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White family of Grand Lake Stream

White family of Grand Lake Stream

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Surnames: White, Middlemast, Coffron
I am looking for information about the family of Edward White and Margaret "Maggie" Middlemast. I think the family mostly stayed around Grand Lake Stream (1870s to 1940 and beyond?).
Edward died in the Shaw Brothers tannery fire and Maggie remarried to Thaddeus Coffron. Known children of Edward and Maggie are Lily, Charles (married Fitch), Alice (married Jordan), Nellie (married Calligan), Mabel (my line, married McLaughlin), Edward, William (married Merrill), and Fred (married Bradford).
I have some census records and marriage information for some of the children, but I don't have any death/burial/obituary information. The couple of articles that I've come across have been lifted from the Calais Adviser, so maybe more information can be found in that publication (thought I know there is a lack of specific dates).
Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have used Ancestry, FamilySearch, and quite a bit (and I think I've exhausted those resources!).

I'd love to visit Maine and research in person, but my branch has meandered across the continent to Oregon.

Thank you very much for any help!


Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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any dates for the individuals ( or at least Edward)

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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Edward was born around 1847 in London and died 11 May 1887 (which I have a Calais Advertiser article for). I only have specific death dates for him and his daughters Alice and Nellie (I also have Nellie's obituary), as well as a vague death year of 1936 listed for Mabel. And, unfortunately, I do not have any death dates for the other children, Maggie, or Thaddeus.

[I added known spouse surname information in the original post]

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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I’m not related to any member of this family.

1940 is the last available census at this time.

Maine Marriages, 1892-1996
Groom's Name: Coffron Thaddeus
Groom's Residence: Grand Lake Strm, ME
Bride's Name: Middlemask Margaret B
Bride's Residence: Grand Lake Strm, ME
Marriage Date: 18 Mar 1894

Thaddeus Coffron
Born: Dec 1839
St David Ridge, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada
Died: 30 Oct 1919
Grand Lake Stream, Washington, Maine
he 1st married -
Maria Alvira Elsemore
Born: 1848 in Wesley, Washington, Maine
Died: 1871
Marriage: 4 Nov 1865 in Wesley, Washington, Maine, USA
child -
Mariah Jane Coffron
Born: 1866
Died: 2 Aug 1933
Hydesville, Humboldt, California

2nd marriage -
Margaret B Middlemask

1900 -
Name: Margaret Coffron
Age: 53
Birth Date: Sep 1846
Birthplace: New Brunswick
Home in 1900: Grand Lake Stream, Washington, Maine
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Thaddeus Coffron
Marriage Year: 1894
Years Married: 6
Father's Birthplace: England
Mother's Birthplace: Scotland
Mother: number of living children: 8
Mother: How many children: 8

Thaddeus Coffron 58, 12/41 New Brunswick
Margaret Coffron 53, 9/46 New Brunswick - married 6 yrs, 8 children
Mable G White 21, 12/78 Maine - s/dau
Edward White 18, 10/81 Maine - s/son
William R White 17, 2/83 Maine - s/son
G Frederick White 14, 1/86 Maine - s/son

1910 -
Name: Marguritler Coffin [note spelling]
Age in 1910: 65
Birth Year: abt 1845
Birthplace: Canada
[Canada English]
Home in 1910: Grand Lake Stream Plantation, Washington, Maine
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Thaddeus Coffin
Father's Birthplace: England
Mother's Birthplace: Scot English

Thaddeus Coffin 69, Canada - 2nd marriage, laborer
Marguritta Coffin 65, Canada - 2nd marriage, 8 children & 7 living
Edward I White 27, Maine - s/son, laborer
William R White 25, Maine - s/son, laborer
Fred C White 24, Maine - s/son, laborer

Your problem is that there is NO 1890 census.

You wrote - "Edward died in the Shaw Brothers tannery fire."
WHEN & WHERE - WHAT year?????

Need DOB's + birthplaces for all children [in birth order].

Need DOB + birthplace for Edward White

The name "Middlemask" does not appear on any US census.

Neither Margaret [Maggie] nor Thaddeus knew their immigration date.

Need DOB + birthplace for Edward White.

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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I apologize for the vague information! I keep making that mistake with each genealogical inquiry.

Here is what I know:
Edward A. White was born about 1847 in London, England. He married Margaret B. "Maggie" Middlemast probably in New Brunswick before the birth of their first child (which was in 1867). Maggie is the daughter of a William and Elizabeth Middlemask family that shows up in Census of Canada records. She was born about 1846 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. Her last name is accurate to the best of my knowledge... it spelled that way on her children's marriage records (and in the Canada Census).
Based on the birth locations of Edward and Maggie's children, I assume they immigrated to Maine from Canada in the mid 1870s. However, it's worth noting that their son Charles lists his immigration year as 1872 (when he was about one year old); so I'm comfortable with saying the family immigrated in the 1870s.
The Shaw Brothers tannery in Grand Lake Stream caught fire on 11 May 1887 and Edward was the only victim (this information is taken from a Calais Advertiser article I stumbled across).
Here is the limited birth/death information that I have for the children:
- Lily White was born about 1867 in New Brunswick.
- Charles H. White (married Mertie B. Fitch) was born May 1871 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.
- Alice E. White (married George W. Jordan) was born 29 Oct 1873 in New Brunswick and died 10 Aug 1907 in Princeton, Maine.
- Nellie White (married George H. Calligan) was born 8 Feb 1876 in Grand Lake Stream, Maine and died 19 Mar 1962 in Seattle, Washington.
- Mabel Gertrude White (married Charles H. McLaughlin) was born Dec 1878 in Grand Lake Stream, Maine and died 1936 in Princeton, Maine.
- Edward White was born Oct 1881 in Maine.
- William Robert White (married Doris M. Merrill) was born 12 Feb 1884 in Grand Lake Stream, Maine.
- George Frederick White (married Evie M. Bradford) was born 1 Jan 1886 in Maine.

