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Indian blood line

Indian blood line

Lyates/Keels (View posts)
Posted: 946397110000
Yes ck out the site for the Cherokee Yates blood line. It is a wonderful site.

indian bloodline?

jessica (View posts)
Posted: 947784384000
this site is no longer available from uwf... do you know of any other way i can find information on the indian blood line? i need this information for a scholarship.

you can email me at

thank you so much.


angelique schechtel (View posts)
Posted: 951844484000
i am tracing my husbands family and he has both yates (emily elizabeth yates 1-24-1864, boone, nc) and keel (fannie mae keel 2-4-1882 pike, ky, father was sammuel keel died 1916)in his family. could there be a connection?

Yates Cherokee roots web site

Lynn Yates-Keels (View posts)
Posted: 952751986000
For all here is a great site.
http:/ He has a book for the Yates heritage.

Re: Indian blood line

Posted: 1208320979000
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Surnames: Yates, Salsman,
I ave Yates in my direct lineage from Kentucky. I am trying to find out where my Cherokee blood comes from. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciatd.
Thank You,
K. Martin

Re: Indian blood line

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Surnames: Yates

My husband is from the Yates from Kentucky too. His grandparents were Isom and Annie Yates, are they related to you?
He was also told that he had Cherokee but we cant link it to anyone yet.


Re: indian bloodline?

Posted: 1224364792000
Classification: Query
Surnames: yates
Donald `panther` Yates does NOT have an `indian` YATES bloodline.

Go to YSEARCH.ORG and search for the DNA results of user ``CTHDM`` (that is ``panther`` Yates).

His Y-DNA Hg is `R1b` and ALSO its a VERY common form of british isles R1b, known as `AMH`. R1b is found ONLY in men of western europe descent.

It does not mean he cant have some minor indian ancestry is some of his 1000 descendants we all have in the lst ten generations, but their is no `YATES` Indian bloodline, because if it were true, he would have a Hg `Q` Haplogroup like american indians have- his Y-dna is completely european.

Re: indian bloodline?

Posted: 1225092009000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Yates

Unfortunately, very few of the Yates relatives admitted they were Indian, even on census records, yet they lived on Indian Reservations in Arkansas, I believe. My records in all in storage boxes, and I can go through them if yuo need more information.

I am Indian on both sides of my family. I am also from the Duckworth family, a very famous family.

I hope this helps you. I am a Yates, and wonder if we are related? My grandfather was Duff Yates, and my great grandfather was Gabriel Yates, and on and on. If you are related to any of these people, please let me know.

I have something very private to tell you, and I don't want the world to know, so please write to me. It will definitely effect your ability to register with the Cherokee Nation and get a scholarship.

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