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FEARON surname

FEARON surname

Leonard Fearon (View posts)
Posted: 949983376000
I have traced my ancestry back to Northern England in the Lake District to a John Fearon born in the late 1500's in Dean, Cumberland County.
He had a son, JOHN FEARON born in 1618 and died December 1661 in Dean, and another son CHRISTOPHER FEARON born 1619, baptized March 6,1619 in Dean
Does anyone have any information regarding "FEARON's" living in the area of the Lake District in the 1500's?
I am trying to establish where the "FEARON" name originated
Any information would be appreciated, please reply to my e-mail address


Len Fearon
Toronto, Ontario

Fearon Name

Richard Fearon (View posts)
Posted: 951977647000
Hi There

Plesed to meet you in the environment that will re communitise the world
I can give you the background to the origin of our name . It is of French origin and the first records show Le Ferrin ( Walter ) as the person who brought the mane to UK in the 1200,s . Our side of the Fearon Family hales from Cumberland in the 1800,s and moved to NE England in the early 1900,s with the trek of Robert Fearon to seek employment in the coal mines .
I will assemble as much info as possible and will also send you a graphic of the Fearon coat of amrms which is quite magnificent
Looking forward to hearing from you


Richard Fearn

FEARON surname

Leonard Feron (View posts)
Posted: 951991106000
To: Richard Fearon

Thank you for answering my request.

I would be very grateful to receive any data that you can provide on the FEARON surname

Thanks again,

Len Fearon

origin of name

Norma (View posts)
Posted: 961444224000
Hi Richard,
I have two cousins named Richard Fearon. Could
you be one of them? Of course Richard is not
a very common name! I was happy to see your info
about the origin of the name Fearon. I had no
idea that it might have come from France. My
grandfather came to California from England in
the 1800's from Dalton in Furness to the coal
mines in California. I have very little info
about his family, except that his mother's name
was Elizabeth Lightburn and his father was Joseph.
I just received that from Beverly Fearon. By
the way I like your phrase "re communitise the
Hope to hear more from you soon.

Fearons from Whitehaven Cumberland

Posted: 965186890000
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My great great great grandmother Agnes Fearon was born in Whitehaven Cumberland on July 3 1825. Married a Thomas Samuel Grace there in July 1845 and they immigrated to New Zealand in 185O. I think her parents were Edward Fearon and Jane Longmire.

To Richard Fearon

Linda Fearon (View posts)
Posted: 969339773000
I am interested in the Fearons from Cumberland in 1800's. If you let me know what info you have I will see if it ties up with mine and let you know. Thanks


Origon of family name Fearon

Don Dougherty (View posts)
Posted: 975661599000
The Fearon name is of Irish origon. The Fearons are currently living in the area of Portadown, County Armagh, Ireland. The family has farmed in the area since the late 12th century. The Mulladry farm has been in the family for 13 generations. The old Irish spelling was Fearchains.

Fearon name

Posted: 977923600000
Edited: 993691376000
To add to Don's comment: The Fearons or O'Fearons are said by Woulfe in his book on Irish names to be a sept (branch) of the O'Neills. They were definitely Ulster Irish and Co Armagh has many of them. A large group were in Kilmore Parish in the 1700s, though probably a lot had been displaced in the plantation. In Kilmore Parish in the 1600's one finds records with the name spelled O'Fferon, but over the years it has had numerous variants including Fearon, Fearns, Fern, Ferns, Farren, Farran, Feron, Feran, Ferin, Farnes and others which the Rev. Patrick Woulfe in a book called "Irish Names and Surnames" says are all the same Irish name "...O'Feara'in, which is the name of a branch of the Cinel Eoghain of Ulster." The Eoghain are the "...race of Eoghan, son of Niall of the nine Hostages... of which the O'Neills were for many centuries the chief family"

Fearon's in England

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My grandfather Bernard Fearon came from Cheshire County, Birkenhead.He was born about1862. He had at least one brother, John, born the year before. I have no idea what his parents names were, nor can I find a trace of them in net databases. Any help would be appreciated.


Aisling Fearon (View posts)
Posted: 985798010000
I never knew that much about my family's name, because my grandfather was adopted into the Fearon family, but died before my dad even turned 18, so no one really knows the story on the Fearons. I know we have a lot of relatives in the North, but I have only met them once or twice. We lived in Ireland until I was about 4, and we go back every year. We now live in Los Angeles, California, but since I'm only 16, it'll be a while before I can go back to Ireland for college. I love it there!!
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