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Classification: Immigration
Surnames: Jensen
I found a letter my grandfather(Christian Maurice Jensen) wrote stating his birthdate 31 Dec 1903 in Aalborg Denmark. Father's name Jens Chris Jensen and his mother Anna. Office of Imigration & Naturalization office Chicago, Illinois. File No. 4041 24990. Naturalized in the District Court of Pottowattme County at Council Bluffs Iowa. I am looking for any info anyone can help with. I am new to this family history as I came across boxes of photo's after my mother Betty June Brown (Jensen maiden name)passed away 23 Jan 2013.

Re: Jensen

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Hi - let's see what we can find. Is this your family, in any of the records below? (A Dane named Jens Christian Jensen could easily be called Christian.)

Often times immigrating Danes sailed to Hull England, and from there traveled by to Liverpool, and from there sailed across the ocean to ports in Canada and USA.

EMIGRATION (registering to depart Copenhagen 20 Jan 1908):

Navn: Jensen, Jens <---------------------Christian's father
Stilling: Farmer
Alder: 33
Bestemmelsessted: Council Blufs
Kontrakt nr.: 10400
Forevisningsdato: 1/20/1908
Fødested: Dollerup
Fødesogn: ?
Sidste oph.sogn: Aalborg
Sidste oph. amt: Aalborg
Sidste oph.sted: Aalborg
Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: Council Bluffs
Bestemmelses stat: Iowa
Skibsnavn: Indirekte (indirect route means they are not sailing directly from Copenhagen across the ocean, so no ship's name is entered on this record)
IDkode: I0708J3803

Navn: Jensen, Anna <--------------------Christian's mother
Stilling: Hustru (housewife)
Alder: 24
Bestemmelsessted: Council Blufs
Kontrakt nr.: 10400
Forevisningsdato: 1/20/1908
Fødested: Dollerup
Fødesogn: ?
Sidste oph.sogn: Aalborg
Sidste oph. amt: Aalborg
Sidste oph.sted: Aalborg
Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: Council Bluffs
Bestemmelses stat: Iowa
Skibsnavn: Indirekte
IDkode: I0708J3804

Navn: Jensen, Chr ( = Christian) <--------------Christian emigrating age 4
Alder: 04 (age 4)
Stilling: Barn (= child)
Bestemmelsessted: Council Bluffs
Kontrakt nr.: 10400
Forevisningsdato: 1/20/1908
Fødested: Dollerup
Fødesogn: ?
Sidste oph.sogn: Aalborg
Sidste oph. amt: Aalborg
Sidste oph.sted: Aalborg
Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: Council Bluffs
Bestemmelses stat: Iowa
Skibsnavn: Indirekte
IDkode: I0708J3805

Below, someone else might have better luck reading the last permanent residence. The emigration record above says Dollerup.

IMMIGRATION RECORD - arrive Halifax Feb 1908
Border Crossings from Canada to US ( database)
(Line Number 4 on this record)
Ship Name: Tunisian
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Port of Arrival: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Arrival Date: 09 February 1908
Name: Christian Jensen, age 4, born about 1904 Denmark
On lines 2, 3 traveling with this little boy:

Jens Jensen 33 farmer last permanent residence Council Bluffs, USA
Anna Jensen 24 wife last permanent residence Storvorde (?) Denmark
Nearest relative in country whence alien came - same for both - Jens Smith in Dollerup (??) Denmark.
Final destination - same for both - Council Bluffs, Iowa.

On the above record, Christian is just below Jens and Anna, noted as their child.

Possibly worth noting?, on line 1 Herman Jensen age 20 farmer last permanent residence Denmark, last permanent residence Jyderup (?), name and address of relative in country whence alien came: August Jensen in Sjelland, Denmark (the island where Copenhagen is located) final destination Michigan. A man of this name and age seems to be living with them in 1910.


Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Christian Jensen 35 b abt 1875 Denmark, to USA 1903
Anna Jensen 27 b abt 1883 Denmark, to USA 1908
Chris Jensen Jr. 7 b Denmark, to USA 1908
Herman Jensen 22 servant, b Denmark, to USA 1888

Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Chris Jensen 46 b ca 1874 Denmark, to USA 1902
Anna Jensen 37 wife, b ca 1883 Denmark
Christian Jensen 17 son, b ca 1903 Denmark
Howard Jensen 5 son, b ca 1915 Iowa

1925 Iowa state census
Council Bluffs Ward 3, Pottawattamie, Iowa
Anna Jensen 41 b ca 1884 Denmark, mother Marie Michelson, father Nels Christensen
Christian Jensen 21 son, b ca 1904 Denmark, mother Anna b ca 1884, father Jens Jensen b ca 1875
Howard Jensen 9 son, b ca 1916 Iowa, parents Anna & Jens
Geraldine Jensen 3 daughter, b ca 1922 Iowa parents Anna & Jens
J R Murphy 31 male b Missouri

Is this your mother's paternal aunt?

IOWA Births and Christenings
Name: Geraldine Betty Jensen
Birth Date: 16 Jun 1921
Birth Place: Council Bluffs, Pottawattomie, Iowa
Father's Name: Christen Jensen
Mother's Name: Anna Christensen
FHL Film Number: 1479597

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Yes this is my family. My Great Grandfather is Jens Chris Jensen and Great grandmother is Anna Jensen. Grandfather is Christian Maurice Jensen. I only know that my grandfather was married to my Grandmother Beulah maiden name Parr then she was briefly married to someone else then she married Christian and became Jensen after that it was Smogur many years after Christian passed away. I do have a copy of the letter he wrote about hisself. When I get a chance I can scan that in.I also will be adding photo's. Thank you for your help. The family you listed is correct with all of the info I have.

Re: Jensen

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Hi - thanks! Do you know more about Beulah? Where did your grandfather Christian Maurice Jensen live after 1920? Where/when did he die?

In Denmark his name was possibly Christian Marius Jensen or Christian Mortiz Jensen or similar.

His mother is probably Ane Christensen or Ane Nielsen.
(Ane is pronounced the same in Denmark as Anna is pronounced in the USA.) In 1925 Iowa census her father is listed as Nels (or Niels) Christensen. So either she uses his surname of Christensen or she uses the patronymic name Nielsen. Her mother is listed as Marie Michelson (which could be Mikkelsen, etc.)

Re: Jensen

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I think you'll find his birth/baptism record under Christian Marius Christensen, born Dec 31 1902 in Sejlflod parish in Aalborg Amt. (residence given as Storvorde) His parents were not married until Jan 15 1908 (in Storvorde parish) that record shows Jens Jensen of Dollerup in Blenstrup parish, (born Oct 8 1874 parents Jens Christensen and Ane Katrine Larsen) wed Ane Dorthea Christine Christensen of Storvorde (born Feb 5 1883, parents Niels Christian Christensen and Mette Marie Christensen)
(the BD for Jens matches that of Jens Chris Jensen of Council Bluffs WWI draft card)

If you look at the census and passenger records you'll see that Jens Jensen 1st came to the US in 1902. It's not unlikely that he came to the US to get established and then went back to marry Anne and bring her to the US in 1908.

Re: the 1925 Iowa census that gives Anna's mother as Marie Michelson - Mette Marie's father was Christian Mikkelsen.

J Murphy
(Hi Jane)
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I can tell you more when I get home from work. My Grandmother Beulah BD 25 Feb 1907. My Uncle David Leroy Jensen (Christian and Beulah's son) born 9 Aug 1937 they were living at 3508 N New England Ave in Chcago Il. My Grandfather disliked the name Christian and used the name Maurice (in his hand writing very clear)and it states he used that name when he moved to Chicago December 1925.
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Wow! This sounds correct. My mother told me my Grandfather was about 4 or 5 yrs old when they arrived here. I'll do more digging as the pics and papers have been kept in all kinds of boxes. My Grandfather's writing is very clear in the story he wrote about himself. I know a lot of immigrants changed their names or spelling of names making it difficult to track. I'll get back to this as soon as I arrive home from work. Thank you for the info.

