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Surnames: Montour Shafier Fleury Karweik Fayette Keno
If anyone recognizes names here or they fit in somewhere with your tree, please respond.
Descendants of J. Montour

Generation No. 1

1. J.1 MONTOUR was born Bef. 1787 in Canada, and died Unknown.

Child of J. MONTOUR is:
2. i. FRANCIS2 MONTOUR, b. 18 Sep 1803, Canada; d. 06 Dec 1902, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin.

Generation No. 2

2. FRANCIS2 MONTOUR (J.1) was born 18 Sep 1803 in Canada, and died 06 Dec 1902 in Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin. He married JULIA. She was born 1808 in Canada, and died Bef. 1900.

Francis Montour was born in Canada, almost certainly in the province of Quebec. He moved with his wife and older children to New York sometime before 1844, where, according to census data, his son Joseph was born. Between 1844 and 1846, the family settled in Brown County, Wisconsin, where Mary, Fred and Lewis were born. He officially immigrated to the United States in 1855. As of 1860, Frank was a laborer, owned some land in DePere, Brown County, Wisconsin, and lived next door to his son Jerry. He had 12 children, 11 boys and one girl. His native language was French. He could not read, write or speak English.

In 1900, Francis was living on a rented farm in Polar, Wisconsin, between the households of his sons David and Fred. He was nearly 96 years old and lived alone. Francis died in Polar at the age of 99 and was buried in Antigo, Wisconsin.

Notes for JULIA:
There are 3 names for the wife of Francis depending on which source you look at. She could be Selma Keno (death certificate of Antoine Montoure), Mary (death certificate of Mary Montoure Fayette) or Julia (1860 federal census of DePere County, Wisconsin). Birth certificate of Felix Montour shows Saloma Schobelle or Schobella. It is very likely that Francis was married at least twice, as census records show Julia as his wife.

Children of FRANCIS MONTOUR and JULIA are:
3. i. JERRY3 MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1842, Canada; d. Unknown.
4. ii. ANTOINE MONTOUR, b. 08 Dec 1841, Alexandre, Quebec, Canada; d. 07 Nov 1927, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington.
5. iii. DAVID E. MONTOUR, b. Feb 1853, Canada (Quebec); d. Unknown.
iv. JOSEPH MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1856, New York?; d. Unknown.
6. v. MARY MONTOUR, b. 05 Jul 1857, DePere, Brown, Wisconsin; d. Aug 1944.
7. vi. FELIX MONTOUR, b. 05 Sep 1860, DePere, Brown, Wisconsin; d. 28 Feb 1938, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington.
vii. LEWIS MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1862, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.

Generation No. 3

3. JERRY3 MONTOUR (FRANCIS2, J.1) was born Abt. 1842 in Canada, and died Unknown. He married MARY ROBEAU. She was born Abt. 1847 in New York, and died Unknown.

Children of JERRY MONTOUR and MARY ROBEAU are:
i. MARY4 MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1867, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.
ii. ODELIA MONTOUR, b. 21 Mar 1869, , Brown, Wisconsin; d. Unknown, in childhood.
iii. JOHN MONTOUR, b. May 1870, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.
iv. WILSON MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1872, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.
v. JULIUS MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1873, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.
vi. LEVI MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1875, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.
vii. OCTAVE MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1876, Green Bay, Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. ROSA; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
viii. WILLIAM MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1879, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.

4. ANTOINE3 MONTOUR (FRANCIS2, J.1) was born 08 Dec 1841 in St. Alexandre, Quebec, Canada, and died 07 Nov 1927 in Blaine, Whatcom, Washington. He married OLIVE FLEURY 1862, daughter of UNKNOWN FLEURY and UNKNOWN. She was born 14 Mar 1842 in Manitowoc, , Wisconsin, and died 01 Jun 1936 in Blaine, Whatcom, Washington.

