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McCaughan in Ballycastle

McCaughan in Ballycastle

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Surnames: McCaughan/Scott/
Looking for wife and ancestors of Charles McCaughan, farmer at Stroanshesk, Ballycastle listed 1861 in Griffiths. Sons John c1840-1908 and Hugh c1842-1913 listed there 1901.Daughter Sarah married John Scott of grt grandmother. Would appreciate any info on other siblings, and name of Charles' wife, death dates, and so on. Thanks for your help!

Re: McCaughan in Ballycastle

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There are at least 10 McCaughan's living in Ballycastle according the northern ireland - british telephone book.
These come will full addresses and postal codes.

Catholic or Protestant?

Northern Ireland has two sources of birth/baptism records

Also an Irish History Foundation. This is a not for profit but fee paying website to which Antrim is a memberDudley.

I would imagine the children John and Hugh would marry in the 1860's? and their children might be on the website which has civil registrations listed
from 1864-1950's.

I think it likely the only way to get Charles wife's name is the birth of either John or Hugh. I would use Hugh to
search as it is relatively different whereas John is the most used name. You can search the Foundation just with the name Hugh and birth year +/- and get a record with parish/place, mother's fore name and maiden name and date.
Once you have both parents names you can search for siblings. The Parish Ramoan isn't listed but could also have another name or be amalgamated with another parish.

Ballycastle is a Poor Law Union or later Civil Registration District, and a Town in the Parish of Ramoan.

It is located up by the 'Giants Causeway'.There is a Church of Ireland church in the middle of the main square -
Holy Trinity

These are some of the results from

Charles age 97 died April-June 1919 birth yr est. 1822

Charles age 78 died Jan-Mar 1882 birth yr. est. 1805

Charles age 87 died Jan-Mar 1882 birth yr. est 1798

Charles age 78 died Jan-March 1883 birth yr. est 1785

Hugh age 71 died Oct-Dec 1913 birth yr. estimated 1842

Several Sarah's just a guess that she may be named after her mother.

Sarah age 80 died Oct-Dec 1878 birth yr. est. 1798

All the above are Ballycastle.

Year of birth determined by age given at death.Sometimes
in Ireland that was up for speculation with sometimes 5 yrs
difference from reality.

Annette Code

Re: McCaughan in Ballycastle

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Surnames: McCaughan Scott
Thank you for your suggestions. In addition to great family resources I have used LDS extensively and many other web sources (and Ancestry of course) but not Emerald yet, and have visited the area personally, but unfortunately only too briefly. I know the McCaughans were at Stonshesk in1803 (A Hugh and a William???.) Charles' sons John and Hugh died in 1908 and 1913, both recorded as single on census, not widowed. But there has to have been a woman in the house 1883-1900 because my grandmother Sarah (jr) Scott and her brother Charles were sent there to be raised because of too many children at home (12 eventually! ) so Charles' wife or some unknown daughters/sisters must have been there up to close to the 1901 census. I am going to order some microfilm of possible sisters to check on parents. Of the many Charles listed, I guess the 1805-1882 fits best, only because of the known birth dates of 3 of his children: c1840, 1842, and 1852.(no records--counting from census.) The hunt continues.

Re: McCaughan in Ballycastle

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Hmm, just a thought. Gravestone inscriptions. Ballycastle, Antrim is listed on a 'commercial' website in the UK. Its expensive but I think you can get a short membership.

The name and website like the History Foundation are considered 'commercial' and not allowed on the message board. You can contact me at by regular
email. I don't keep any emails but you can open a hotmail
for this.

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