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28th virginia infantry

28th virginia infantry

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I am searching for information on the 28th VA inf. that fought in the civil war. Specifically Co B. I am trying to compile a list of the members of this unit. Also to track ancestors of these men. They would have been known as Craig's Rifles. Most of them died during Pickett's charge at Gettysburg.
My 3x gr grandads both fought in this unit.Phillip Fisher and David Andrew Looney

Re: 28th virginia infantry

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Surnames: Fout, Mayo
There is a wonderful series of books by Frank E Fields, Jr called The Virginia Regimental Histories Series.
The book from the series you want has the Craig Rifles in it:

28th Virginia Infantry

Most virginia libraries have these series, but I recommend purchasing, because you will want to refer back to them again, and again.

Re: 28th virginia infantry

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My great great grandfather was with the 28th. His name was John Josiah Eakin. He carried the Confederate flag into battle and was wounded. Don't know what company he was in.

William Steele

Re: 28th virginia infantry

Sueski! (View posts)
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Mr. Steele,
According to the Virginia Regimental Histories Series book,
John Josiah Eakin was in the 28th Virginia Infantry, Co. B.
The posting reads as such.
b, 11.25.36: Co. B (5/15/61): Craig, farmer, 1Sgt to Color Sgt. 12/29/62, to Ensign 5/23/52: Wounded in Action 7/3/63 at Gettysburg, (Carried regt. colors there); in hospital until 11/63; present 12/64; d.3/7/17 in Craig County.

Book is by Frank E Fields, Jr

Re: 28th virginia infantry

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Thank you. Your information is greatly appreciated.

Bill Steele

Re: 28th virginia infantry

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Surnames: Eakin

Located on Rt. 624 in Craig County, Virginia
Copied by Rena Worthen & Margarette Tynan 1998
Also Copied By Stephen Taylor

Eakin, John J. 11-25-1836 3-25-1917 &
Eakin, Mary Louise 11-14-1853/4 6-24-1913 w/o John J.

Published by the 3 of us in
Some of the Cemeteries in Craig County.

Re: 28th virginia infantry

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Thanks for your help again. Thanks to people like you I now know much more about my family.

I got out of the genealogy business for awhile. I got tired of hitting brick walls.

I started a web site. It's only been up for about ten days. My
intention is unlike some other sites. I don't want to list every family member who ever lived, I want people who were lost like me to have a starting point.

If you ever get a chance, take at look at:

Thanks again,


Re: 28th virginia infantry

Carolyn Moore (View posts)
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My great grandfather, James H. Woodward (pronounced Woodard) was mustered into the Civil War at Salem, Virginia, in the spring of 1861. After training in Lynchburg, his group, the Roanoke Grays, eventually became Company I of the 28th Virginia. His company was often called Deyerle's Company after Captain Madison P. Deyerle from Salem. My great-grandfather Woodward was wounded, according to his pension statemet at "Smith Mountain," and did not have use of his left arm after the war. The arm hung loose and useless, often pinned back by means of the cloth on his sleeve. Eventhough his company and the entire 28th was decimated at Gettysburg, my great-grandfather stayed with the 28th through the entire war, eventually being paroled at Appomatox. He didn't talk much of the Civil war, I understand, but one phrase he always repeated became famous in our family: "You always know where to find me in a battle; I'm the one standing behind a tree."
James H. Woodward is buried at the Head of the River Baptist Church in Copper Hill, Virginia (Floyd County).
If you come across any interesting information about Company I, I would love to have it. Also, "Smith Mountain" is a mystery. I'm not aware that the 28th did battle near any place called Smith Mountain.
Good luck in your search.
Carolyn Shockey Moore

Re: 28th virginia infantry

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Hello. I have 2 great great great uncles that were in the 28th.
John Caldwell and Robert Caldwell.
DO you have any info on these people?
Also I have Priscilla and back attached to a branch of my family-any relation?
Michelle Orr Holber

Re: 28th virginia infantry

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I have John Caldwell and Robert Caldwell-both of 28th but have no info on them.
Could you see if there is info on them I would like to purchase the book if there is. What is the book info.
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