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NEBRASKA Burkhards

NEBRASKA Burkhards

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Surnames: Burkhard
I had thought that my Gr andfather, CHARLES J BURKHARD was from Colorado, but have found out that he was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1873 or 1874.

Don't know anything about his parents, if any family stayed in Nebraska etc.

My Grandfather went to the Yukon at the end of the Klondike Gold Rush, raised a family in Dawson City, Yukon, and died there in 1945.

I would appreciate any leads or info on his family in Nebraska

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards

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Surnames: Burkhard, Pischke, Lefebvre, Smith, Pfarr, Reed, Windolph
Replying to my own message to update, knew nothing a few months ago, have lots now...

My Great Gfather, Frank Simon Burkhard was born in New York in Feb 1850.

My Great Gmother Genevieve A Pischke was born Jan 1850 in W Prussia/Germany, according to various Census, Polish being listed as her mother tongue.
According to one census, she emmigrated to the U.S. in 1867.

I don't know Genevieves or Franks parents names, or any of their siblings.

The first place I find them is in Nebraska. Their oldest son, John S was born in Nebraska in 1871.My Gfather Charles Frank was born in Omaha,Douglas Co, Nebraska in 1874. Frank and Genevieve then moved to Shenandoah, Page Co, Iowa where they had 4 more children, George A, born 1876, Frances V, born 1878, Mary G, born 1881, and Agnes C, born 1885.

Frank and Genevieve were back in Nebraska(Grand Island), Hall Co, in 1910. Frank died there in 1910. Genevieve was still living in Grand Island in 1920. I don't know when she died.

Frank and Genevieves Children spread far and wide....

I first find John S as an adult in Mcfall, Gentry CO, Missouri, in 1900 with wife Leo? I next found John and Leo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, living with their son Bernard,and daughter Yvonne.Bernard is widowed with a 5 month old daughter Bittie Marie.

My Gfather, Charles Frank married Marie Wilhemina LEFEBVRE in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada in 1912.They had 9 children.Won't go into details re this family, too many of them! I will supply details if a Yukon connection rings a bell for anyone.

George Albert married Mary Elizabeth SMITH in Lazear, Delta Co, Colorado in 1911. Rhey were living there in 1920. They had at least 6 children, Esther,Phillip Smith, Albert, Agnes, George,and Joseph .Phillip Smith married Dorothy PFARR.

Frances V married Nicholas H REED in Iowa in 1898, they were divorced at some point, no children.She was living with Genevieve in Grand Island , Nebraska in 1920.

I know little about Mary C...found her in Osborne , Kansas in 1910, single.

Agnes C married Oscar WINDOLPH in Creighton, Nebraska in 1912. I found them in Humphrey, Platte Co, Nebraska in 1920 with 4 daughters, Rita, Norberta, Catherine, and Adelaide. I have a article that says they had 12 children, all of whom, except 1, Gladys, who died in infancy, became priests and nuns!

Does any of this ring a bell with anyone??

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards

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Surnames: Burkhard, Windolph
i am not sure where this reply goes but we might be of some help. my great great grandparents johannes and katherina windolph were Joseph (oscar) windolphs parents. We have his name down as Oscar (joseph) but he married Agnes burkhard so must be the same.

Johannes and Katherina Windolphs log cabin house is at Stuhr museum in grand island nebraska where i am located along with many relatives. They just moved the house to a different location at the museum and last summer several of us went to watch them move it and had the opportunity to see the underside of it and all of the original logs of the house. we had a great time thinking about our ancestors and what they went thru building the house and raising 9 children in such a tiny space and johannes died when the youngest was still very small which would have been joseph oscar and she raised the children by herself..

WE would be happy to help you with any info you would need.

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards

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Surnames: Burkhard, Windolph
Hello Connie:

Thanks so much for your reply! Indeed Oscar WINDOLPH was married to my Grandfathers youngest sister, Agnes Catherine BURKHARD.

I have been able to gather a lot of information on the Windolph branch of the family, and a fair bit on the Burkhards.

