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W.P. Cabaniss married S.M.Bowls DOB April 18, 1847
they had 5 children.
C.M. Cabaniss Sept 14, 1875
J.E. Cabaniss Dec. 24, 1876
Emma Jimmie Feb. 6, 1879
Andrew June 26, 1880
Lola Nov 18, 1882

WP married Mary Elizibeth Bradford Cabaniss on Jan 14, 1892 they had twins
Lula Bell and Lela May Sept 17, 1893. They died when they were 3 wks old. My
GrandMother was born as Cora Ethel Cabaniss April 4, 1895. GrandMa went by
Ethel Cora but family bible states her name was Cora Ethel.
If any of this info ties in on yours I wish you could let me know. Thanks
in advance.
Regards, Linda Kirby Branum

W.P. Cabaniss

Joe Cabaniss (View posts)
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Linda, I'm not sure if you want info on W.P. Cabaniss or Samantha Mildred Bohls. I've got info on W.P. Cabaniss.

W.P. (William Parks) Cabaniss was b. 7 Mar 1852, in Talladega County, AL. His parents were Sanford W. Cabaniss and Lucinda Thompson.

Let me know if you need more.


William Park Cabaniss

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William Park Cabaniss was my GGrandfather. He was married the second time to Mary Elizabeth Brinkley Bradford.The family bible of Mary Elizabeth has his first wife listed as SM Bowls. It could be that she mispelled her name in the bible. My Aunt has the bible in her home.
Wp and Mary are the parents of my GrandMother Cora Ethel Cabaniss Sain. She married my Grandpa Sain Robert Gardner Sain March 26, 1911.
I am needing to know if anyone would know for sure where she was born? I think its in Cerro Gordo, Ark but not for sure. I do know that they married in that town in 1911.
I was just posting some family info I had in case anyone has anything to add to it.
Where do you tie into the family? I feel we must be cousins in some way as you are researhing this family.
Thanks so much for your time in this matter.
Regards, Linda Kirby Branum

My relationship to W.P. Cabaniss

Joe Cabaniss (View posts)
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W.P. Cabaniss and I descendant from a common ancestor, Henri Cabaniss, who arrived in America in 1700. W.P. Cabaniss is my 4C2R; not exactly a real close relationship.

You obviously know more than I do about his descendants; I was just wanting to see if you need anything about his ancestors.

Just in case you don't have them, on my web site are copies of the books by Allen Cabaniss and John Plath Green. They are in .pdf format so you will need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.


W.P. Cabaniss

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Hi Joe,
Thanks for the response. I do have a lot of info on him but I would like to see yours. I have no idea what you are talking about to read yours. I am new at this and if I have that I don't know it. :-)
I would like to find out for sure where my GrandMother Cora Ethel Cabiness was born tho. She went by Ethel Cora but the family bible says her name was Cora Ethel Cabiness.
I do have the family back to the 1600's if you don't have that. This is what was given to me. Is it the same as you have? I noticed you have Henry's name spelled Henri.

1. Henry Cabaniss- b. 1660 in France, d. 1720 in Prince George Co Virginia married to Magdalene Harrison 1710 in Virginia

2. George Cabaniss- b. 1714 in Prince George Co., Virginia, d. 1744
in Amelia Co., Virginia. Married Grace? Gean? before 1736. She died after

3.George Cabaniss- b. 1/30/1739/40 in Bristol Parish, Prince George county, Va. and died 1799 in Nottoway, Co.. Va. Married Ruth Hall. Married Sarah Jennings, 4/13/1779 in Virginia. Note: Sarah is listed as being
the next listed George's mother.

4.George Cabaniss- b. 9/15/1782 in Amelia County, Virginia, died 1/7/1846 in Cleveland County, N.C. Married Jennie Elliott, November 30,1799 in Mecklenberg Co., Virginia. She died 6/30/1811 in Shelby,Rutherford(cleveland) Co., Va. He married again to Martha (Aunt Patsy)
Martin on 3/23/1828 in Cleveland County, NC. (Note: I have that Martha is Sanford's mother).
4. Sanford W. Cabaniss- Born 12/10/1820 in Rutherford Co, NC and died 8/31/1864 in North Carolina. Married Lucinda Thompson, 3/3/1842 in Rutherford Co. NC. She was born 10/15/1826, Rutherford county, NC and died 10/17/1885.(Note: Sanford lived in Talledega County, Alabama)

5.Martha "Mattie" Carolina Cabaniss- Born July 2, 1850 in Talledega county, Alabama and died June 13, 1879 somewhere presumably around Sevier County, Arkansas. She was married to Samuel Dixon Hill on August 20, 1871. She had had seven children in her eight years of marriage.

6.William Park Cabaniss was born March 7, 1852 Talladega Co, Alabama. William died in McCurtain Co., Okla in the 1900's He was murdered by the Indian's.

His other siblings were Sara Jane, Amelia Ann, Taylor Scott, Luiza Elizabeth, Martha Caroline #5 on this page, George, Joseph, and Lucinda Cabaniss as per family bible.
I do have a listing of W. P.'s children from the first and the second wife.
If there is anything different will you please let me know as this is how I have the family listed this far.
I do have a lot more to add tho as I am following the family much further.
I hape you have a wonderful night. Tell me what that means after W.P. I have no Idea what those letters mean since I'm new to all of this.
Regards, Linda Kirby Branum

W.P. Cabaniss

Joe Cabaniss (View posts)
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be criptic; 4C2R means that W.P. Cabaniss is my fourth cousin, twice removed.

My web site at is where you can download the two books I mention (Allen Cabaniss' "Cabaniss Through Four Generations" and John Plath Green's "Henry Cabaniss and his Descendants"). The books are thought to be an excellent foundation for understanding the Cabaniss genealogy. You can download them free from my site.

