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Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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I am looking for information, and hopefully pictures, of Benjamin Heney a half-breed from the Fond du Lac Band of Minnesota. He married NIGAJIJIGOKE Calf Whiteman. They had two sons Albert and Joseph Whiteman.

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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Do you mean the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa?

This part of the Ojibwe Nation was never located in Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin.

In this day and age, an acceptable term for a human being born of parents who weren't of the same race is "mixed-race".

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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The Fond du Lac Band I was referring to was from Minnesota.Sorry about using half-breed but that was how it was sent to me when talking about Benjamin.

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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Cher can reference her mixed-race origin in any way she deems, however when she used the term "half breed" in the 1970's, it was a statement about the racism the term connotes. I don't want to cite anyone as being racist, and was not implying that in my response to you. Admittedly, I was a bit sharp, and I hope that you didn't take it personally. Offensive terms to exist in our lexicon, but it helps to put terms reference them, you put them into a "quoted text". That makes it clear to the audience reading your post that you're using the term in the historical context, not because you don't know any better in 2011.

The French phrase "fond du lac" refers to "far end of the lake". It can translate as "foot of lake", "bottom of lake", the consensus is early French and French Canadian traders used it to indicate the far end of the lake.

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin is located at the "far end of" Lake Winnebago, and also in the early-mid 19th century, at the far end of the established trading post in Green Bay.

The Fond Du Lac Band of the Chippewa (Ojibwe) Nation were located at the "far end of" Lake Superior. They were never, as a band, located in Fond Du Lac (town or county) Wisconsin.

The best thing to do is pull up a google map to give you a sense of where these places are.


I searched the U.S. Indian Census Schedules, 1885-1940, and State Census on I found numerous references for a Ben Heney (Henry/Heeney/Heaney), that may fit the one you seek. You didn't include any dates in your post, some of this may or may not be the Benjamin Heney and Mrs Heney Whiteman you're looking for.


This U.S. Indian Census Schedules, 30 Jun 1911, is the first census I found that refers to them together. These transcriptions are direct copies from what I found on My notes are in [brackets], and info that is "quoted" is a word for word transcription of the original historical record.

Name: Mrs. Henry Whiteman
Date of Birth: abt 1892
Age: 19
Tribe: Ojibwe (Ojibbeway)
Agency: Nett Lake, Bois Fort
State: Minnesota
Last Census Number: 486
Previous Census Number: 460
Census Date: 30 Jun 1911

[Transcription of the entry in the 30 Jun 1911 Census:]

"Ni-ga-ni-gi-goke....Whiteman, Mrs. (Heney)adult...19...F
(Born in Dec 1894, see census 1895, Ke-way-ge-shig-waibs band, page 45, #31. Is married to a man by the name of Benjiman Heney, a half breed. Address Fort Francis, Ont. care of the Indian Adgent.)"


Name: Mrs. Henry Whiteman
Date of Birth: abt 1892
Age: 20
Relation to Head of Household: Adult
Tribe: Ojibwe (Ojibbeway)
Agency: Nett Lake
State: Minnesota
Last Census Number: 577
Previous Census Number: 486
Census Date: 30 Jun 1912

[Transcription of the entry in the 30 Jun 1912:]

"Ni ga ni gi goke...625..Whiteman, Mrs. Heney...Adult..20..F
(Is the wife of a half breed Benjiman Heney, but is not living with him at this time)."


She appears in the emumerations in Nett Lake for quite a while, until at least 1937. She and Benjamin Heney are never emumerated together, he is referred to in her entries, but not emumerated, (see the Census transcription below) The children first appear with her in the 1922 Census: Albert, b Oct 1914; Joseph b July 1917.


Name: Benjamin Heney
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of Household: Husband
Tribe: Bois Fort Chippewa (Chippewa)
Reservation: Bois Fort
Agency: Nett Lake
State: Minnesota
Census Date: 30 Jun 1915

[This is transcription of the entry in the 30 Jun 1915 Census record]

"Ni ga ni gi joke, Whiteman, Mrs Henry, W [wife] b. 3- -1892, Husband is Benjamin Heney. half breed."


This could be the Benjamin Heney, but only a *putting the pieces together* guess.

Census Date: 30 Aug 1887

Name: Ben Heeney
Date of Birth: abt 1884
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of Household: Son
Father's name: Dan Heeney
Mother's name: Lizzie Heeney
Tribe: Ojibwe (Ojibbeway)
Agency: La Pointe
State: Wisconsin
Last Census Number: 319


La Pointe, Ashland, Wisconsin

Census Date: 1890

Name: Ben Heney
Date of Birth: abt 1888
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of Household: Son
Father's name: Dan Heney
Mother's name: Lizzie Heney
Tribe: Fon du Lac Band Chippewa (Chippewa)
Last Census Number: 363


In La Pointe, Ashland, Wisconsin, Benjamin is enumerated with his mother and siblings on the U.S. Indian Census Schedules through 1902. In the 1903, 1904, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909 he is enumerated on his own, but above his mother and the rest of his siblings.


