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James Henry and Margaret (Breen) Agnew

James Henry and Margaret (Breen) Agnew

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I'm looking for information on a James Henry (Harry) Agnew (born ~1882) who married a Margaret (Ann?) Breen (~1885 to 1909). They were married around 1905.

His parents were (I believe) a James Agnew (~1842 to ~1900 and Elizabeth Gallagher (~1855 to 1912), but I am unsure about hers - am having many problems finding information.

Am looking for information about the Agnew and Breen families: when they came to Canada, ancestors, descendants, marriages, extended family information, etc.

Thanks for anything you can offer!

Re: James Henry and Margaret (Breen) Agnew

Sheila (View posts)
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Surnames: Agnew, Helferty, Mulligan, Gallagher, McCort, McGaghran, Sheedy, Fiulltor, O'Neil, Donlevy, Bulger, Breen, Carroll, Gorman
Agnew, James. Roman Catholic. Born County Cork, Ireland in 1842.
Wife 1: Mary Helferty, daughter of Huge Helferty/Mary Mulligan. Mary Agnew died as a result of childbirth, November 11, 1871. 2. Elizabeth Gallagher, daughter of Thomas Gallager / Elizabeth McCourt.


1871 Mary m. Thomas McGaghran, son of Robert McGaghran / Mary Gallagher.

1874 John m. 1. Honora Sheedy. 2. Elizabeth Fillator.

1876 Elizabeth m. William O'Neil.

1877 Teresa m. William C. Donlevy.

1880 Thomas Patrick (Brother Urban.).

1881 James Henry m. Margaret, daughter of Pat Breen / Margaret Bulger.

1883 Sarah Ellen m. James E. Carroll.

1886 Adeline. (Sister Edna, CSJ).

1889 Ambrose m. Mabel Gorman.

1891 Gertrude Dora (Sister Benilda CSJ, a teacher.)

Plus there is some history of this family.

I also have information on some Breen family's in that area.

Re: James Henry and Margaret (Breene) Agnew (Breen/Bulger)

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Thanks for the reply - I found some new information in your post to add to what I have.

Do you have any information about the 'Pat BREEN / Margaret BULGER' who you have listed as the prents of Margaret BREEN? That is the line I am most interested in.

Also, any information about when this James Agnew and Elizabeth Gallagher came to Renfrew Country / Canada - and whether they were married here or there?

Sorry if it is too many questions!

Re: Daniel Bulger

Sheila (View posts)
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Surnames: Bulger, Sheahan, Pierce, Costello, McEachen
Bulger, Daniel

Brother of David Bulger
Location: the District Line
Religion: Roman Catholic
Wife: Ellen Sheahan from Ramsay Township.

13 children:

1847 Mary died at the age of three years

1848 Catherine m. Thomas Pierce and went to Missouri.

1850 John died young

1851 James died young

1852 Mary did not marry?

1854 Patrick m. 1. Margaret Costello. 2. Mary Costello. (Sisters)

1856 Michael m. Mary Jane Breen. Merchant and postmaster at Bulger's Corners.

1858 John James

1859 Eleanor

1860 Margaret m. Thomas John Breen.

1863 Julia m. Simon McEachen

1865 Daniel died in 1879

1857 Joseph

checking for more.

Re: James Henry and Margaret (Breene) Agnew (Breen/Bulger)

Sheila (View posts)
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The gnews - parents and a number of children - left Ireland in the 1840's, at the time of the potatoe famine. They became ill during the voyage, died soon after arriving in Canada and are buried somewhere on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence.

All my information comes from the books writen by Carol Bennett, Carol Bennett McCuaig, The books are, "Founding Families of Grattan & Wilberforce" and "Founding Families of Bromley Township", there is more information on the families you are looking for in those books, its a lot to type, lol.

Carol is still selling the books until she is out of them, closing shop. You will find a ton of information like this in them. I have all Juniper books, I will check my others when I have time. Check the Juniper home page.

