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Savage family of Godmanchester, Huntingdon

Savage family of Godmanchester, Huntingdon

John Gallagher (View posts)
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Surnames: Savage, Foran, Casey, Carmody, O'Hare, O'Connor, Pierce, Reardon, Kirby
Thomas Savage and Margaret Carmody married in 1819 in Tralee, County Kerry. Seven children born to them between 1820 and 1833 in parish of Ballyheigue, Kerry, Julia, John, Maurice, Catherine, Johanna, James, Mary. Family emigrated to Godmanchester, Huntingdon County, Quebec where Thomas Savage purchased 100 acres of land in 1840. Children married other Irish emigrants in Quebec. Julia to Michael O'Connor; John to Margaret Casey; Maurice to Ellen Reardon; Johanna to Patrick O'Hare; James to Ann Kirby; Mary to Edward Pierce. Many of their offspring left Huntingdon and settled in Franklin and Essex Counties of New York as well as the Boston, Massachusetts area. Would like to correspond with others researching families of the same name or from the same area in Kerry, Canada, or US.
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Surnames: KerbyGreeny, Chretien
Looking for a place of origin, time of arrival for the Kirby/Kerby family. Michael Kerby married to Elizabeth Greeny of Ireland. Their daughter Ellen Eulalie "Naly" Kerby b. about 1809 Urile/Urite? Ireland. Married Joseph Alexis Chretien 07 Feb 1826 St. Anicet, Huntingdon, Quebec.
Died 1882 St. Anicet. Would she be part of your Kirby family? Michael had land along the Francois River, St. Anicet.
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Surnames: Kirby, Graney, Chretien
Thank you John for your quick reply! I definitely have a few follow-ups to do. I would very much like to have your other Kirby info if it's not too much trouble. I thought the last name of Greeny might be different so I really appreciate your help! Looking forward to the NEXT step.


John Gallagher (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Savage, Carmody, Casey, Foran, O'Hare, Coffey, Pierce, Reardon
Hi Del,

I just received your message regarding the Kirby family of Huntingdon, Quebec. My connection to the Kirby family is the result of a marriage to an ancestor of mine, James Savage, son of Thomas Savage and Margaret Carmody. James Savage was baptized on September 20, 1831 in the civil parish of Ballyheigue, Roman Catholic parish of Causeway, County Kerry, Ireland. About 1840, the Savage family emigrated from Kerry to Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Quebec and settled on 100 acres of land.

On May 7, 1855, in Ormstown, Huntingdon, Quebec, James Savage married Johanna Kirby, daughter of James Kirby and Ann Griffin (LDS film #1031575-Canada, Quebec, Huntingdon, St. Malachie dÂ’Ormstown Parish Church Records, 1846-1876). Johanna was born about 1835. She died on May 16, 1873 and was buried at St. JosephÂ’s Cemetery, Huntingdon, Quebec, on May 18, 1873. Present at the burial were Lawrence Foran and John Kirby (LDS film #1031562-Canada, Quebec, Huntingdon, Paroisse of St. Joseph de Huntingdon, Registre de Baptemes, Marriages, et Sepultures, Volume 1, 1862-1873).

I found the following references to other Kirby/Kerby family members:

(LDS film #1031573-Canada, Quebec, Huntingdon County, St. Anicet Church Records – 1832-1862) –
Marriage #7, February 27, 1832
Thomas Kerby of St. Anicet, son of Michael Kerby and Elizabeth Graney, married Honora Griffin, daughter of Michael Griffin and Helen Magan

There are many other references to Kirby/Kerby/Griffin families in the above referenced sources as well as:
LDS film #1031574, Church records, Canada, Quebec, Huntingdon, St. Anicet, 1862-1876

It is possible that Johanna Kirby’s father, James Kirby, was the son of Michael Kirby/Kerby and Elizabeth Graney and was the brother of Thomas (above) and Ellen Eulalie “Naly” Kerby you mention in your query. I have references to other Kirby family members in marriage and baptismal records if you are interested in having them. None of the ones I recorded mention Ellen. However, I was focused on Savage entries rather than Kirby entries. If there is a LDS Family History Library in your area, you might want to order the microfilms I’ve cited.