My site also tells how to get two other books. One by Alloa Caviness Anderson ("Henry Cavinis, the Immigrant Infant") and the other by Laura Jane Cabaniss Walters and her husband William Boyd Walters ("The Family of George Cabaniss"). Alloa's book will probably not help you with Sanford's descendants, but Laura Jane's book will, of course, provide details of Sanford's ancestors and his descendants WITH THE EXCEPTION of W.P. Cabaniss. I still recommend this book to you because of its extensive coverage of W.P. Cabaniss' siblings and their descendants.

Henri Cabaniss is the French Huguenot that arrived in America with his first son (Henry) and his wife (Marie) in 1700. The son (Henry) later spelled the name Cabaniss with a "v" rather than a "b," producing the "v" side of the family. Of course through the generations, some "b" family members adopted the "v" spelling, so it's not an ironclad rule that all "v" family members descend from the immigrant infant, Henry.

By the way, everybody writes that W.P. Cabaniss' middle name is Parks, not Park as you show it. Maybe you've got something there...


William Park Cabaniss

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Dear Joe,
Thanks so much for the explanation. WOW I sure was confused. Now tell me how he can be your cousin and be removed twice. :-)
I guess you think I'm nuts but being new to this there is so many things I don't know.
I had your website. A lady sent it to me and I'm not sure who it was. I think it was Susan Bradford. She saw my post with W.P.'s wife and she was a Bradford at one time too.
I have asked my Mom and my Aunt how they remembered the Grands calling W.P. Mom says that they called him William Parks and My Aunt said Grandma always called Mr. Cabaniss. So conflicting names there.
The family bible that my Aunt has says W.P. and thats all about him. I haven't seen it but I do want to go over and look at it and see what it says. Maybe she missed a part that might have listed him with his full name. All his siblings were listed with initials, the boys anyway.
I will look at your web site and see what you have.
Do you have the info on W.P.? I will send it to you if you want.
Have a blessed day, Linda Kirby Branum

Wm Parks Cabaniss

Joe Cabaniss (View posts)
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I have nothing on William Parks Cabaniss. I would appreciate it if you could provide me information on Wm Parks and his descendants.

And what does it mean for a cousin to be "twice removed"? Let me explain "once removed." I imagine you understand the term "first cousin." That's a child of an aunt (or uncle). If that first cousin has a child, that child is said to be a "first cousin once removed." Remember, you and your first cousin are in the same generation; the CHILD of that first cousin is in the next generation, or said another way, the child of that first cousin is removed from you and your first cousin's generation one (once) generation. The cousin is said to be a first cousin once removed (1C1R). Since this cousin is in a later generation than you, the cousin is said to be a "descendant cousin."

Removal does not have to be one generation down; it can also mean one generation UP. If my great aunt (or uncle) has a child, that child is said to be my fist cousin once removed (1C1R). Since this cousin is in an earlier generation, this cousin is said to be an "ascendant cousin."

I doubt if I can properly explain 4C2R in any understandable fashion, but the concept is the same. I let my genealogy software do the calculations. Susan Marie CABANISS Bradford, the woman that you say provided my web site address is also a 4C2R.


William Park Cabaniss

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Hi Joe,
Wow this languege is sure hard on an Okie? :-)
We just call them first, second and third cousin. I need to study on this one!!!
I will send you the info on W.P. Do you want it on here or do you want me to send it to you on e-mail? My e-mail addy is
I guess it would be good to post it on this also in case anyone else has anything to add.
Thanks for trying to explain to me what this means I will have to really think this all over.
My Aunt has the original bible of Mary Elizabeth Brinkley Bradford Cabaniss she was W.P.'s second wife.
I need to get over to her house and look closely at the bible so I can see what it says. My Aunt was reading it to me over the phone and she really didn't understand to much on it as she really hasn't been into any genealogy and she also says its written in a strange script and its really hard to read.
As soon as I do that I will get back with you on all of the info. I will try and do it tomorrow. Let me know if you want me to send it on this or in e-mail.
Hope you have a wonderful night.
W.P. is my GGrandfather he is my Grandmother Cora Ethel Cabaniss's father.He and Mary Elizabeth Brinkley Bradford Cabaniss had twins born Sept 17, 1893 their names were Lula Bell and Lela May they died when they were three wks old. They had my Grandmother Cora Ethel Cabaniss on April 4, 1895. I have yet to know where she was born but Mom thinks she was born in Cerro Gorda, Ark. GrandMa went by Ethel Cora but the family bible has her listed as Cora Ethel. There is a whole lot more to add and I will send you what I have as soon as I check the bible. I have several pages of decendents of W.P. but remember they will be on the Sain side.
I guess if you have his sibling's names that will help you too.
Let me know how you want me to send this. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again soon.
Regards, Linda Kirby Branum

Info about WP

Joe Cabaniss (View posts)
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If possible, send me the info on W.P. Cabaniss to me at A text file will be just fine.

An Okie? Where 'bouts? I lived in Fort Smith, AR, for 12 years and had some client contact in some parts of Oklahoma. My wife's mother, brother, and sister live in Oklahoma, too.

And, by the way, where is Cerro Gorda, AR? Is that somewhere near Hempstead County, AR? I know the Sanford Cabaniss family passed through the area.

"...she also says its written in a strange script and its really hard to read." I don't know if your aunt is talking about just plain old poor hand writing or some of that beautiful penmanship that just doesn't seem to exist any more. My mother has that flowing penmanship that she tried to teach me as a kid. Well, she failed in that effort. I think it is so beautiful and wish I could do it.

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