Re:James Henry and Margaret (Breen) Agnew

Sheila (View posts)
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Surnames: AGNEW, BREEN
In my 1890 Farmers Directory,
I have under Bromley Township, Year 1865, nbr. North Bonneehere River, sbr. South Bonnechere River; N. R. Non-Resident.
Agnew James, Douglas -Post office Con Lot
f 7 11

Breen John f 7 20

Breen Maurice, Douglas f 8 11

Breen Michael, Bulger f 7 19

Breen Michael, Douglas f 8 11

Breen Patrick, Bulger f 7 21

Breen Thomas f 7 18

In Wilberforce and North Algona Townships: Idr. Lake Dore Road. Year 1906.

Breen John jr, Bulger f 8 1

Breen Patrick f 8 2

(The address given after each name is the post office addres)

Abbreviations -f. Freeholder; T. Tenant;

I hope this helps.



Re: James Henry and Margaret (Breene) Agnew (Breen/Bulger)

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Thank you so much! I found the 'Founding Families of Bromley Township' at my University library, so I'm going to pick that up tomorrow.

Do you have any other book suggestions for me - where you are getting the information, or maybe where I can find more resources?

I have found more links and information in the past few hours than I have in a long time! Thanks so much! I feel like I'm getting somewhere again.

Re: James Henry and Margaret (Breene) Agnew (Breen/Bulger)

Sheila (View posts)
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If you go to The Ontario Genealogical Society web page for Ottawa, they have lots of cemetery books for sell for that area. You may find tombstones of people you are searching for.

I will be gone for a week, after I get back I will search some of my books for you to see what I can find.



Re: James Henry and Margaret (Breen) Agnew

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Thanks, I'll look into that!

I picked up "The Founding Families of Bromley" and "The Founding Families of Bagot, Blythfield & Brougham"

The first is full of information I was looking for, so I'm going to be picking up a copy for myself - thanks for directing me there.

I'm trying to find a copy of "The Founding families of Grattan and Wilberforce", as I keep getting directed towards that book!

Re: James Henry and Margaret (Breen) Agnew

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Surnames: Breen, Bulger, Agnew, Tallagher, Gallagher, McCort
Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1922 Record
about Margaret Ann Breen
Name: Margaret Ann Breen
Birth Place: Bromley Tp Co Renfrew
Age: 33
Father Name: Patrick Breen
Mother Name: Margaret Bulger
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1880
Spouse Name: James Henry Agnew
Spouse's Age: 31
Spouse Birth Place: Bromley Tp Co Renfrew
Spouse Father Name: James Agnew
Spouse Mother Name : Elizabeth Tallagher
Marriage Date: 3 Feb 1913
Marriage Place: Renfrew
Marriage County: Renfrew
Source: Indexed by:

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1922 Record
about Patrick Breen
Name: Patrick Breen
Birth Place: Canada
Age: 23
Father Name: Thomas Breen
Mother Name: Mary Breen
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1850
Spouse Name: Margaret Bulger
Spouse's Age: 23
Spouse Birth Place: Canada
Spouse Father Name: David Bulger
Spouse Mother Name : Amelia Bulger
Marriage Date: 17 Feb 1873
Marriage Place: Renfrew
Marriage County: Renfrew
Source: Indexed by:

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1857-1922 Record
about James Agnew
Name: James Agnew
Birth Place: Ireland
Age: 29
Father Name: John Agnew Agnew
Mother Name: Mary Agnew
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1843
Spouse Name: Elizabeth Gallagher
Spouse's Age: 20
Spouse Birth Place: Township of Bromley County of Renfrew Canada
Spouse Father Name: Thomas Gallagher
Spouse Mother Name : Elizabeth McCort
Marriage Date: 6 Aug 1872
Marriage Place: Renfrew
Marriage County: Renfrew
Source: Indexed by:

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