I believe that many of the Irish who settled in the Huntingdon County area between 1830 and 1840 were from County Kerry, and specifically the area of Ballyheigue, Tralee, and Dingle peninsula. In fact, many of the tombstones in St. JosephÂ’s Cemetery in Huntingdon indicate many with origins in Dingle.

I had considerable success pinpointing the origin of the Savage family in County Kerry, Ireland through the services of the Killarney Genealogical Centre, Cathedral Walk, Killarney, County Kerry (Tel (064) 35946. They provided baptismal records from Tralee (1772-1900) and Causeway (Ballyheigue) (1782-1900). You may want to consider using this agency for your search. I believe that you will find the Kirbys originating in these areas.

Please write back with any other questions. IÂ’d be happy to help.

John Gallagher


John Gallagher (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Savage, Carmody, Casey, Foran, O'Hare, Kirby, Pierce
Hi Del,
Below find the other references to Kirby/Kerby family members that I found while researching records related to the Savage family:

(LDS film #1031575-St. Malachie dÂ’Ormstown)
Burial #4, Page 128, May 10, 1856
Anonymous Savage, infant, died May 9, 1856, child of James Savage and Johanna Kirby. Present at burial – Thomas Savage and John Reidy.
Baptism #128, Page 9, December 6, 1857
Julia Savage, daughter of James Savage and Johanna Kirby. Sponsors: John Kirby and Catherine Lacey.
Baptism #94, Page 45, November 27, 1859
Ann Savage, three weeks old, daughter of James Savage and Joanna Kirby. Sponsors: Michael Kirby and Ann Griffin.
Baptism #110, Page 79, November 28, 1861
Thomas Savage, six days old, son of James Savage and Johanna Kirby. Sponsors: Caleb Kirby and Margaret Tannahill.

(LDS film #1031562-St. JosephÂ’s, Huntingdon (see above))
Baptism #41, Page 42, May 26, 1864
Mary Savage, eight weeks old, daughter of James Savage and Anna Kirby. Sponsors: Richard Kirby and Judith Kirby.
Baptism #28, March 28, 1866
Margaret Savage, two weeks old, daughter of James Savage and Johanna Kirby. Sponsors: Richard Savage and Mary Ann Corporan.
Baptism #44, November 2, 1868
Ellen Savage, three weeks old, daughter of James Savage and Johanna Kirby. Sponsors: Michael and Margaret Connor.
Marriage #1, Page 130, April 8, 1872
Thomas Connor, son of age of the late Michael Connor and Catherine Savage.
Mary Ann Corpren, daughter of age of Edward Corpren and the late Mary Kerby.
Witnesses: Andrew Connor and Catherine Leary.
Marriage #4, Page 8, November 4, 1873
James Corpren, son of age of Edward Corpren and the late Mary Kerby
Hannagh Curran, daughter of the late Michael Curran and the late Mary Dunn
Witnesses: Thomas OÂ’Leary, JamesÂ’ cousin; Mary Curran, HannaghÂ’s cousin.
Burial – April 12, 1869
Michael Kirby, age 28, son of James Kirby and Ann Griffin. Present at burial: John Kirby, Jean Marie Allard.
Burial – March 17, 1872
James Savage, 7 months, died March 15, 1872, son of James Savage and Johanna Kirby

(LDS film #1031574, Church records, Canada, Quebec, Huntingdon, St. Anicet, 1862-1876
Marriage #5, Page 71, April 25, 1865
John Kirby, son of James Kirby and Ann Griffin of St. JosephÂ’s, Huntingdon
Mary OÂ’Connor, daugher of Denis OÂ’Connor and Johanna Linch of St. Anicet
Present: James Kirby, brother of groom; Andrew OÂ’Connor, brother of bride; Caleb Kirby.

John Kirby and his wife Mary are buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Huntingdon. Gravestone inscription: “1834- September 12, 1913.” Mary (O’Connor) Kirby – gravestone inscription: “1847-October 6 1911.”