This children in this emumeration below match what I found in the US Indian Census Schedules. Benjamin is not emumerated with his parents and siblings, but you can use it for location and familial reference. The race reference is White in the census, however, Lizzie Heaney was Fond Du Lac Band of Chippewa, Dennis/Dan Heaney was from Ireland.

Wisconsin State Censuses, 1895 and 1905

Name: Lizzie Heaney
Census Date: 1 Jun 1905
Residence County: Douglas
Residence State: Wisconsin
Locality: Superior
Birth Location: Minnesota
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Female
Estimated birth year: abt 1866
Race: White
Relation: Wife
Spouse's name: Dennis Heaney
Line: 40
Roll: CSUSAWI1905_9

Household Members:
Name Age
Dennis Heaney 48
Lizzie Heaney 39
William Heaney 18
Louis Heaney 17
Celia Heaney 16
Manry Heaney 14
Roay Heaney 13
Frank Heaney 11
Paul Heaney 9
George Heaney 8


Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905

Name: Benjamin Heeney
Census Date: Jun 1905
County: Cook
Locality: Grand Portage
Gender: Male
Estimated birth year: abt 1883
Roll: MNSC_108

The Benjamin Heney is emumerated until at least 1930 in the US Indian Census, in the Consolidated Chippewa Reservation (from 1922 and forward).

There are a couple of things you can do that will help you in your search.

-Google search "Fond Du Lac Band of Chippewa"

-Google map and plot out these places: La Pointe, Ashland, Wisconsin, Nett Lake, Minnesota, Fort Francis, Ontario, Grand Portage, Minnesota. It's very helpful to have a visual of the areas you find on census records.


I think the site has the US Indian Census, and are free to search. I used (paid subscription required) to find all the records I posted transcriptions of. This is a curious story, so if you have more details, I'll try and give you a hand.

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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Link to the "Fond du Lac Indian Reservation" in Wikipedia.

Transcriptions below are from databases, I've added additional transcription notes in [brackets].

1900 United States Federal Census

Name: Bennie Haney
Home in 1900: Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin
Age: 16
Birth Date: Dec 1883
Birthplace: Wisconsin
Race: White [**the actual record has "In" for him, his mother and all the siblings, it's was transcribed by incorrectly]
Gender: Male
Relationship to head-of-house: Son
Father's name: Dennis Haney
Father's Birthplace: Ireland
Mother's name: Elizabeth Haney
Mother's Birthplace: Wisconsin
Marital Status: Single

Household Members:
Name Age
Dennis Haney 38
Elizabeth Haney 35
Bennie Haney 16
William Haney 12
Celia Haney 11
Louis Haney 9
Mamie Haney 8
Frank Haney 6
Rose Haney 4
Julia Haney 3
Paul Haney 1


World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Name: Benjamin Heaney
City: Duluth
County: St Louis
State: Minnesota
[Permanent Address: 141(1?)-101 Ave, New Duluth, Minn]
Birth Date: 25 Dec 1884
Race: White
FHL Roll Number: 1675460
DraftBoard: 1
Age: [34]
Occupation:[Oiler] [Minnesota Stal (sic) Co., Morgan Fork, Duluth, Minnesota]
Nearest Relative: [Dennis Heaney, Fon Du Lac, Minn]
Height/Build: Medium/Medium
Color of Eyes/Hair: Brown/Black


Social Security Death Index

Name: Benjamin Heeney
SSN: 454-22-3101
Last Residence: Texas
Born: 25 Dec 1884
Died: Dec 1964
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (Before 1951)


Texas Death Index, 1903-2000

Name: Benjamin Heeney
Death Date: 16 Dec 1964
Death County: Brazoria
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single


Regarding his death record, his SSDI record indicates he applied for his SSN in Texas, prior to 1951. The SSDI application can contain details not found elsewhere.

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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Thank you for the information.

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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Surnames: Fleury, Heaney, McIntyre, DuBry
I am the great-niece of Benjamin Heaney. Rose (Heaney) Fleury, his sister, is my grandmother. She married Fred Fleury Sr. Benjamin & Rose were children of Dennis Heaney & Elizabeth DuBry.
I would love to learn more about the siblings of my grandmother. Just recently, I obtained the obituary of my grandmother, Rose (Heaney) Fleury, Julia (Heaney) McIntyre, (her younger sister) as well as Julia's husband, John E. McIntyre. I do not have obits for the other children of Dennis & Elizabeth (DuBry) Heaney...
I've researched the Indian census pages, but would like to know more. If you'd like to share info, please contact me... I am stumped on how to gain more knowledge on the Heaney line of my family!!
Thank you for your assistance.
Ro Fleury
granddaughter of Fred Sr. & Rose (Heaney) Fleury

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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Sorry it has taken me so long to answer. But it is great to hear from a family member. First off, do you have any pictures you would share with me? I would really appreciate it. I will look through all my information and see what I you might want to have.

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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Surnames: Heaney, Fleury
How would you like me to share images/documents? Here, on the board, or directly via email?
Let me know!

Re: Benjamin Heney, and NIGAJIJIGOKE Whiteman

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By my email please and thank you.
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