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Does anyone have any information concerning, the TORTAROLO family.
hE IS MY MOTHER IN LAW'S Adopded father. Born 1885 lived in NICE from 1902 -????
Had a brother named Henry.
Any information would be gratfeully appreciated.
Have no idea when he died or where he is buried.
Thank you


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If you know when and where Jean-Joseph Tortarolo was born, you can probably get the other information you are seeking easily.

Since Mr. Tortarolo was born in 1885, there is a 95% likelihood that the dates of all of his marriages and his death date will be recorded on the margin of his original birth certificate, according to French law. Then, you can use this information to order copies of his original marriage and death certificates, if you would like them.

(Many places in France have records from 1885 online already, but digitized records for Alpes-Maritimes end at 1860, so you must order what you want.)

It is very easy to order a birth certificate of someone who is deceased. Just go to the French government website below, fill-out the form, and they will mail a copy to you. There is no charge for this service. (Most of the time, they respond very quickly. My friends tell me that if you live in the UK, you will receive your copy in the mail in less than 7 days, and if you live in Canada or US, it will arrive in about 10 to 14 days.) Here is the link:


Note: You will need his exact birthdate and the name of the exact town where he was born, minimum. If you don't know the names of his parents or other information that the form asks for, just enter INCONNU (= unknown). Please do not guess names or dates because if the actual information does not exactly match your request, you will not get anything.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you request a COPIE INTÉGRALE to obtain a xerox copy of the original certificate. (An extract that will not show the margin entries.)

Second note: His birth and death certificates will not state where Mr. Tortarolo was buried, only when and where he died. You must write to the town where he died separately to request information about a burial.

I hope you find this information useful.

Bonne quête !


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I found a fair amount of information including some records on Jean and his family. It's too much to post here so I've made a Tortarolo tree. I've sent you an invitation to it and it can be viewed here:

I'll see what else I can find.




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I am looking for a Carlo Tortarolo, born abt 1879 somewhere in Genova.
Have you come across the given name Carlo or Carmine in your research?
He moved to Uraguay and had a son name Henry.

Thank you in advance,


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Hi Paul,

Sorry but when I was helping with the Tortarolo search I didn't come across a Carlo or Carmine. I'll have a look, though, and if I find anything will post it here.




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Thank you, Soosi.


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Hi Soosi.
Long time. Sorry.
I have become a grandmother to Owen-Richard JONES, Via my daughter Katie.
It has as always been a hard time. Hubby had his knee replaced and then had a third heart attack. So yes it has been a difficult time.
I haven't been on line for quite a while I am sorry.
I by now think that the family tree you so wonderfully sorted for me has gone.
But just so you know I appreciate all you did and have done. I couldn't have asked for anymore from you.
But wanted you to know that I do appreciate all you did.
I am not ignorant, just so so busy.
Please take care.
Much love.
Gwyn Penny. xx


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Hi Gwyn!

I was thrilled to hear from you. Congratulations on your new grandson!

I can't afford to pay the monthly fee for Ancestry so trimmed down the number of family trees I was keeping for people. I did save the Tortarolo tree into a GEDCOM file so I can put it back up any time. The GEDCOM doesn't save most of the pictures and documents but I saved those to a file as well. So if you ever need it back up for a while I'd be happy to do so.

Sure hope you're hubby is doing better and that all is well with you.

Take care and stay in touch.


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