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Aaron Starks Family Bible

Aaron Starks Family Bible

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Up until about 1870 in most countries, one of the wedding presents given to a newly married couple was a Bible. The new husband, and potential father, would then start his own family record - either on the inside of the front cover, the flyleaf, or on a blank page between the Old and New Testaments. Later, many publishers included pages specially designed for the recording of family events. Many of these pages were very elaborately detailed, much like the pages in the Bible belonging to Aaron Starks. The husband would begin this family record with his own marriage, the date, and the place where the ceremony took place. He would then add he and his wife's birth dates and their children's names as each was born.

While there are several pages missing from the beginning of this Bible (including those containing the publisher and copyright dates), the introductory page to The New Testament does contain this information: William W. Harding [Company], Philadelphia, 1864. Based on this fact, it is assumed that by the descendents in the Aaron Starks (1838-1929) line, that he and his first wife were given this book as a wedding gift. All of the information contained on this BibleÂ’s pages has been documented and has thus far proven to be a very accurate record of events- pertaining to four generations of this particular Stark line. The original owner of the Bible was Aaron Starks- the son of Hurum and Sarah Ann Wilson Starks of Newfield, Tompkins County, New York.

The following information is a transcription of the entire, written contents of the Aaron Stark Family Bible.

[Page 1]

Married, Aaron Starks to Helen B. Ervay, January the tenth
in the year of our Lord 1864, both of Newfield.

Aaron Starks and Mary Parsons, March 20th, 1870,
both of Newfield, Tompkins Co., N.Y.

{A caption has been added here by Mary Eliza Lorentz Lemons-
daughter of Stephen and Helen Louella Starks Lorentz, which reads: “Aunt Hattie and my mother’s mother”.}

Aaron Starks and Mary E. Stark, July 20th, 1882.

[Page 2]

Aaron Starks was born January thirtieth in the year of our Lord 1838.

Helen B. Starks, Wife of Aaron, was born May twelph (12)
in the year of our Lord 1848.

Mary Parsons, Wife of Aaron Starks, was born June the 22nd, 1847

Helen L. Starks was born May 25, 1874

Hattie May Starks was born September 10th, 1875

Paul A. Loop was born April 2nd, 1902
Passed away April 21, 1925

{A caption has been added here by Patrick S. McCleary-
Grandson of Mary Eliza Lorentz Lemons, which reads: “Son of Hattie.”}

W.H. Loop passed away, May 12, 1935, age 70 years

[Page 3]

Mary E. Starks, Wife of Aaron Starks, born July 4th, 1848

Charles B. Starks born September 1st, 1883

Caroline E. Starks born November 9th, 1885

Mary E. Starks, Wife of Aaron Starks, died Monday, August 21 /1913

Caroline E. Starks (Galloway) died January 2 /1910

Aaron Starks died June 23 /1929

Bessie (Loop) Showers passed away June 30 /1940, age 49 years.

Helen E. Loop passed away September 25 /1941, age 52 years.

Sister Helen L Starks (Lorentz) passed away December 22 /1948

[Page 4]

{A caption has been added at the head of this page by Aaron Starks which reads: “The text preached at Helen’s, Wife of Aaron Starks, funeral may be found in Saint John, 17th Chapter, third verse.”}

Helen B., Wife of Aaron Starks died September sixth 1864
aged 16 years, 3 months and 25 days.

Mary Parsons Starks died August 20th, 1880

Charles B. Starks died September 1st, 1883

{A caption has been added here by Hattie Mae Starks Loop
regarding Caroline E. “Carrie” Galloway’s funeral text:
“Carrie’s text. The fifth book of Moses called Dueteronomy
Chapter 1: 6th verse” }

[Page 5]
[Blank page]

Ira Starks was born February the 5th, 1834
Ira Starks was killed in front of Petersburgh in Battle July 30, 1864

Father Hurum Starks was born June 25, 1806
Father Hurum Starks died July 19, 1868

