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Myrna Wilson (View posts)
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Surnames: ONWILER
Searching for information on ONWILER located in Franklin Co., PA, in 1860 census. Jacob ONWILER born 1825 in Washington Co., MD; wife, Sarah A. X born 1826 in PA or MD; sons Michael ONWILER born 1847 in PA; William A. ONWILER born 1848 in PA; John W. ONWILER born Apr. 1850 in PA; James ONWILER born 1851 in PA; Reuben ONWILER born 1856 in PA; Samuel ONWILER born 1858 in PA. Cannot trace where they went. Thank you for any help!!

Anweiler; Onwiler

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Surnames: Anweiler, Onwiler, Blair
I am interested in the early history of the Anweiler, Onwiler and various other spellings in this country. Wilhelm Anweiler, or William Onwiler was naturalized in Washington County, MD in 1797. His will probated in 1815 may be found in the Maryland State Archives, Annapolis, MD. In the will are listed a wife, Alice, two daughters, Elizabeth and Catharine, and two sons, Nicholas and Joseph. The final distribution of his estate (also in the MSA) tookd place on Nov. 20, 1829. By then his wife and daughter Elizabeth are deceased. The adminstrator is Thomas Mains of the Indian Springs District of Washington County. The three reamaining children are listed as Catharine Blair, Nicholas and Thomas. Catherine Onwiler: b. 1790; d. June 30, 1855 married Andrew Blair (1786-ca.1849), son of James Blair and Martha Elliott of Blair's Valley which lies in Washington County, MD and Franklin Co., PA. They had 15 children of which 12 survived the father's death. Andrew Blair bought out the Onwiler homestead from Joseph Onwiler. Nicholas Anweiler moved to Stark Co., OH, where he married a Martha Blair on August 9, 1827. There are a number of families in OH which spell the name as Onweller. I am not certain, but I think Joseph may have gone to St. Thomas in Franklin County, PA. I have found some Onwilers there prior to 1850. I am descended from Catharine Onwiler and Andrew Blair who are buried in the Log Church cemetery near the Whitetail Ski Resort south of Mercersburg in Blair's Valley, Franklin Co., PA.

Re: Anweiler; Onwiler

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Surnames: Anviller, Onwiller, Anweiler, Onweller
I saw a reply from Myrna and it also fits me. I would like to get in touch with relatives even distant. The name also includes Onweller and Anviller. Seems to be the same.My grandmother was Melvina (Lovina) Onweller who was the daughter of David Onweller who was the child of Nicholas Anviller and wife, Calapiese Marker, Nicholas was apparently the son of Wilhelm Anviller born in Germany. I would like to get in touch with any relatives. I have sent for the Civil War Record of my great grandfather David Onweller.

Re: Anweiler; Onwiler

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Surnames: Anweiler, Onwiler, Blair
William (Wilhelm) Anweiler (many variants of the surname including Onwiler, Onweller, Avilla, etc.) was born in Germany and settled in the Indian Springs area of Washington County, MD. His will and the distribution of his estate may be found in the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis. He died ca,. 1815. His wife's name was Alice. Four children are named: 2 daughters: the first died before the distrubution of estate, and the second Catharine married Andrew Blair (these are my ancestors), and 2 sons: Nicholas who moved to Ohio and married as his first wife, Martha Blair in Stark Co., OH (this family continues as Onweller) and Joseph who sold the original Anweiler homestead to his brother-in-law Andrew Blair, and some of his descendants may be located in St. Thomas, Franklin Co., PA as Onwiler.

Re: Anweiler; Onwiler

Jan Smith (View posts)
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Surnames: Onwiler, Farmer, Anders
Hi, I saw your posting on Anweiler, Onwiler, and I am not sure how or if my ancester fits in or not. Joseph Onwiler married Mary Elizabeth Farmer (in MO) I don't have a DOB or DOD or even their marriage date yet. She was born 1.28.1852 and died 7.20.1954 Their daughter Lily May Onwiler married William Zollikaufer Anders (also in MO). You can email me directly if you wish. Thank-you

