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Surnames: PLEAK
Looking for any info on the Harry Logan Pleak family. My father was Robert Dale Pleak born in Greensburg In on Nov. 13, 1920. He had a brother Walter E. I have been to the cemetery in Greensburg South Park and found some more Pleaks. I have also visited the Pleak round barn in Greensburg which was built by one of our decendents. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I have info I can share on this family also. Harry Logan Pleak's wife name was Creelte Elizabeth Voiles. (This is my Grandmother).

Love to here from all!

Re: Pleak

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I am searching Decatur County PLEAKs and PLAKEs also. I have in my file a Walter Estal PLEAK, b. 1877, d. 1955, buried at Mt. Aerie Cemetery, Sand Creek Twp., Decatur CO, IN. His wife was Gertrude Dundon (Surname Unknown), b. 1880, d. 1958. I wonder if this is not perhaps in your father's lineage (with a brother named Walter E. and from the same county.)

I have also a Harry Paul PLAKE, and a Harold Leroy PLAKE, and a contemporary correspondent, Tommy Logan PLAKE (all Hiram PLEAK / PLAKE descendants.)

In your searches in the cemeteries, have you run across PLAKEs? I am particularly looking for the graves of Mathias PLAKE aka PLEAK and wife Jane SMITH. The last place I find him living is in Decatur County. Mathias is the father of the aforementioned Hiram W. PLEAK / PLAKE, b. 1802 KY.

Please respond to


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I don't believe that the Plake's spelling is in my family line. My grandfathers name is Harry Logan Pleak and his fathers name was Joseph D. Pleak (1822-1904). He was married to Izora Queen Victoria Mary Ann Jane Stewart(no date). Joseph D. Pleak's father was Joseph Dawson Pleak . I do know that there are several spellings for the name. It has been very difficult in tracing the name because of the changes in the spelling. In the Decator County history book it states that Walter Boyd Pleak shortened the family name from Pleakenstalver to Pleak. Walter B. Pleak was born March 23, 1854.My Aunt and Uncle still live in Greensburg and they are Freda M. Volz Pleak and Walter Eugene Pleak. Possibley if we keep working at this it will become more clearer for all of us. I haven't had this much trouble on my mothers side of the family. This is really quite interesting and I really want to keep searching the Pleak name.I went to the library in Fort Wayne and I was able to find a lot of Pleak names but I haven't been able to put them in a family order yet.

Thanks Connie

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Just to be clear, was Izora married to Joseph D. PLEAK (1822) or to Harry Logan PLEAK?

Who are Joseph Dawson PLEAK's parents and do you have his dob and dod? Wife? I have a Joseph D. PLEAK, 1800-1876, buried in Town of Westport Cemetery, adjacent Unted Methodist Church, Decatur CO, IN. Is this your Joseph Dawson? I do not have him connected yet. Do you know where he was born?

If he is not the son of Matthias PLEAK / PLAKE, does this line go back to John PLEAK AND STALVER (aka PLEAKANDSTALVER) b. 1755? John P & S had a son he called Dawson. He called several of his children by their middle names, and others later were known by their middle names. So, it's entirely possible that Dawson was in fact Joseph Dawson. Dawson was among the youngest of his children which would put his birthdate about 1800.

(To my knowledge, John's descendants all became known as PLEAKs. But some of my Matthias' descendants did also. Some took PLAKE as a surname, some took PLEAK. I really believe John and Matthias to be closely related, but I can't tell you how yet.)

Who is the father of Walter Boyd PLEAK, b. 1854?

What is Walter Eugene PLEAK's kinship to Walter Boyd PLEAK?

I have also a Walter Estal PLEAK, b. 1877, buried at Mt. Aerie Cemetery, Sand Creek Twp., Decatur CO, IN. Is he related to either of these two Walters? There is a Bartholomew County, IN, marriage record for a PLEAK, Walter E. to Gertrude DUNDON on 19 Apr 1903 Bk c15, p 341

I would very much like to see the details of your PLEAK line. I have FTM, Version 8. Could you send me the file as an attachment to email? Or sketch the details from your parents on back into email? I assure you I will not pass on details of living individuals without your permission.

Linda Plake Sparlin

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Connie,I have some good information on our family.I am just learning how to use my computer so bear with me.My dad is 83 and has much information for us.Asa Don Pleak was his father.Brothers were Audre,Dale and Wayne with a sister Bernice who apparently moved to Hollywood Fla.My Fathers dads name was Ord Pleak.Greensburg Indiana seems to be where alot of connections will originate.Letts where the the farm many of them were at one time or another.

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Connie Pleak Watters (View posts)
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Surnames: Pleak Pleakenstalver, Pleak and Stalver
Greg, It was good to hear from someone. I two have been tring to trace the family history. It is not an easy line for int does in involve Pleak, Pleakenstalver, Pleak en Stalver and other surmanes. My family is from Indiana and goes back to Johann Pleak who came to America with his two brothers and a sister and landed at Jamestown Ky.

My father is Robert Dale Pleak b Nov. 13, 1920. He was born in Greensburg Ind. His father was Harry Logan Pleak bJune 3, 1886 in Adams Ind. I still have one Aunt and Uncle in Greendburg Indiana and 2 cousins. They are Walter Eugene Pleak who married Freda May Voltz. There children are Cheryl Sue and Richard Alex Pleak.

I have a brother Steven Robert Pleak and one sister Deborah Sue Pleak. On this end of the line neither my cousin Richard nor my brother will have children so the line on our familyside will stop here.

I also have a Decatur History book the Has a Walter B. Pleak in it.

I would love any info you may have to help put this info together. I t gets pretty tricky with all the surnames.

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