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Alice Eugenia Yarbrough

Alice Eugenia Yarbrough

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Surnames: Bartee, Yarbrough
Does anyone have any info on her? She was born in 1855 and married Marshall Eggbert Bartee in 1876.

Seaborn Yarbrough and wife Elizabeth Thomas

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I don't know for sure that the following is the right family, but the time-frame looks okay:

Seaborn A. Yarbrough (1828-1869) was born in Gwinnett Co. GA and died in Coosa Co. AL. He married Elizabeth Thomas in 1850 in Coosa Co. AL. They had children born between 1852 and 1867.

Seaborn had ties to Chambers Co. AL. He was a son of Nimrod Billington Yarbrough, Sr. (1775-1840) of Cumberland Co. NC. Nimrod's daughter Ursula Nevel Yarbrough married Thornton House in 1835 in Chambers Co. AL. I think Don Clark said this is the family who were founders and/or charter members of Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church in Chambers Co. AL. [Don, please confirm or deny.] I see that Don Clark posted the following on this board on January 9, 2004:

"Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church was constituted in April, 1835 at the home of N. B. Yarbrough. The following named people were charter members of the church: John S. Walker, Asabel Coggins, Jabez Johnston, Hardy Jones, N. B. Yarbrough, Nancy Johnston, Sarah P. Yarbrough, Jane Yarbrough, Nimrod Yarbrough, and Mariah, a servant of Jabez Johnston.

Also there is an old Yarbrough Cemetery but the graves are only marked with fieldstones-no monuments with epitaphs."
[end of post by Don Clark]

Are these your folks?

Unless she got her information from you, I suggest you compare notes with Anne Bartee (

Mary on the otherside

Re: Seaborn Yarbrough and wife Elizabeth Thomas

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Surnames: Yarbrough

I looked briefly for Alice Eugenia Yarbrough but could not form an opinion of her parents. The Yarbroughs of Chambers Co, AL are of a great interest to me.

I thought about doing my reply to your post privately, but as a descendant of Nimrod SR, I am interested in adding information, giving information and correcting any misinformation I have in my file.

So please take my questions as wanting to know more

You said Seaborn was born in Gwinnett Co, GA and is a son of Nimrod B Yarbrough, SR. I would like you to explain how you know this?

Because, I do not think Seaborn is the son of Nimrod and Jane:
1) I believe this is Nimrod’s wife from the church records of Mt Paron Primitive Baptist Church, Crawford Co, GA: 8 AUG 1828, page 50, Dismissed by Letter, Sister Jane Yarbra. Therefore I believe Nimrod SR and wife Jane were living in Crawford Co, GA in 1828. I have found them living in Warren Co, Troup Co, and Chambers Co.
2) On the 1850 Coosa Co, AL census you will find Seaborn, Allen, Nimrod JR, Littleton, and William. Not all theses men are children of Nimrod, SR. Seaborn is living next to Allen Yarbrough, which would make it appear Seaborn and Allen are related closer than to Nimrod JR or Littleton.

I have not done very much research on Seaborn, but you said Seaborn has ties to Chambers Co AL. Can you explain? Could this tie to Chambers Co be to Jeptha Yarborough?

The birth year for Seaborn does match the missing male child of Nimrod and Jane from the 1830 census.
Because of Jane’s age I do not think she had any children after 1830.

From the 1820 and 1830 census for Nimrod and Jane I have:

2 girls born between 1794 and 1804
(There could have been other children born before 1800 and married before 1820)

1 boy born about 1800, but I do not believe it is the William who married Cynthia Pace

1 boy born about 1803, Nimrod JR

1 boy born about 1806, Elam Thomas

1 girl born about 1808

1 girl born about 1812

1 boy born about 1814, Littleton

1 girl born about 1816

1 girl born about 1818, Usaba

1boy born about 1821, John Henry

1 boy born between 1825 and 1829

Thanks for reading,
Cheryl Mann Killian
Nimrod SR >Elam T >Elam Hutson >Jack >Annie Ruth >Opal >ME

Mt. Paran or Mt. Peril (Primitive Baptist Church)

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I'm interested in what you wrote about "Mt Paron Primitive Baptist Church, Crawford Co, GA: 8 AUG 1828" in your post.

Here's an obituary that mentions "Mt. Peril":

"IN MEMORY OF LONIE ANN STILL. On the 7th inst. death came with his cruel sting, and took from us Mrs. L. A. Still. She was born in Edgefield District, S.C., in the year 1813.

