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Meaning of Lavergne and Coat of Arms

Meaning of Lavergne and Coat of Arms

Adam Lavergne (View posts)
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Does anyone know the meaning of the name Lavergne?

What about a Lavergne Coat of Arms?

If so please let forward the information to me.


Adam Lavergne

Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Meaning of "Lavergne".

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I contacted the city of LaVergne, Tenn. as to the origin of the towns name and was informed that "Verne" was a vista, or beautiful view...the French who frequented the area reffered to it at "LaVerne"....that's their story and they are sticking to it !!!!


Meaning of

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Hi Adam: My husband told me his grandfather told him it meant 'alder'--like the tree. I have contacted a company in France that claims they have all the Coat of Arms so we shall see..... Do you have any LaVergne ancestors with ties to Maniwaki? If so, please write me back. Sue

meaning of the sur name "Lavergne"

Kyle G. Lavergne (View posts)
Posted: 971003846000
From the research that I have found the sur name Lavergne actually means "one who lives by a grave of alder trees" I have a plaque with the coat of arms and a briefs history if you whould like more information please email me and I will make a copy of it for you.

Hope this helps you on you quest

Kyle Gabriel Lavergne

Re: meaning of the sur name "Lavergne"

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I would like to know anything about the Lavergne name and coat of arms.I live in Lafayette, Louisiana

Thank You,
Jake Adam Lavergne Jr

Re: meaning of the sur name "Lavergne"

Rene A. Lavergne (View posts)
Posted: 1036528147000
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Please send any information you have.

Puerto Rico

Re: Meaning of Lavergne and Coat of Arms

Patrick Raken (View posts)
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I am a Dutchman who happens to have a (holiday)house in France named "Lavergne". The house next to us was empty and there was a new house built. Then we got the letters adressed to the neighbours. Lavergne was the name of this neighbourhood, several square miles wide with three houses.
They agreed to call my house "Lavergne haut" because it is higher on the hill than the other houses.
There are no streets, the main road has only a number so the addres is zipcode + "lieu dit Lavergne haut" wich Ican be translated to "locally known as Lavergne High".
It belongs to Labouquerie. As you see, names of places starting with "La" (= "the") are written as one word.
There are a lot of neighbourhoods called Lavergne. They are not on the map, you'll find only the official villages. I have a very detailed map on wich I can even see the two old houses and the name La Vergne.
The tree called "vergne" is indeed an alder, but it is masculine.
You say "le vergne" ."La vergne" is wrong.
An old farmer told me that is was an ols french word for vineyard ("la vigne") but he was'nt sure. It was told by his father etc.

Information, pictures and text (Dutch only) is on

Re: meaning of the sur name "Lavergne"

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Surnames: Lavergne, La Vergne
Hi Kyle: Could you send me a copy of the coat of arms to show my husband. I know he would really appreciate it. Please contact me directly at

Re: Meaning of Lavergne and Coat of Arms

brenda lavergne (View posts)
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it means ancient namesakes faithfully reproduce to appear as it did centuries ago with the family name history.when you display the coat of arms in essence you are declaring to all the world that you are belonging to something heritage it is your own family trademark identifying your family group which is the lavergne family.

Re: Meaning of Lavergne and Coat of Arms

brenda lavergne (View posts)
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my grandfather name was adam lavergne we are having a family reunion on labor day weekend for the lavergne family in Houston texas.
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