According to Virginia Kagey Rankin, Antoine was known as "Uncle Twine". As of 1900, he owned a farm in Chelsea, Wisconsin. He could neither read nor write, but could speak English.

conflicting birth dates.

i. SOPHIA4 MONTOUR, b. 07 Jul 1865, , Brown, Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. JOHN PETER KOEBLER, 16 Oct 1883, Medford, Taylor, WI; b. Dec 1857; d. 1943.
ii. PHILEMEN MONTOUR, b. 15 Oct 1867, , Brown, Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. ALLEN JOSEPH MCKIBBON, 25 Jun 1889, Medford, Taylor, Wisconsin; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
iii. JOSEPH MONTOUR, b. 13 Mar 1869, , Brown, Wisconsin; m. LAURA; b. 1884, Kansas; d. Unknown.
iv. MARGRET A. MONTOUR, b. 18 Jun 1874, , Brown, Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. JAMES CASEY, 1896, Medford, Taylor, Wisconsin; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
v. JAMES MONTOUR, b. Abt. 1877, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.
vi. ODEATA MONTOUR, b. Oct 1879, ,Taylor, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.
vii. MONTOURE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. EDWARD SKINNER; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
viii. ELSIE MONTOUR, b. 30 Mar 1883, Chelsea, Taylor, Wisconsin; d. 18 Feb 1949; m. CHARLES FERLAND; b. 08 Oct 1882; d. 24 Aug 1965, , Snohomish, Washington.
ix. LOUIS MONTOUR, b. Mar 1887, , , Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. LOUISA; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
x. JULIA MONTOUR, b. Apr 1885, , , Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. DEVAUL; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

5. DAVID E.3 MONTOUR (FRANCIS2, J.1) was born Feb 1853 in Canada (Quebec), and died Unknown. He married JULIA D. SHAFIER 1877, daughter of PETER SHAFIER and UNKNOWN. She was born Jul 1862 in Wisconsin, and died Unknown.

i. FRANK E.4 MONTOURE, b. 30 Mar 1879, Medford, Taylor, Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. IDA FRIEDA KARWEIK, 06 Jul 1918, Milwaukee,,Wisconsin; b. 20 Sep 1892, , Milwaukee, Wisconsin; d. Dec 1986, Wisconsin.

Frank was living with his parents and maternal grandfather in 1900. They also had a servant, Amos C. Rightley from Wisconsin.

6. MARY3 MONTOUR (FRANCIS2, J.1) was born 05 Jul 1857 in DePere, Brown, Wisconsin, and died Aug 1944. She married PAUL JASPER FAYETTE Jun 1876. He was born 30 Jan 1850 in Quebec, Canada, and died 16 Oct 1911 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington.

According to Bill Fayette, Mary and Paul owned property in Blaine that is now part of Peace Arch Park. Mary moved to Blaine in the early 1900's and outlived her 12 brothers. She was missing the three middle fingers of her right hand. The story goes that when she was a child one of her brothers put her hand under the chopping block and chopped them off! Bill remembers that she liked to smoke a corncob pipe and held it in her right hand with her remaining pinkie and thumb.

Children of MARY MONTOUR and PAUL FAYETTE are:
i. NELSON4 FAYETTE, b. Abt. 1877, Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. ERIE WAMPLER; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
ii. IDA HARRIET FAYETTE, b. 13 Aug 1882, ,, Wisconsin; d. 14 Apr 1955; m. LOUIS NAPOLEON GILBERT; b. 13 Oct 1866; d. 20 Feb 1940, Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada.
iv. JOSEPH FAYETTE, b. 1891; d. 1925; m. (1) ROSE HAMLIN; b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. (2) NORINE ELIZABETH MOORE, 07 Jul 1922, Grays Harbor, Washington; b. 1892; d. Unknown.
v. NATALIE SELMA FAYETTE, b. 1895, Wisconsin; d. Unknown; m. HARRY MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
vi. MARTHA HELEN FAYETTE, b. 21 Apr 1896, Clayquot, British Columbia, Canada; d. 07 Jul 1932; m. HAROLD KNUTSON; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
vii. FELICE FRANCOIS FAYETTE, b. 1899; d. 1946, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington; m. INGA PAULINE PETTERSON; b. 16 Jan 1896, , Whatcom, Washington; d. 02 Dec 1980, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington.
viii. CLARA FAYETTE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. CHARLES L. BULLOCK; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
ix. DELLA FAYETTE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. (1) JOE DRINKWATER; b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. (2) BOB ELLIS; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.
x. GEORGE FAYETTE, b. Unknown; m. ETHEL.
xi. VINA FAYETTE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown; m. EDWIN EBY; b. Unknown; d. Unknown.

