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Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

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I believe that I am a direct descendant from Col. William Burgess -
Col. William to
Capt. Edward / Sarah Chew to
John / Matilda Sparrow to
Capt. Joseph / Elizabeth Dorsey to
Richard Sr. / Mary Gassaway to
Richard Jr. / Elizabeth Twiggs to
Gabriel / Charity Strait to
Richard / Sarah Richards to
Charles Loren / Cora Helen Pace
I am still needing to firm up some of my info, if you have any on these people, your help would be gratefully appreciated.
Thank-you, Sheila

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

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Surnames: Burgess, Twigs, Mackelfresh, Gassaway
My great grandparents are Gabriel and Charity Strait Burgess.
My great great grandparents are Richard Burgess Jr. and Elizabeth Twiggs. I think we have the same ancestors. If I can help let me know.

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

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My name is Tom Davis and my Grand Mother was Lena Burgess daughter of Richard Monroe Burgess who is buried in Miles City, MT /married Nancy Lucinda Chambers who is also buried in Miles City. Richards father was Gabriel W. Burgess (born Ohio/died 1907 Piper City, IL) and married Lydia Claussen (died 1918 buried Monmouth, IL). I Have Gabriel's father as Henson T. Burgess (wife Catherine Hayne/Haine). Henson's father was Richard Burgess, Jr./mother Elizabeth Twigg. His father was Richard Sr./mother Mary Cassaway.. Then Capt. Joseph Burgess and Elizabeth Dorsey. Then John Burgess and Matilda Sparrow (second wife/1st being Jane Macklefresh). Then Capt. Edward Burgess and Sarah Chew and then Col. William and Elizabeth Robins (1st wife).

Book by J. D. Warfield (Published 1905) and titled "The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland" has a lot of information on the Col., Edward, John and Joseph
plus others (parents of some of the mothers, etc.).

Have talked to others over the past two years and most are looking for the parents of the Col. and to date I have not found them. If you have any information that could lead in that direction it would be appreciated (by all).

Tom Davis
e-mail at tmdhazmat

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

Don Harrison (View posts)
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Surnames: Burgess, Rayburn, Chambers
Just returned from a warm winter and starting to get back into genealogy. My great grandmother was Nancy Lucinda Chambers married to Richard Monroe Burgess. Nancy's first husband (my great grandfather was Martin Luther Rayburn) I have some information on the Burgess line. Have been in contact with different Burgess's, Turley's. I believe Tom that we may have been in contact before but can not find you listed under the e-mail address you posted. Will gladly share what info I have.

Don Harrison

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

Tom Davis (View posts)
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Don - we have discussed previously but have changed computer and therefore a new e-mail address due to service provider. With regards to Burgess family tree. Nancy Lucinda and Richard Monroe are also my line through my Grandmother Lena Burgess. She married Vigo Thomas Turley and had three girls (one being my mother). Have not done much over the winter my self as work has taken much of my time along with the two grandkids (4 and 3). Would like to compare notes however to see if we have the same information on the Burgess line going back to the Col.

Let me know and thanks for the reply.

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

Tom Davis (View posts)
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Still looking for parents of Col. William e-mail address if any one has some new clues on where to look...

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

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I am also a descendant of Col. William Burgess. I have a distant cousin who recently researched this family and wrote a history on her findings. She says on page 1, "William Burgess, son of Daniel and Catherine Burgess, was born in Truro Cornwall England in 1622. He came to Virginia in 1645. This might be the information you are needing.

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

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Surnames: Burgess
Your message concerning William Burgess was interesting.
Did you "distant cousin" have a reference for the parentage of William Burgess off Truro, England? (Daniel and Catherine).
In addition, does anyone have information concerning the descendants of Charles, son of this Williaim Burgess. If so, please let us know.
I am searching for the ancestors of Edward Burgess, born 1735 in Prince Georges County, Maryland. All evidence leads to a Charles Burgess. I feel that the father of Edward died as a young parent.
Carolyn Burgess Knott

Re: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Burgess

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Surnames: Burgess, Harris, McClain, Warren
Just wondering if you have any connection to Burgess that may have been in Pa circa 1790-1800 around Fayette or Westmoreland? I have a Catherine (Keturah) Burgess who married John McClain and their dau married Harris from Ohio who married Warren from Iowa.

Re: Col. Wm. Burgess d ca 1686, of Wilts, England??

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I always like to run down and see sources. I see that Wm. Burgess is said to have come from the town of Truro, Cornwall, because he used a seal that was similar to those used by the Burgess' of Truro, Cornwall. Source: Vol. 7, No. 3, August 1966, News of the Society, Page 64

Then in 1969, source: Vol. 10, No. 3, August 1969, Maryland Heraldica, Page 85
ANSWER TO QUERY E-91 [1] May 1969, Vol. 10, No.2
from Mrs. Rosalie Hartinger
I. Col. WILLIAM BURGESS, b 1622, Truro, Cornwall Co., Wales

And then there is the following will, that points to Col. Wm. Burgess coming from the County of Wilts:

Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1
Goddard, Anthony, of Suringden of Wilts, Eng., and Va., 28th July, 1663; 10th Aug., 1663.
To Wm. Burgess, entire estate in trust for Hester Burgess of Bristol, Eng.
Test: John Gray, Nath. Heathcote. 1. 179.

And to add to the Wilts, England area info., there is suppose to be a will on record at Annapolis that is of a Joseph BURGESS of Wilts, dated 1672, that names BROTHER WILLIAM and others. And that the records show that Col. Burgess, of Anne Arundel Co., settled that estate.

I'm in Calif. so I cannot tract that will down.

Then there is the article Anne Arundel Gentry, Vol. 1, Burgess Family, by Harry Wright Newman
He states that a more definite evidence of English domicile of Col. Wm. Burges points to the County of Wilts. And the will of Anthony Goddard is cited and the brother Joseph Burgess a merchant of Marlborough, Wilts, England, who declared himself late of the Province of Maryland and directed that his house and lands in Maryland that he purchased from Richard Ewen be sold and the money divided amongest his brothers and sisters. Joseph bequeaths legacies to his brothers William, Samuel and Jeremiah and sisters Ann and Mary. He appointed his father-in-law [step-father] John Keynes of Marlborough, Gent., the executor of his estate and requested him to give unto my dear mother, his now wife, and to my brothers Isaac and Daniel and to my sister Elizabeth Parker each a gold ring priced at 20 shillings. His will was probated in England as well as Anne Arundel Co. on Nov 30,1672, but it was recorded in the Maryland book as "Burger".
The author goes on to state, that if Wm, brother to Joseph Burges, were the Colonial Burges of Ann Arundel, and the implication is certainly strong and convincing, the English background is therefore placed. His mother therefore married secondly John Keynes and was living in Wiltshire in 1672. The will of Col. Wm Burges was probated at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury thus indicating that he maintained an estate in England at the time of his death.

I know this doesn't specifically address the names of his parents, but it does give researchers another name to go on, the name of the mother's 2nd husband and also gives another area in England to research.

Shirley Middleton Moller
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