Re: Jensen

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Hahaha. Hi J. Murphy. It's jojensagain to the rescue again. I ALMOST went out tripping about Ancestry to find you and call you here. You nailed it. The birth date for Christian "Maurice" is off by one year - but that is SO common in immigrant searches.

> "Re: the 1925 Iowa census that gives Anna's mother as Marie Michelson - Mette Marie's father was Christian Mikkelsen." <

So this family who are now Americans, in 1925, are asked Ane's mother's name. They answer using the typical American naming pattern, giving the surname of Marie's father to her. In Denmark she has his first name + sen. (We can guess that Mette Marie was called "Marie.")

Thank you cindyharmon for your fast and very very helpful replies. Notice that in the immigration record above, Anna Jensen's last residence is Storvorde. Jens Christian Jensen had gone ahead to the USA, then in 1908 he returned for her and Christian Marius. Their separation is reflected in the ages of the children in the family.

Below is your great-grandmother in 1890, with her parents in Storvorde parish, Fleskum herred, Aalborg amt, Denmark:

Aalborg, Fleskum, Storvorde, Fra Storvorde Østre Enge, , 89, FT-1890, C8371
Niels Christian Christensen 42 married, housefather/male head of household, Landmand, born in Aalborg By (Aalborg village)
Mette Marie Christensen 30 married, housemother, born in Mou Sogn, Aalborg Amt
Ane Dorthe Krestine Christensen 6, child born in Mou Sogn, Aalborg Amt <-----------------
Niels Christian Mikal Christensen 4, child born in Mou Sogn, Aalborg Amt
Carl Marinus Niels Christensen age 1, child born in Mou Sogn, Aalborg Amt

There is a town called Aalborg in Aalborg amt but in this case your grandfather was referring to the amt. I just asked Google search where is Storvorde, and the map that came up shows Storvorde just a little to the west of Aalborg the town.

MAP - click on the amts to find the herreds and within the herreds, the sogns:

Re: Jensen

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Just for fun here are the 1901 and 1906 census records from Storvorde. The 1901 just shows Anna's parents (but gives their birthdates - Mette Marie is crossed off, possibly died about that time? )

And the 1906 census shows the widowed Niels Kristensen living with his son (also) Niels and daughter Ane Dorthea and her son Kristian Marius.

(The Danes used Ch and K pretty much interchangeably, also V and W, and i and j, and.... but that's a whole other subject)

J Murphy

Re: Jensen

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1901 in Østre Enge (??) village in Storvorde parish, Fleskum herred, Aalborg amt
Niels Christian Christensen b 1847 and Mette Marie Christensen b 1859 (?) have been married since 1881? he's in his third marriage?

1906 - location not seen on this page
Niels Kristian Kristensen born 12/12/1847 E(=widower) Husfader, Huusmand
Niels Kristian Kristensen born 31/3/1885? U (=unmarried)Son, Arbeiskarl
Ane Dorthe Kristensen born 05/02/1883 U (=unmarried) Datter, Husholder
Kristian Marinus Kristensen born 31/12/1902 Barn (her child)***

*** Thanks jojensagain! Very interesting that Christian Maurice Jensen who lived in Council Bluffs and Chicago bears the name Kristensen in the record above. His parents are unmarried at this time, so he has his mother's surname of Kristensen/Christensen.

Below, this could be Christian Maurice Jensen's father, Jens Christian Jensen, with his mother and siblings in the 1880 Danish census:

Aalborg, Hellum, Blenstrup, Dollerup By Blenstrup Sogn, Et Hus, Nr. 15, FT-1880, C2498
Ane Kathrine Kristensen født Larsen 42 Gift Klarup Sogn Aalborg Amt
Maren Kjerstine Jensen 13 Ugift deres Barn Klarup Sogn Aalborg Amt
Larsine Jensen 11 Ugift deres Barn Her i Sognet
Kristen Jensen 9 Ugift deres Barn Her i Sognet
Ernst Marinus Jensen 7 Ugift deres Barn Her i Sognet
Jens Jensen 5 Ugift deres Barn Her i Sognet <-------------------
Else Marie Jensn 2 Ugift deres Barn Her i Sognet
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