Re: Anweiler; Onwiler,Anwiller,Einwiller and other variations

Andreas Einwiller (View posts)
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Hallo Richard Shindle,
I joined just a week ago and by searching the last names Anweiler and Anwiller i ran across your message from 2001.You may already have all your questions answered but anyhow let me try to tell you what I know about this surname-variations above.
I am living in Mannheim,Germany.Born in 1937 in Hungary where my Forfather Mathias Anweiler?Anwiller? immigrated to around the year 1755.He came from Germany but up to now I could not trace the village he was born in.I am quite sure that it must have been the Palatine area close to the French border.In this area nowadays called "Rheinland-Pfalz" there is a town with the name Annweiler and is very likely that the surname Anweiler is derived from the name of this town.
The funny thing about my forfather Mathias is that in the churchbook of Csatalja where he married Anna-Maria Hiegler his last name was put down as Anwiller,according to the slang pnonounciation in the Palatne dialect.When his third child was born the priest all of a sudden wrote down the surname Einwiller and this name was than used continuosly for all his descendants.
So you see for the immigrants to the States Anweiler changed to Onwiller and for the immigrant to Hungary out of Anweiler it became Einwiller.Most likely this happened because in these days people could not read nor could they write and the immigration officers and priests wrote down what they phonetically understood.
Because I am still not done with my search on Anweiler/Einwiller I would very much appecciate if you would get in touch with me to exchange what ever we know about these ancesters.
Hope to hear from you

Andy Einwiller

Re: Anweiler; Onwiler, Unwiler and Onweller

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Surnames: Unwiler, Onwiler, Anwiler, Onweller
my great-great grandmother Martha I. Unwiler, also possibly spelled Onwiler, Onwiller and Onweller, was living with George and Phebe Black in Union Twp, Knox Co. Oh in 1850. She was 26 and her son James Henry was 6. In 1859 she married George, who later died in 1863. In his will he left all to Martha I.Unwiler Black and her son James Henry Unwiler Black. James moved to Fulton Co Oh in the late 1860's and married a Matilda Mack in 1870. Martha I Unwiler Black also moved to Fulton, Co. Oh and married a Henry H. Ingraham in 1870. Martha was a widow in the 1880 Fed.Census and then living with Son James and his spouse Matilda. Martha disappears from the scene by the 1900 Census. Can't find her. I believe Phebe Black was related to the Onwellers who has settled in mass in Fulton County. George Black her spouse bought land in both Knox County and Fulton County, I found an Omweller living next to James H. Unwiler Black in Fulton County in the 1880 Census. There is some connection between the Blacks and the Onwellers, since in 1880, an Onweller family was living on land bought by George Black back in in 1830's. Anyone out there who can shed a little light on the above. I would appreciated a response if you can. Thanks

Re: Anweiler; Onwiler

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I may not be much help to you but lets see!!!

I have been looking for a Joseph Onwiler born 24 Aug 1824 in Maryland and died 30 Oct 1898 in Henry County, Missouri.

Joseph married a Sarah A Houk in 1846. She was born about 1826 in Pennsylvania and died 16 Aug 1876. They had children Michael H 1847, William A 1848, John W 1852-1918, Scott 1859, and Laura Belle 1865-1952.

Joseph then married Mary Elizabeth Farmer 1855-1934. They had my grandmother Lillie May 1879-1970 in Missouri, George W 1812-1957, Stella L 1885, Allen Streeter 1889-1966.

If this Joseph Onwiler is the same as yours, please let me know ASAP. Maybe we can share information.


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Dear Myrna Wilson

I may have some information!!

Re: Anweiler; Onwiler

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I may be able to help!!

My gr grandfather was Joseph Onwiler born 24 Aug 1824 in Maryland died 30 Oct 1898 in Henry Cnty, Missouri.

He married Sarah A Houk about 1846. She was born abt 1826 in Pennsylvania and died 16 Aug 1876. Believe I have a picture of grave site.

Their children were Michael H 1847, William A 1848, John W 1952-1918, Scott 1859, and Laura Belle 1865-1952.

Joseph Onwiler then married my gr grandmother Mary Elizabeth Faarmer 1855-1934.

Their children were: my grandmother Lillie May 1879-1970, George W 1883-1957, Stella L 1885, and Allen Streeter 1889-1966.

Joseph, Sarah and Mary Elizabeth are buried in the Calhoun Cemetery, Calhoun, Missouri.

Hope this is the same person and would love to share information with you!!!

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