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Loyalist/David Cole

Loyalist/David Cole

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David COLE m. Deliverance ( ? ) Parker
not sure if she was mother of ANY of his children. Loyalist from NJ Volunteers( ? )
One of first settlers of Saint John, N.B., Canada (1786?) then relocated to Washademoak Lake,
(Coles Island,) N.B., Canada.
Will proved May 4.1822.
Chilren listed in the will: David, Samuel, George, John, Phoebe (m. George Blackney),
Mary (m. Joseph Shereman), Sarah (m. James Woods), Ann (m. Obadiah Starkey), Hannah (m. John Lawson), Lydia, Sybil (m. John Hamm).
Also step-children George, Amelia and Elizabeth Parker. I am decended from Sybil and John Hamm. Need proof of parentage of David COLE.

Descendants of David Cole, UEL

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Yes, Jeanne, Deliverance Parker was the mother of two of David Cole's children: Sybil (your ancestor) and John. My mother has done a lot of work on the descendants of David Cole. We are descended through his son Samuel, grandson Samuel and great-granddaughter Mary Elizabeth m. William Harper. Here is a synopsis of some of her research. It only covers the bare bones and stops with the fifth generation, but hopefully some others will find it useful. I created this just following the Cole name, although we do have information about many of the women's families. I'm not sure if we have much on Sybil's descendants, though. If you have any you wish to share, we would be thrilled to hear from you. We do not know who David's parents are, either.

Diane Nishri

Descendants of David Cole, UEL

1-- David COLE (176??)
2-- David COLE (1786)
2-- Samuel COLE (1793)
sp-Salome AKERLEY
3--Samuel Thorn COLE (1817)
sp- Ann MILLER
4--William Emercy COLE (1845)
sp- Catherine LAPP
5-- Susan Edith COLE
5-- Nettie A. COLE
5-- William Ross COLE
sp- Elizabeth WEBB
5-- James Andrew COLE
sp- Edith Amy WALSH
5-- Edward COLE (1892)
5-- Gordon COLE
5-- Joseph COLE (1895)
4-- James Andrew COLE
sp1- Minnie Stewart
sp2- Mary Jane McKinnon
5-- Angus Lorn COLE (1880-1882)
5-- Minnie Anne COLE (1882)
sp- James REID
5-- James Russell COLE (1885)
5-- Darcy Cameron COLE (1888)
4-- Lydia Ann COLE (1856)
sp- James DAWSON
4-- Mary Elizabeth COLE (1857)
sp- William HARPER
sp- James RIDDELL
3-- Elizabeth Fox COLE (1818)
3-- David COLE (1821)
sp- Mary Jane HAMM
3-- Mordecai COLE (1822)
sp- Huldah
4-- Elizabeth COLE
4-- Lavinia COLE
4-- Maggie Susan COLE (1858)
sp- Frederick Herbert COLE
4-- Mary M. COLE (1862-1879)
4-- Lilie COLE
3-- Mary Ann COLE (1822)
3-- William COLE
sp- Mary Jane PARKS
4-- Aaron COLE
4-- Howard COLE
4-- Delilah COLE
sp- Michael KIERVAN
4-- Adelaide COLE
sp- Cyrus FOWLIE
4-- Joshua COLE
4-- Alice M. COLE
4-- Emma COLE
4-- Lena COLE
3-- Oliver Akerley COLE (1826)
sp- Eliza BOHORN
sp- Charlotte Vandine COLE
4-- Frederick Herbert COLE (1855)
sp- Maggie Susan COLE
5-- Ida Mae COLE (1881)
5-- Eliza Blanch COLE (1882)
5-- Lillian Saffire COLE (1884)
sp - ?? CUMMINGS
5-- Hudson Moses COLE (1885)
5-- Oliver Boyd COLE (1887)
5-- Charles Adolphus COLE (1889)
5-- Annie Isabelle COLE (1891)
5-- Alice Flossie COLE (1892)
5-- Percy Wilber COLE (1894)
5-- Frederick Herbert Cole (1895)
5-- Marion COLE (1897)
5-- Mabel COLE (1897)
5-- Rhea Samuel COLE (1898)
3-- Richard COLE
sp- Dorcus W. RYDER
4-- Vanity COLE (1860)
4-- Bradford COLE (1861)
2-- Phoebe COLE
sp- George BLEAKNEY
2-- Sarah Jane COLE (1794)
sp- James WOODS
2-- George COLE (1797)
sp- Hannah SECORD
3-- John E. COLE (1828)
sp- Lucy COLE
4-- Charles Akerley COLE (1852)
sp- Mary Ann KIERSTEAD
5-- Eldon Hillyard COLE (1878)
sp- Rilla M. GREGG
5-- Lorne COLE (1880)
5-- Edmund G. COLE (1882)
5-- Adelia Sebina COLE (1884)
sp- Leonard COSMAN
5-- Bertha Edith COLE (1886)
sp- George Howard BROOKS
5-- Melvina COLE (1889)
sp- Thomas NORTHRUP
5-- Media COLE (1891)
5-- Ada COLE (1894)
sp- Bruce WOOD
5-- Mary COLE (1896)
5-- Weldon Leland COLE (1899)
4-- Absolam COLE (1854)
4-- Olive M. COLE (1856)
sp- Alfred J. KIERSTEAD
3-- George COLE (1830)
sp- Elizabeth TAYLOR
4-- Bradford COLE (1863)
sp- Mary Ann FERRIS
5-- Dora COLE
sp- Hazen HUGHES
4-- Abner COLE (1864)
4-- Alberta COLE (1867)
sp- George JENKINS
4-- Alfred COLE (1869)
4-- Elias COLE (1870)
sp- Helen
5-- Flossy COLE (1898)
5-- Wallace COLE
4-- Frederick Stanley COLE (1872)
sp- Maria Jane VINCENT
5-- Bessie C. COLE (1898)
5-- Violet COLE (1900)
5-- Carey COLE (1903)
5-- Mabel COLE (1906)
sp- John GILBERT
5-- Frank COLE (1908)
sp- Lillian G. SLEEP
5-- James COLE (1910)
5-- Gilbert COLE (1914)
5-- Florence Isobel COLE (1917)
sp- Joseph TOUSSAINT
5-- Robert COLE (1918)
5-- Herbert COLE (1921)
5-- Helen COLE (1922)
4-- Rebecca COLE
4-- Charles COLE (1876)
5-- Minnie COLE
5-- George COLE (1907)
sp- Jessie FULTON
3-- Lydia COLE (1836)
sp- Daniel LEWIS
3-- Sarah COLE
3-- Emily Jane COLE (1839)
sp- David A. TAYLOR
2-- Ann COLE (1799)
sp- Obediah STARKEY
2-- Lydia COLE (1801)
sp- John H. BROWN
2-- Hannah COLE (1803??)
sp- John LAWSON
2-- Mary COLE
sp- Joseph SPEARMAN
sp2- Deliverance PARKER
2-- Sibel COLE (1817)
sp- John Benjamin HAMM
2-- John COLE (1819)
sp1- Sarah Elizabeth SECORD
3-- Hazen COLE (1845)
sp- Isabella NODDIN
4-- Nellie COLE
4-- Sybble COLE
3-- Ruth Sibyl COLE (1848)
sp- John W. PERRY
3-- John Bismark COLE (1877)
3-- Abraham Johnson COLE (1879)
3-- Iva Vinto COLE (1881)
sp- James Allen MURRAY
3-- Georgina COLE (1881)

