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Ivy Family from SC and GA

Ivy Family from SC and GA

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I am looking for anyone that has a connection to Hardy Ivy born June 15, 1779 in Abbeville, SC district. He later moved to GA where he died in Dec. 1842. It is recorded in History books that Hardy Ivy was the first white settler in Atlanta in 1833. I am trying to find out his parents names and if he had brother and sisters. Any help anyone gave give I would apprecite. I have information that I am willing to share. Also Hardy Ivy had married Sarah Todd.

GA/SC Ivy/Ivey

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I am looking for anyone with information on the Ivy/Ivey's in Abbeville, SC. My grandfather was born there and his father mother were married there. Ggrandfather was John A Ivey married Susan Adelia Norrell. Grandfather was John William Ivey married Nancy Caroline Fields in Ga(3rd)wife. I think that maybe Thomas Ivy born in GA was John A's father and his mother was a Durst but have no proof. I just read of Hardy Ivy in Abbeville that went to Ga and died there. The Thomas I am looking for was born in GA but went to SC and married Ms Durst. My grandfather went from SC to GA also.
Is this familiar to anyone?
Let me know if it is. Will be glad to share information with you.

Ivy Family

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Nancy, I am sorry to say that the only John Ivy that I have that a did not have a middle name for is the son of a James Lafayette Ivy. The John that I have was born in Mississippi. James was born in GA but moved to Mississippi. Sorry I could not help.

Ivy in SC or GA

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I am looking for a Levi or Reily Ivy born in either SC or GA around 1813. He married Amanda Wardlow in 1847 and moved to Mississippi. Can you help?

Ivy in SC or GA

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I am sorry to say that the only Levi Ivy that I have in my file was born in 1900 in Texas. I do not have a Riley or Amanda. Sorry, Good Luck.

Building the family tree

T.N. Ivy (View posts)
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Can you help
My father was James N. Ivy 1927 West Point, Mississippi
His brothers: Bertrial, Andrew Wilson,
His sisters: Mildred, Hattie, Mary Ruth, Rose, Lucille, Essie
Half brothers siblings unknown by a woman named Sue Williams who Andrew (my grandfather seems to have had an affair with)
My grandfather was Named Andrew Martin 1886-Estella Ivy. Grandpa had a brother named Curtis-(wife Joanna) who had three children Mae, Sarah, and Pie (nickname) this person die prematurely. My great grandfather was named Sam Ivy-Peggy.
You mentioned Sarah. I have a Sarah on our list under a Curtis-Joanna. I also have as their children Mae, Sarah, and Pie (nickname) who was kicked. Let's continue to work on this. May God Bless You.

Building a Tree

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I am sorry to say that I don't have any of those names in my tree. Wish I could help. I come down the Ivy line from Hardy Ivy who was the first white settle in Atlanta, GA.

Help me understand where I received my name from

T. N. (View posts)
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That's okay. How long ago did he settle? What was the year of settlement? What did he do there? How many slaves did he have? Do you have any information that could lead me to his brothers if he had any and where they located. This powerful part of history unites us tremendously. Many times people are embarassed or ashamed about the past...slavery and all. I'm not. It was, it is not now. We must learn from the past. Many white people don't realize that Africans had slaves. The bible says what you sow you will reap. Here's the sow a seed ... you get a plant or possibly a tree. It is our responsibility to learn of our past and how we are gloriously united. Africans built this country in slavery, but not on their own. Indians owned this land, but the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Everything has a purpose and so does slavery. So help me learn more about where I received my name from. The name "Ivy" What does it mean? Where did the Ivy's come from "Wales" ... Until next time God bless you.

where did ivy come from

Mike Ivy (View posts)
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TN I don't know if I can help you with everything you want to know but my cousin has done a lot of research as to the orgins of my side of the Ivy's she say's we started off in France as St.Ivoes emigrated to england and some of the names were changed to Ives Ivesons Iverson Ivey Ivy wwhen we looked back on some of my family's old paperwork back in the 1800's we fount both spellings Ivey and Ivy. One other thing as far as the slaves are concerned we fount that some of the Family spelt there names different because of their loyalty to the north or south I just don't know whitch Ivey for the North Ivy for the south or reversed.ope this helps somewhat

Ivy Name "origin"

T. N. (View posts)
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Thanks so much. You have helped me. Tell me more about your family when they came here. It seems that there were two places France (which explains my French classes) and England. However the NAME..."IVY" as well as the other names that you spoke of what do that actually mean. Can we look them up. Let me know. Thanks for responding.
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