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Rafael Fernandez, Asturias Spain

Rafael Fernandez, Asturias Spain

Regina Roig (View posts)
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Surnames: Roig, Romero, Fernandez, Hernandez
I am looking for information on my great grandfather Rafael Fernandez. He was from Asturias, in Spain. He moved to Cuba, where he married Carmen Cienfuegos and had my grandmother, Carmen Piedad Fernandez Cienfuegos in Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba, in 1893. So he had to have arrived in Cuba prior to 1892 or thereabouts.

Does anyone here have any suggstions for how I can track down my Fernandez roots back from Cuba into Spain?
Regina Roig

Re: Rafael Fernandez, Asturias Spain

Rafael Fernandez Juanola (View posts)
Posted: 1030016948000
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Hi there...guess we can talk in english, if not I can move to spanish.
Well, my name is Rafael Fernandez Juanola, my father's name is Rafael Fernandez Sanchez. He was born in Asturies. In a little town called Narganes. I will check with him about it, so it can be that we are, without knowing it, family. All I know is that his family and the family of his family was so big.

That was great to see your messages. I never took 5 minutes to check on that.

Talk soon (I guess)

Re: Rafael Fernandez, Asturias Spain

Regina (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Roig, Romero, Fernandez, Hernandez, Mesa, Cienfuegos, Guillerme, Aycardo
Hi, nice to hear from you. Thank you for answering me.

I have since learned a little bit more about my ancestor, Rafael Fernandez Alvarez. He was my great grandfather. He was born in Asturias, but eventually he ended up in Cuba. He married my great grandmother, whose name was Carmen Cienfuegos Campos.

My grandmother (their daughter)'s name was Carmen Piedad Fernandez Cienfuegos. She was born in Cuba in 1883, so he has to have arrived in Cuba sometime prior to 1883.

There is a tradition in the family that he was in the Spanish military during the colonial phase of Cuba's history, but I have yet to confirm that.

Hopefully some of this fits with your history; if so, you would be the second branch of my family that I have found through genealogy :-)

Re: Rafael Fernandez, Asturias Spain

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Estimado Sr. Fernández:

Cuanto me alegro de contactarlo a Ud. y que haya leído mi nota. Mi nota original es en español si la encuentra se dará cuenta. Mi bisabuelo Luciano Narganes Melgosa nació en Arconada,Palencia allá para el año 1848? El y dos hermanos se vinieron a las Antillas. Sus dos hermanos de los cuales creo que uno se llamó Ricardo se fueron a vivir a Cuba. Mi bisabuelo se casó en Puerto Rico y tuvo cinco hijos, uno de ellos mi abuelo. Cuando la querra hispanoamericana el regresó a España, a Madrid. Estoy tratando de localizar a mis parientes en Cuba y en España. Posiblemente estemos emparentados. A saber. Siempre me ha intrigado el pequeño poblado de Narganes en Asturias. Me gustaría compartir con Ud. más acerca de esto. Lamento no haber cotejado el listado en Cuba gen. donde Ud. dejo el mensaje. Pero ya ve, tarde pero seguro.

Por favor comuniquese con toda confianza. Su pariente

Yvonne Narganes

Re: Rafael Fernandez, Asturias Spain

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Fernandez, Menendez. Garcia from Asturias, Spain
I am researching my husbands line and wondering if there might be a connection because his grandfather, Tomas Fernandez, was from Asturias, Spain and he also had some family who stayed in Cuba. Tomas was born in 1902. His father, Ulpiano Fernandez Menendez was born in Spain in 1878. He married Virginia Garcia. I'm not sure of their immigration timeline yet but they settled in Harrison County, WVirginia abt. 1905 to work in a big Chemical plant. Ulpiano's parents were Bernardo Fernandez and Cecilia Garcia, b. abt. 1860?

Re: Rafael Fernandez, Asturias Spain- note from Feb 25 2015

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Surnames: Fernandez
Sep 25, 2015 Ref Your MSG Feb 2015
Dear Carolyn,

I finally found where to send you a reply.

My name is Andréa Danielle Hines-Pabón. As a writer, it usually takes me a year and a day to answer correspondences, my apologies. Yes in my family tree there are two Fernandez’s.
1. Diego Fernandez De Guimares D: 928
2. Alfonzo IX “The Slobberer” Leon y Castile 1171-1240

Hispanic surnames can be confusing. Being Puerto Rican (I grew up in Harlem NY) I could have used my surname according to custom. Here’s how it works:
I was born (don’t laugh) Wanda Pabón, no middle name. Pabón was my father’s name. Tradition is that the mother’s maiden name is added after the fathers:
So I was Pabón Colon.
My Pop was Julio Pabón (his dad) Camacho, (his mother’s maiden name). He later dropped the Camacho because businesses and government agencies listed his name wrong.
If I married I’d keep my surname, Pabón, and add my husband’s:
Pabón Hines or Pabón y Hines, or if I wished to designate my lineage it would have been Wanda Pabón Hines y Colon.
If I were a guy, I’d keep my surname and add my wife’s:
Pabón Young.
Add kids & it would be: Chris Pabón de Hines (Pabón of Hines)
Not all peoples married in Puerto Rico. Many relatives had consensual contracts. When families lived together, the relative’s last name was added to the census and would read:
Chris Pabón de Hines y Cecilio. Cecilo being a relative that lived with you.

Often relatives carried several family names:
My Grandfather was Juan Pabón (his dad) Andrade (his mom’s name) y Camacho (his wife’s)
People don’t just use a famous surname. Often only the famous name is acknowledged to avoid confusion. History omits many names.
Rule of thumb: The father’s name 95% of the time is FIRST.
When I knew my Great-grandfather’s real first name the entire lineage came up. In 2014 I married my life-partner of 37 years and we kept both last names, but in reverse for smoother pronunciation.
Through my father I am:
Andréa Danielle Hines-Pabón Colon y Andrade Davila Sepulveda Cintron Ramirez de Arellano de Lugo Sotomayor de Figeroa Garcia de Vivero Troche y my 13th Great Grandfather Juan Ponce de Leon (1474-1521).
If you read the history of Puerto Rico not many inhabitants remained after Spain, & other countries got through with her. Few Tiáno Indians were left, so the people intermarried and populated with Black, Indian, Spanish, and later German etc. Cristobol Colon (Christopher Columbus) was my 13 Great Grandfather of my mom’s side.
Yes, do the DNA testing. You’d be surprised at the results. I already know who I am, and yes it includes royalty, but I’m just happy being me. Again accept my apologies for my delayed response. I hope this helps in your research.
Yours truly,
Andréa D. Hines-Pabón, SSG
US Women’s Army Corp Retired

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