7. FELIX3 MONTOUR (FRANCIS2, J.1) was born 05 Sep 1860 in DePere, Brown, Wisconsin, and died 28 Feb 1938 in Blaine, Whatcom, Washington. He married ELLA MAY WILSON 21 May 1891 in , Langlade, Wisconsin, daughter of WILLIAM WILSON and MARTHA LYNCH. She was born 18 Mar 1874 in DePere, Brown, Wisconsin, and died 30 Mar 1946 in Blaine, Whatcom, Washington.

According to Lucille Kalm Desuler, "Grandpa Fred" was a quiet man who spoke French and very little English. He had a little mustache and a big dent in the middle of his forehead caused by a run-in with a tree branch (everyone thought he was dead after it happened, but he survived it). He was also missing all the fingers on one hand due to a sawmill mishap. He was a nice man who was very well liked. Lucille lived with Grandpa Fred and "Great-Ma" (Ella May) for several years after her parents passed away.

In 1900, Fred was employed as a saloon keeper and lived near his father and brother David in Polar, Wisconsin. He owned his house (with a mortgage).

Children of FELIX MONTOUR and ELLA WILSON are:
i. VOYLE HARRISON4 MONTOURE, b. 12 Sep 1892, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 04 Jun 1967, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington; m. IVA D.; b. 01 Jul 1907; d. Aug 1984, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington.

Washington Pvt. 50 SQ. Air SVC, ACFT PDN World War I

ii. ROLAND ARTHUR MONTOURE, b. 26 Nov 1895, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 12 Oct 1947, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington; m. MINNA MARTHA ANNA BELLIN, 10 Jun 1916, Milwaukee,,Wisconsin; b. 11 Dec 1899, Jackson, Washington, Wisconsin; d. 21 Mar 1985, Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington.

Roland was born 10:00 am on Tuesday.

iii. ARNOLD RALPH MONTOURE, b. 04 Apr 1897, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 20 Feb 1976, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington; m. ICIE B. HARTLEY; b. 16 Jul 1895; d. 18 Jun 1967, Blaine, Whatcom, WA.
iv. CLARENCE DEWEY MONTOURE, b. 16 Jul 1898, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 19 Nov 1918, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington.
v. GRACE MARIE MONTOURE, b. 30 Aug 1899, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 08 Jul 1929, Elma, , Washington; m. CLARENCE KALM; b. Bef. 1908, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. Unknown.

Grace is buried in Blaine Cemetery with Baby Montoure.

vi. CHRISTINE IRENE MONTOURE, b. 08 Jun 1901, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 10 Jul 1901, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin.
vii. EDITH MARTHA MONTOURE, b. 12 Jul 1902, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 28 Mar 1976, , , Washington; m. FRANCIS PRATT; b. , , South Dakota; d. 1953, , , Washington.
viii. LEILA MAE MONTOURE, b. 14 Apr 1905, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 16 Dec 1995, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington; m. ROY KAGEY; b. 12 Jul 1903; d. 28 Jun 1995.
ix. HELEN RUTH MONTOURE, b. 27 Jul 1907, Polar, Langlade, Wisconsin; d. 30 Nov 1924, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington.
x. DAVID ALFRED MONTOURE, b. 08 Sep 1910, Prentice, Wisconsin; d. 26 Mar 1988, Seattle, King, Washington; m. ESTHER PAULINE PETERSON, 08 Mar 1941; b. 25 Oct 1912, Pleasant Valley, Whatcom, Washington/Whatcom Co., WA.
xi. LEONA EVELYN MONTOURE, b. 04 Sep 1912, Prentice, Wisconsin; d. 19 Aug 1994; m. RAYMOND KENNEY.
xii. LYLE FELIX MONTOURE, b. 01 Aug 1914, Blaine, Whatcom, Washington; d. 29 Nov 1962; m. NATALIE ARNASON.

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I am Carol Montoure daughter of David A. Montoure and Esther P. Peterson. Don't know what else to tell you.

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Surnames: Montour/Fayette/Fitzgerald/Olson
Inga Pauline Petterson
+ Felice Fayette
P I Fayette
+ Marcellus Sonny "Robert M" Fitzgerald
S P Fitzgerald
+ Patrick I A Olson
If you would like me to fill in some of the blanks, e-mail me. I have tried to e-mail you but it came back with a bad address.

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Inga Pauline Petterson should be spelled with one "t".
I am her grandson.

If this was changed it would link her appropriately to her family and others could also locate her better.


Dan Fayette
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