I also had a chance to look at the index for GriffithÂ’s Valuation of Ireland 1848-1864. The name Graney also appears as Grany, Greaney, and Greany. I found the following Granys living in the Ballyheigue/ Killury area and all names were recorded as Grany. No Granys were found in the Ballyheigue/Killury area under any of the other spellings:
Edward Grany – parish of Killury, townland of Rathmorrel
Ellen Grany – parish of Ballyheigue, townland of Heirhill
Jeremiah Grany – parish of Killury, townland of Feeans
Thomas Grany – parish of Ballyheigue, townland of Heirhill

The following Kirbys were found in the parish of Ballyheigue (none were found in Killury):
John Kirby, townland of Ballyheigue
John Kirby, town of Ballyheigue
Patrick Kirby, townland of Glenderry
Thomas Kirby, townland of Glenderry

There were no Michael Kirbys listed in Ballyheigue. I found no entries under “Greeny” or “Greeney.” The valuation of Ballyheigue took place in 1852. Ballyheigue is in the barony of Clanmaurice, Unions of Listowel and Tralee


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Surnames: reardon
i am just wondering if you have anymore information on Ellen reardon who her parents were? i am a reardon and my relatives are from franklin county newyork.
if you do please email me at the above email adress
thank you

Reardon/Godmanchester, Huntingdon/Franklin County, New York

John Gallagher (View posts)
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Classification: Query

Ellen (Helen) Reardon married Maurice Savage on 27 Jan 1846 in St. Anicet, Huntingdon County, Quebec. The record can be found on LDS microfilm #1031573, Canada, Quebec, Huntingdon County, St. Anicet Church records, 1832-1862, marriage #4, page 87.
Maurice Savage, farmer, son of Thomas Savage and Margaret Carmody married Helen Reardon, daughter of Patrick Reardon and Mary Ready (Reidy). Witnesses at marriage: Thomas Savage, father of groom, Michael Foran, brother-in-law of groom, Bartholomew Reardon, brother of bride.
I have additional information on this family, including census records from Franklin County. I'll need some time to locate the data. As soon as I put it all together, I'll send another message.


Re: Kerby or Kirby in St. Anicet

Susan McDonagh (View posts)
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I have just started my research and cannot answer your question, but we may have a common ancestor and I would like to keep in touch.

My g.g. grandmother was Julia Kirby. She married Thomas O'Leary around 1840 in St. Anicet, according to my family. Their son, Caleb, is my g. grandfather. I found a Thomas and Julia Leary in the 1881 census with a son Caleb the same age as my grandfather, but do not know if they are the same family. I also found an ancestry file for Thomas and Julia Leary with a son Caleb that indicates that they were married in Ireland, not St. Anicet and that Julia's maiden name was Keerivick, not Kirby.
Very confused, I am. :-)

Re: Kirby

Susan McDonagh (View posts)
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John, I haven't seen you post here in a while. I hope you are still watching. I'm pretty sure that my branch of the Kirby's are related to you somehow but have not been able to find the link yet.

My g.g.grandmother was Julia Kirby. Julia married Thomas O'Leary, and her son, Caleb was my g. grandfather. Other offspring were: Thomas, John, Adam, Fleury, Catherine, and Ellen. According to my family, they were married in St. Anicet around 1840.

In searching the 1881 census, I found a Thomas and Julia Leary (note: Leary, not O'Leary) with a son Caleb the same age as my grandfather. He was 35 and had taken over the family farm. Catherine was also there, but no sign of his brothers. Since I have copies of pictures of his brothers in California, I assume that they went off looking for gold, or something like that. I haven't confirmed that this Leary family is the same as my O'Learys, but I'm assuming so for now. This Leary family in the census had a Mary Savage living with them, who was 16 at the time, and I am wondering why. This Mary Savage is the same age as the Mary Savage, daughter of James Savage and Anna Kirby in your post. I also noticed in your post that Catherine Leary was a witness to a Connor marriage. If she is my Caleb O'Leary's sister, my records show that Catherine was once married to Jeremiah O'Connor (she was later widowed and remarried). Do you suppose it was the fashion to drop the "O"s at the time?

I hope you see this and are able to follow my ramblings in this post. I don't have much information about this branch of the family and would love to learn more.

Re: Kirby (PS to my previous post)

Susan McDonagh (View posts)
Posted: 1045108542000
Classification: Query
.. Oh yeah, and I also just noticed Thomas O'Leary. I suspect he is my g.g.grandfather, who as I'd said, was married to Julia Kirby. Notice that it's O'Leary in this notice, not Leary.
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