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Help in Ukraine

Help in Ukraine

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Hi everyone. My name is Dima. I live in Ukraine. I can help for everyone, who want to get pictures of Ukrainian villages, to ask local people about their relatives. I did it oftentimes for foreign people. I can organize excursion to Ukraine for you. Good luck.

Re: Help in Ukraine

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Surnames: segin,sygin,segen,sygen
hello dima,

i would appreciate any help you could give my family on finding any history on my grandparents. my grandfather came from tysovycja, his last name was segin (sygin,segen,sygen?) & his first name was matyi? (michael-american). he came to america around 1908 & settled in berwick, pennsylvania. he married hanusia hrycak from holovec'ke. please email me at with any info you can help with. thank you!!

michael segin

Grandparents came from villages in Stary Sambor District

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Based on his surname, Grandfather has some gypsy blood going back a few hundred yrs. Given name Matwij would
most likely be anglicized to Mathew.

As per Ellis Island Records there is a Maty Segin,
arriving in New York 10/7/1908.

He was a 26 yr old, single Ruthenian (Ukrainian), who left his mother, Anna Segin, behind in Tysowica. He is listed as coming from Tystwich (such a bad transliteration that my guess that this is clerical error made by person typing data entry). Matwij was heading for his brother's place in Berwick PA. Brother's name was Dmytro/Mytro and he lived @539 BonHorwel??? St. It also looks like Matwij was traveling w/friend, possibly cousin from same village.

From late 18th century to 1919 wies/village Tysowica was predominantly a Ruthenian/Ukrainian village > Stary Sambor was both the powiat/adm district and the gmina/judicial-tax district > Lwowskie Wojiwodstwo > Galicia Province, administered by ethnic Poles for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 1919-1938 this region came under Reconstituted Poland's domain. Technically Poland had not existed as geopolitical entity for the previous 125 yrs. The filial Roman Catholic Church was in Stary Sambor. All previous names are using Polish. Post WW2 this region was part of SSR Ukraine, under Soviet domain until 1991, when Ukraine became independent.

Today selo/village Tysowichya still exists> Starosambirskij raion/district > Lvivska Oblast/Region > Ukraine (intl abbr UA), latest zip code 82091.


All general info applies as above. Wies, Tysowiec was hamlet size > Skole was both powiat and gmina post 1906 (prior it was Strij powiat & gmina)> Lwowskie Wojiwodstwo. The filial Greek Catholic Church was in Orawczyk and the filial Roman Catholic Church was in Skole.

Today selo Tyshovnitsa is too small to have a post ofc (c/o poshta selo Truhaniv, zip 82618 > Skolivskij raion > Lvivska Oblast > Ukraine.

Hanusia/Annie was most likely Anna Hrycak on her baptismal certificate.

As per Ellis Island she was a single, 20 yr old Ruthenian girl, traveling w/her female cousin and uncle from Tysowice, arriving in NYC 3/11/1910. She is listed as coming from Holowiecko and leaving her mother Tacia/Kacia??? (maybe Katerzyna) behind in ancestral village). She was heading for her brother in law's. Andrij Hrycak lived in Berwick PA, address 1225 (3rd or Troust???) St.

You are looking for Holowiecko that is fairly close to Tysowice ???

Again we have two Holowiecko's.

Wies Holowiecko was predominantly a Ruthenian village w/its own GC Church. Skole was both powiat and gmina post 1906. Previously village belonged to Strij District.
The filial RC Church was in Skole. Etc, etc....

Today Holovetzko still exists > Skolivskij raion > Lvivska Oblast > Ukraine, zip 82641.

The other wies Holowiecko too was predominantly a Ruthenian village w/its own GC Church. The filial RC Church was in Turka. Stary Sambor was both powiat and gmina.
Etc, etc....

Today selo Holovetzko still exists > Starosambirskij raion > Lvivska Oblast > Ukraine, zip 82094.

After viewing Hanusia's ship manifest, my conclusion is that your ancestors came from villages in STARY SAMBOR DISTRICT.

Tysovitsya (coordinates 49.20-22.55) is 2.7 miles NNE of Holovetzko/Holovetsko (49.18-22.53) in Starij Sambir.

I used Mapquest (M) on to locate all villages.

Galicia - vital records

PS> Please note that metrykal records are available thru LDS.

Genealogy of Halychyna and Eastern Galicia

Re: Help in Ukraine

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Surnames: Zudick, Gruber
Hi Dima,

I saw your message posted up on a message board on and wondering if you are still interested in helping people find their ancestors??

I'm looking to find out more information on my gt. grandparents, Gerson and Esther Zudick born in Stepan. Wolin, Poland, which I beleive is now in the Ukraine, at least that's what they tell me.

If you're still interested, please contact me and I can give you futher details.



Re: Help in Ukraine

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Hi, I can try to do something but I need more information. Volyn - is a territory of Ukraine.

Re: Help in Ukraine

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Surnames: Zudick / Gruber
Hi Dima,

Thank you for writing me back, please tell me what kind of information you need and I will try and get it for you.


Kathy :)

Re: Help in Ukraine

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Hi, as least I need vilage and surnames of people you search.

Re: Help in Ukraine

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Hi, at least I need information about village and surnames of person, you search.

Re: Help in Ukraine

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Surnames: Zudick / Gruber
Hi Dima,

Here are the surnames of my relatives:

Gerson or George Zudick b. 15 June 1868 Stepan. Wolyn,
Esther Rachel Gruber b. May 1872 Stepan. Wolyn, Poland

Gerson and Esther were husband and wife

Here are their children's names:

Abraham B. Zudick b. 18 Jan 1895 in Kishinev, Poland
Lilian Sadie Zudick b. 31 Aug 1895 in Kishinev, Poland
Dorothy Zudick b. 4 Feb 1898 Kishinev, Poland
Solomon Zudick b. 10 Feb 1900 Kishinev, Poland
Sadie Zudick b. 21 Aug 1902 Kishinev, Poland
Louis Zudick b. 17 Jul 1904 Kishinev, Poland

Abraham Gruber b. abt 1950 (Rachel's Father)
Isaac Zudick b. abt 1845 Russia

This is all the information I have on them.

Thanks for your help :)

Re: Help in Ukraine

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Surnames: Lopuschanskyj/Chymmok (Chymmiok)
Hi, Dima.

Are you still interested in finding people's relatives in Ukraine and getting pictures of villages?

If you are, I'm trying to find information about Dmytro Lopuschanskyj and his parents and any brothers or sisters he had. Dmytro was born on 29 August 1913 in Tyshovnitsa, Lvivska Oblast, Ukraine. His father was Pantelejmon Lopuschansky, and his mother was Yustyna (or Yustyria) Chymmok (or Chymmiok) Lopuschanskyj.

You can contact me with questions/information/photos at:

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