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Merk family from Melitopol, Russia

Merk family from Melitopol, Russia

Erna O'Brien (View posts)
Posted: 1148622771000
Classification: Query
Surnames: MERK, Friesen
Hi, I have just begun an amazing and greatly interesting family search for my mom. She had always thought she was the last person living in her family. To our surprise, after a bit of digging and research, we have found a whole host of new family ties. However, direct family is proving not so easy to find.

We are search for any information for a set of 8 siblings. Three of whom immigrated to the US and one ( my oma), to Canada.

The siblings, all born in Melitopol as far as we know, are as follows:

Marie Merk b. 13 Aug 1892 d. ? Kasakstan, USSR

Jakob Merk b. 12 Feb 1894 d. 26 Apr 1967, Fresno, CA
immigrated to US July 24, 1912 arrived in Philadelphia

Johann Mark b. 26 Oct 1895

Edwin Merk b. 14 May 1989 - we know he immigrated to either the US or to Canada in 1923 but there is no record of his arrival that I can find. He went to Fresno to be with his sister and brother but left there after a family dispute. At last contact that we had with his sister Lisa, she said that he may have gone to Calgary, Alberta Canada, but there is no record of him there.

Anna Merk b. 7 May 1900

Liese (Lisa) Merk b. 18 Dec 1902 d. 6 Jan 1991, Fresno, CA
she arrived at Ellis Island 20 Jan 1921, from there she went on to Fresno to live with her brother Jacob. All contact was lost with Lisa in last 1970's early 1980's.

Lina Merk b. 14 Mar 1904 d. 24 Dec 1976 Vancouver, Canada

Erna Merk b. 27 Nov 1905 d. ? ? ?, Kasakstan, USSR
she lived with her oldest sister in the Ukraine until they were resettled in Kasakstan - I'm not sure how to spell it and I can't find it on a map.

Parents of this sibling group are

Jakob Merk b. 28 Jun 1857 in Falkenstein, Galacia
d. 1922 in Melitopol, Russia

married: 23 Jun 1891

Anna Friesen b. 15 Jun 1866 in Fuerstenwerther
d. 1922 in Vienna, Austria
Thank you in advance for any and all help.

Re: Merk family from Melitopol, Russia

Brian Schatz (View posts)
Posted: 1151032830000
Classification: Query
Hi Erna:

If you try this site out you will find your Lina's married name and (Peter Enns) who she married. This may help to locate her decendants. This is the Odessa Pixel site

Check out the War Records.

In the query string type in the surname or village the Data Category there is 13 things to check out click on the arrow to the right of the rectangle box.

I am not related nor am I working on the surname. I am however working on the Lutheran Parish records from 1833-1885 in the Prischib Colonies just North of Melitopol and the Eugenfeld Colonies just South of Melitopol.

Hope this helps some.


Re: Merk family from Melitopol, Russia

Erna O'Brien (View posts)
Posted: 1151102439000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Merk, Enns
Dear Brian,

Thank you so very much for your help, I have found the EWZ record for my opa Enns. I have been hunting for Merk/Enns family for six months and this is the first breakthrough I have had in regards to the Enns side.

Many thanks again.

Re: Merk family from Melitopol, Russia

Brian Schatz (View posts)
Posted: 1151115516000
Classification: Query
Hi Erna:

Glad to be of some help.

What you found on the Odessa Pixel is only part of what is on the documents. You may find a passport photo, discription like hair color, height and weight and even small biographies by those who filed.

I can supply you with the LDS film numbers for the films you need and then you can order your own EWZ films in. Do you have a LDS family history center near where you live???

The LDS film numbers are different than the ones on the Pixel but the same films.

Maybe you want to get someone else to copy them for you??? I could but I won't I am working on enough right now. But I can send you an email address of a person who will do it. But I will need your email address I won't send his address on the mailinglist.

Take care.


Re: Merk family from Melitopol, Russia

Erna O'Brien (View posts)
Posted: 1151185146000
Classification: Query
Brian, you are a real blessing.

Any info would be great. There is an LDS center close by where we live.

here are the people that are in this family. I have been trying to figure out how to find things on the mormon site and am finding it quite a challenge.

I have received the EWZ file for Lina (my oma) Merk. It had my mom and her brother's info on it. It also had the date that my grandfather was taken into the war. His information is of particular interest for my mom.


Jakob and Anna (Friesen) Merk
b. 28 Jun 1857 in Falkenstein, Galizien
d. 1922 in Nicolajfeld
married: 23 Jun 1891
b.15 Jun 1866 in Fuerstenwerther
d. 1922, Vienna, Austria

Children and Spouses: (all kids born in Melitopol)

1. Maria Merk b. 13 Aug 1892 lived and possibly died
in Kandagatz, USSR

2. Jakob Merk b. 12 Feb 1894 d. 26 Apr 1967 Fresno, CA immigrated to USA 1912 to Butterfield MN

3. Johann Merk b. 26 Oct 1895 d.? ? ?

4. Edwin Merk b. 14 May 1898 d.? ? ? immigrated to USA but no info past that - I can't find him on passenger lists

5. Anna Merk b. 7 Jul 1900 d. ? ? ?

6. Liese (Lisa) Merk b. 18 Dec 1902 d. 6 Jan 1991Fresno,CA
Lived with her brother she immigrated 1921 via Ellis Island. She owned a house when she died but my mom had lost all contact with her in 1987. The last letter came from an institution of some sort. There was no more info on her past that point. We know she died because i found the death Index on the net.

7.Lina(Merk)Enns b.1 Mar 1904 d.24 Dec 1976 Van.BC,Can married 17 Nov 1929 Einlage

Peter Enns (his brother spelled it Ens) b. 18 Aug 1900 in Gnadental Geb. Dneproperowsk
verschlepped (taken away) 21 Aug. 1941 we don't know where to
died. October 1980 in Stovropol, USSR. He married again because he did not know that my gmother, mother and uncle had made it through the war and immigrated to Canada. He finally found them listed in some red cross thing and wrote to my oma in about 1960ish. he had two children Nicolas and Lydia - don't know the wife's name.

8. Erna Merk b. 27 Nov 1905 d. ? ? ? in Kandagatz. she lived with her eldest sister.

any help with those LDS # would be great or other sites i might look on would be great.

best regards,

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