I have very recently made contact with some Windolph/Burkhard relatives in Ill. and WI.They were able to provide me with some more info and stories about the family, including the fact of the cabin at the Stuhr museum. Stories and anecdotes are very important to me. We need names and dates to research, but, I really want to learn as much as I can about families lives.

They had a little more info on the Burkhard side.One of my main goals when starting my research was to find living relatives, so, was thrilled to find them, as I am to hear from you!

I feel as though I know Grand Island , even though I've never been to NE(yet!) My Ggparents Frank and Genevieve Burkhard spent their last years there, and I have found many Windolphs there on various census.

I will email you, wanted to post here first, as, this is what the message boards are all about.

Regards, Ginny

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards/Windolph

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Surnames: Windolph, Pudenz, Budenz; Kellner
I read Ginny Holl's message re: Burkhard, Frank Simon and Agnes Catherine's marriage to Oscar Windolph (son of Johannes Windolph and Katherine Kellner). also Connie Nielsen's reply 29 May 2002 re: her great great grandparents Johannes and Katherina Windolph.

Is any other information available about Johannes and Katherine's birthplace, dates, parents or other Windolph siblings?

I am searching for Edmond (IEdmund) Windolph who had relatives in Nebraska and in Gratiot, Wisconsin as late as 1930s. And information about my great grandmother (and her family) Margaret Elizabeth Windolph (born 25 March 1834 in Thalwenden near Uder) Eichsfeld, Thuringia. She married Balthazar Pudenz (spelled Budenz in US); they and their children emigrated to Gratiot,Wisconsin in the late 1860s.

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards/Windolph

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Surnames: Windolph, Kellner, Burkhard
Hello Christine

Johannes Windolph was born in Uder, Germany circa 1838. Katherine Kellner was born in Uder, Germany December 1842.

I'm sorry to say I don't know Johannes' or Katherines' parents and/or siblings names.

I know there was another Windolph family in Grand Island, but I havn't been able to establish a connection to "my' Windolph family....yet :-)

I will do a little digging with the info you've provided here and see if I can come up with anything.


Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards/Windolph/Budenz/Flucke

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I know this thread is over 10 years old. However, I have family correspondence and pictures between the Budenz/Gille family to my Grandmother Anna Windolph from Grand Island. Edmund Windolph was my uncle. He never married or had children to my knowledge. The Budenz, Windolph, Flucke, and Backhaus families all appear to originate from Thalwenden near Uder) Eichsfeld, Thuringia. And they all seem to have a marriage to a Windolph in their tree. Any assistance would be appreciated to link between the families

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards/Windolph/Budenz/Flucke

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Surnames: Budenz/Gille
My information is about the Budenz/Gille descendents. Margaret Elizabeth Windolph is my 3x great grandma. She married Baltizer Budenz , they are both buried in Gratiot, WI in St. Josephs Catholic cemetery. She dropped Margaret and was buried under Elizabeth. Their daughter Katherine married my great great grandpa Henry H. Gille. Both are buried in Gratiot WI. in St. Josephs catholic cemetery. Their son Harry J. Gille and his wife Dorothy Kruse are my great grandparents, they are buried in Mt.Olivet cemetery in Waterloo IA. Hawckw, the photo posted by you is Harry J and Dorothy's wedding photo, Their attendants are Dorothy's twin brother Louis and Bernice Gabel. Don't know if any of this is new for you.

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards/Windolph/Budenz/Flucke

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Hello, Yes, somewhat. Before my father died, I asked him to name who's who in the photos from his mother's side. For Henri J., he just said Budenz, so when I joined Ancestry, I used the name to see if I could find a Windolph and guessed. The other photos have names attached, and were sent as post cards to my grandmother, Anna Windolph. I still do not have a good feel of the line of Windolph's that came to America from the Uder district. Just hints of probable relatives in PA and IL, besides WI.

Re: NEBRASKA Burkhards/Windolph/Budenz/Flucke

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thank you for responding. Do you know who Margaret Elizabeth Windolph's parents are? Those post cards were pretty popular we also have a few.
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