Maggie married Thaddeus Coffron on 18 Mar 1894 in Princeton, Maine. I found the date of his death to be 30 Oct 1919, but wasn't convinced until I found the info attributed to a vital record in a family tree entitled "St. Croix Valley Roots".

I have census records for the years 1880, 1900, and 1910 for the head of household combinations of Maggie, Edward, and Thaddeus. I also have some 1920 through 1940 census records for some of the children.

I would like to know where to find death dates for Maggie and her children Lily, Charles, Edward, William, and George (as well as a more specific date for Mabel). Further, I'd like to know if obituaries can be located. Also, if cemetery indexes can be searched for burial locations. I imagine that I could probably direct some of this to a Washington County library perhaps.

Again, I apologize for not being very specific from the get-go! Thank you for the speedy response.

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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Have you tried -

TRY - Find a grave – FREE SITE - volunteer site all states; frequently has headstone pic


Try Vital Records – Birth, Marriage, & Death, Social Security Info., Census Records – FREE ALL STATES

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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Surnames: White
Hi Brandon,

When I have time, I like to offer information on towns and cities people are researching. Grand Lake Stream sounded familiar so I looked it up, and this site says it is still a "plantation." So people said to have living there might be mentioned in the towns surrounding the lake. In the map I'm holding in my hands, Grand Lake Stream is beside "Big Lake" and they are part of a set of lakes with the closest town, Princeton. (Where my KIDDER's settled.),_Maine

In my KIDDER / WILKINS research, for example, my ancestors married in "Baskehegan Lake" in 1834, which I don't think is even a plantation. According to this map, the town currently beside it is Brookton.

(I saw one comment on-line just now which said that, in the early 1800's, when "Lakes" are mentioned as a place for someone to live, they meant the towns surrounding the lake.)

I don't have "WHITE" on my family-tree that I know of, but I don't know the maiden names of 2 WILKINS sons in Aroostook County.

Just an FYI.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

(on Lists and Boards for 11 yrs.; now an Admin for 10 Lists and 5 Boards, including CAN-USA-Migration)

(P.S. Joseph "Calvin" KIDDER (1799-1891) was in Calais from 1830, and Mary WILKINS family had moved to Amity (North Amity?) during 1830's.) They had 6 children, raising them in Calais, but lost 2 at Ages 16 and 21. Their oldest settled in Calais initially, the 3 others settled in Princeton.)

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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Thank you for the thoughtful response.
I do believe it's important to know about the place (not about the people living there), and I sometimes forget that. I did find a book on about the area ("Hinckley Township") and that helped a bit.

I once read a quote along the lines of "As a genealogist, a person should be able to speak at length about the places their ancestor lived."

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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Surnames: Wilkins
That's exactly right.

I've been researching my KIDDER line for well over 20 yrs., and I looked into each family along the way. I'd love to write a short book about them. But, one thing I did was to write a one-page report on how each KIDDER ancestors, back to 1650's and up to 1950's, "escaped death" in order to carry on the line. The patriarch had already fathered 12 children when he was killed during the "Indian Wars." Down to a grandson, his wife was pregnant with their 5th son when he "dropped dead." His son had already had his children when one day he had to climb a tall tree - quick in a hurry - to escape "the Indians" in NH. His son went up to New Brunswick at 18, and didn't marry for 15 yrs. One week after his only child was born he was killed in a boating accident. His son was almost killed in the 'Great Miramichi Fire' in N.B. - before he married. His son fought in the Civil War and was seriously injured. But returned to Maine to marry his cousin and have 6 children. His son left home at 15 to become a logger / woodsman and probably got into tough situations. He married first to marry a woman who died 6 mos. later. He then married my great-grandmother and had 3 children. Etc.


P.S. J. Calvin KIDDER married M. WILKINS, and her parents in Amity, ME, are a "concrete-block wall" in a half-dozen directions. I "wish" I could write a story about them. My "educated guess" is that her grandparents were William WILKINS and Sarah BANCROFT who had lost 3 to 5 young children and had a surviving daughter. They left MA to move up along the river in ME. I'm guessing she had a child after arriving but died as a result of childbirth. I think William asked another family to raise his young daughter and newborn son - and that's why we can't trace the son.

Re: White family of Grand Lake Stream

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Surnames: Calligan, White, Sprague
Brandon: Nellie married George Harling Calligan, my greatx2 Uncle. I have posted information about them and their children on The Sprague Project at
If you are interested in Nellie and her descendants, just enter the George's name in the search box.
Did you know that Nellie joined the gold rush to Dawson, Yukon Terr.? She and George climbed the infamous Chilkoot Pass.
Please check out the website and if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer what I can.
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