often not compatible with all programs. & my typing is slow and poor.

Schleich family name

Steve (View posts)
Posted: 981725152000
Regarding the Schleich family name, is was originally as spelled. howevr, speeling of last names wan't starndardized in most cases until after 1900, so we have seen Schleich spelled variously as Schley, Schleigh, Sleigh, Slick, and a few other ways I can't even remember. So when you see a name in FF or Pickaway Co. which looks vaguely like Schleich or Slick, it's probably a relative.

Schleich family name

Posted: 981955603000
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