"She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Quattlebaum, was married to Mr. Abner Still in 1830. They came to the 'Land of Rest' in 1835, and had since been living in this state, and in Chambers county. She joined the Baptist Church in S.C., at the age of nineteen years, was baptized by Rev. John Trapp; afterward moving to this country, she moved her membership to Mount Peril, where she remained a member until the dissolution of that church, then moved her membership to Rock Springs and was a consistent member there until her death. She lived to the age of eighty-one years....Eight years ago death took from her her beloved companion, to whom she was ever faithful and she was blind and almost helpless, that she knew not why the Lord was keeping her here....The funeral was preached by Rev. J. C. Burden....Her remains were interred in Rock Spring's cemetery. She left seven children beside a great many other relatives and friends to mourn her absence....--Mollie S." (p. 24 in ALLIE ABERNATHY'S SCRAPBOOKS 1893-1923: Marriages, Deaths and Other Items from Chambers County, Alabama Newspapers, compiled by Laura Alabama Floretta Abernathy). This item appeared in 1894.

birthdate: February 18, 1813
death date: December 7, 1894"

Don Clark posted on January 9, 2004, on this board:

"I have seen a reference to "Mount Peril" in one old obituary from Allie Abernathy's Scrapbooks. After some research I beleive this was an error. The correct name should be Mount Paran. Mount Paran was the original name of Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church (est. 1835) at Marcoot. The name was short lived however, and changed in 1836 to Macedonia.

In 1839, Macedonia Church suffered a split over the mission movement. The mission advocates withdrew and constituted another church named Mount Paran. Within a short time period this Mount Paran Church changed the name to Rock Springs. Hence, two Mount Parans and no Mount Peril."
[end of quote by Don Clark]

Can you tell me more about Mt. Paran Primitive Baptist Church in Crawford Co. GA?

Mary Meyer

Re: Mt. Paran or Mt. Peril (Primitive Baptist Church)

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Surnames: Blackston, Yarbrough

Mt. Paron Primitive Baptist Church, near Lizella in Crawford County Georgia was organized September 6, 1824.

Elder John Blackstone was first pastor.

Link to cemetery.

I need to do some Yarbrough research

Re: Elder John M. Blackstone

Don Clark (View posts)
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Interestingly enough, Elder John M. Blackstone was the first pastor of Mount Paran/Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church in Chambers County. Also he was an early landowner in the county and remained here for some years before eventually going back to Crawford County, GA. Here is a link to to some biographical information about this early Chambers County minister:

Re: Elder John M. Blackstone

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Surnames: Blackstone, Yarbrough
Elder Blackstone is the reason I believe Jane Yarbra is the wife of Nimrod Yarbrough, SR


Quote from the webpage

“He was a member of the first Inferior Court organized in Crawford County, as records will show, and at the first election held in the county for Representatives to the Legislature or General Assembly, he was chosen as their Senator. He was reelected annually for nine successive years.”

I wish the author had added dates for a time line.

Another quote from webpage...

“ … He helped organize several churches, to wit: Mt. Paran, Salem, Mt. Carmel, Providence, Abilene and Union; also Old Mt. Pisgah in Monroe, now Bibb County, later known as Calvery. He assisted in the organization of the Echeconnee Association, of the Primitive Baptist Church…..”

I wish the author had added dates and places to this list of churches

Re: More on Elder John M. Blackstone

Don Clark (View posts)
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Here is an additional link that might be of interest as well:

Nimrod and Jane Yarbrough

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Did Nimrod and Jane Yarbrough move to Chambers Co. AL from Warren Co. GA? When? What was Jane's maiden name?

Mary on the otherside

Re: Nimrod and Jane Yarbrough

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Surnames: yarbrough, yarborough, house
When I started my genealogy hobby 5 years ago, I thought Nimrod and Jane had been researched and I would find nothing new. I was wrong, but this is how it started

My Yarbrough search was concentrated on finding (1) Joseph Yarborough who married Matilda Nelson and (2) Jackson Yarborough who married Mary Mathis Thaxton Farrar in Chambers County. I have not connected either to Nimrod

The marriage of Sarah Yarborough to John Nelson on 21 Sep 1828 in Crawford County, Georgia was the reason I started searching Crawford County database.

From the1850 Census

Sarah S Nelson District 19, Chambers, AL abt 1809 Georgia
Elizabeth Nelson District 19, Chambers, AL abt 1826 Georgia
George W Nelson District 19, Chambers, AL abt 1828 Georgia
Matilda Nelson District 19, Chambers, AL abt 1830 Georgia
Noel Nelson District 19, Chambers, AL abt 1832 Ala
Thomas Nelson District 19, Chambers, AL abt 1839 Ala
I cannot prove this is the same person who married John Nelson in Crawford co because of Elizabeth born 1826

Joseph Yarborough and wife Matilda Nelson have moved to Nacogdoches, TX by 1850
This is the same Joseph Yarborough who received a land paten
Document Number: 24
Total Acres: 159.4
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: April 01, 1837
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: April 24, 1820
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries
Land Description: 1 SW ST STEPHENS No 24N 26E 33
You will see 26E is where Nimrod JR and Littleton Yarbrough received a land paten. I have no proof Joseph is related to Nimrod
But two of Nimrod JR’s sons have moved to Nacogdoches Co, TX by 1870. Why did they move to the same County in Texas as Joseph Yarborough moved? I have spent hours trying to figuring out these Yarbroughs and I can spend hours more.

To answer your questions
(1) Did Nimrod and Jane Yarbrough move to Chambers Co. AL from Warren Co. GA? I think they moved to Troup Co, GA first, because that is where Elam T Yarbrough married Rebecca House

(2) What was Jane's maiden name? I’m not sure anyone knows

I have posed more questions than I have asked, but thanks for asking

Cheryl Mann Killian
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