David Cole

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THANK YOU! Diane, consider yourself the recipient of a big hug. I have to realize that I actually do have this information.
I will be in touch as soon as I have some info. copied down for you. You may reach me at
I live in Maine.
I do not have an e-mail address for you. The letter only says "Message #1921
Oh, again, thank you so much.
Jeanne Sawtelle

David P. Cole

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I have David P. Cole 1814?, married Martha Wright, in the 1860 census, birth place listed as NB, his children are listed as being born in Columbus, Ohio. Information would be appreciated on his ancestors.
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Sorry, Linda, I've never heard of David P. Cole. The only way he could fit into the tree I posted would be if he was the son of David Jr b.1786. The big problem is that we have no info on David Jr. - no marriage, no children, no death. Maybe this is because he is David P.'s father and the family moved to the States. Several other branches did go to the States, with a big bunch settling in and around Houlton, Maine. Were David P. and family all in Ohio in 1860? He's not the son of my Samuel, because he had a son David m. Mary Jane Hamm.

Hope this helps a bit. If you have any more clues, let me know. There is another large Cole family from New Brunswick. I will try to find some of the stuff I have about them and check it for you...


Coles in Ohio

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The 1860 census was from Iowa, the family moved to Washington County, Iowa between 1856 and the time the census was taken. The children of David and Martha were, Sarah Jane Cole, David Smith Cole, Cary O. Cole and William K. Cole.

I need to know about a Hazen Cole

Heather Luke (View posts)
Posted: 975878210000
I was wondering if you might be able to help me. I just started my family tree, my grandfather was Robert Cole of Maine. I can't find any imformation on Hazen Cole who was his father. I know he lived in the late 1800's into the early to mid 1900's. My grandfather was born in 1929. I think they have always lived in Maine, i don't have much to go on.
Thank you for your time,

Heather Luke
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Hi, Heather!

Yes, I have a Hazen Cole in my Cole family, but he was born in 1845 - a little early to have still been having children in 1929! Anyways, this Hazen Cole married Isabella NODDIN and, as far as I know, had just two daughters, Nellie COLE Sybble COLE. I'm not sure if this family went to Maine or not - I should ask my mother. What part of Maine? A bunch of my Coles went to Aroostok, especially Houlton and Limerick. You would think Hazen Cole wouldn't be a common name, so maybe there were some sons in this family that I'm missing. Please let me know if this helps!

Diane Nishri

to Diane

Heather (View posts)
Posted: 976273954000
Thank you for your reply. I believe Hazen was from Portland, but he could have moved thier when my grandfather was born. I know my grandfather, Robert, was from Portland.

Hazen Hughes

Rich (View posts)
Posted: 980960587000
If possible I would like to hear more about Hazen Hughes.IF you know anthing I would sure be Interested.
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