Mother Sarah A. Starks was born August 18, 1806
Mother died October 24, 1878

Sister Almira Starks was born June 17, 1828

Sister Rosilla Starks was born February 18, 1830

Sister Rebecca Starks was born January 4, 1832

Sister Sarah Starks was born March 13, 1836

Sister Eliza Starks was born December 25, 1839

Brother Davis J. Starks June 13th, 1841

Brother Hiram Starks August 21, 1842

Sister Mary Starks was born February 15th, 1848

Angeline E. Starks was born April 19th, 1850

Aaron Stark Family

Marilyn Roth (View posts)
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Charles R. STARK got a bit confused about all of the Aarons in his book Descendants of Aaron Stark. However, page 64 has enough similarities to show that this family is included. #487:

Huram STARK m. Sarah WILSON and had

Almira, m. Henry L. STARK
Aaron m. Mary Elizabeth STARK
Almina, Ira, and perhaps others.

Of these, the only one followed is Almira, who married Henry L. STARK (15 Jan.1810, Dutchess Co., NY - 2 May 1890, bu. Irish Hill Cem., Newfield, Tompkins, NY). Henry L. & Almira had Henry, Ira, Nathan, Huram, Almeran, Elizabeth, Albert & Albertus.

On p. 4 of the Bible and p. 3 of your entry, did Helen B., wife of Aaron, die at age 16? Can you help straighten out the mixups in the book by Charles R. STARK?


Marilyn Roth (View posts)
Posted: 940420800000
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Thank you very much!

Aaron Starks

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Thank you for responding to my posting. You are right, the Hurum Starks family listed in the Charles R. Stark book is one and the same. Charles R. Stark has mixed the children of Hurum and Sarah Wilson Starks however, the listing that Aaron gives of his siblings in this Bible record is accurate and has all been proven true.

Aaron's first wife was Helen B. Ervay. She did indeed die at the age of 16 years, in childbirth. She was the daughter of Julius Ervay of Tompkins County.

Aaron's second wife was Mary Eliza Parsons. They had two daughters together and after Mary's death in 1880, Aaron took the girls and moved from "Elmira, New York to Elmira, Michigan." While I do not know the names of Mary's parents, I do have at least two full generations of her lineage... most all were from the Tompkins County area. (This was through the use of two letters written by Aaron's daughter Hattie Starks Loop and two Wills and probate packets for Helen and Hattie's maternal great aunts.)

Once Aaron got to Michigan discovered the difficulties of being a single parent, he "went back to New York and got a wife." This Mary Elizabeth Stark was actually a cousin of Aarons. Her own lineage is also listed in the Charles R. Stark genealogy as follows: Hiram Stark married Caroline Stewart; Hiram's father was Johnathan Stark who married Polly Cary, etc., etc.

Through the help of various cousins over the past 10-15 years I have been able to outline the descendents of Hurum and Sarah A. Wilson Starks (in many cases down to the present day). Currently a printout of this information using the Family Tree Maker Program numbers nearly 60 pages.

Showers from New York

Sue Bromley (View posts)
Posted: 945345600000
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Do you know anymore about Betty Loop Showers' family? I have a Lorinda Showers, who was born in Liberty, New York, March 5, 1852. Lorinda married Joseph Gerstner in about 1869. They had a daughter die in Tompkins, New York, in 1871. They moved to Michigan in about 1872-3. Any information about New York Showers would be appreciated.


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Hello Sue,

Unfortunately the Bible record is a bit deceiving. Aaron STARKS' daughter, Hattie M. Starks, married William H. LOOP.
Uncle Will had been married once before to a woman by the name of Rosa O'CONNOR and they had had three daughters: Bessie Irene LOOP; Helen "Nellie" LOOP; and Mildred LOOP. Bessie later married a man by the name of Vernon SHOWERS here in Michigan. They lived in the Detroit area for many years before Bessie's death.

I have no information on Vern SHOWERS, to my knowledge however, he or his family never resided in Tompkins County. Sorry to have disappointed you. Good luck in your research however! Patrick
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