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Holt family ancestors and Cherokee connection

Holt family ancestors and Cherokee connection

Beverly Eidson (View posts)
Posted: 941416146000
My grandfather John Wylie Holt was born on March 10, 1870, in Atlanta, Ga. He had four sisters and one brother (Jape). The family moved to Canton, Ga. when he was very young.
He often told us that his father was half Cherokee and that his mother was part Cherokee. John Wylie left the family when he was 18 and went to northern Arkansas to live with his brother Jape. The next year he left for Texas in a covered wagon with some friends of the family.
John Wylie settled near Whitney, Tx. where he farmed and worked on a ranch. In 1895 he married Flora Agnes Faulkner, step-daughter of J.S.G. Roberts of Whitney. John Wylie and Flora Agnes lived around Whitney for several years and bought a farm near Huron. In 1912 they moved to a farm about four miles east of Blum,Texas. They had 12 children (my mother Etta was #9). Flora died in 1916 at the age of 37 from complications of childbirth.
Two years later, John Wylie married Mamie Lorene Upchurch from ITasca, TX. Eight children were born into this second family.
I wonder if my data fits with that of others whose Holt ancestors lived in Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Texas.
When I was a child grandfather's sister Lena made the trip from her home in Canton, Ga. to Blum, Texas, for a visit. On the way home, she visited my parents' home in Mississippi for a few days before continuing her journey. I don't remember her last name, only that she had a daughter named Mattie.

Please e-mail me : if you have information to share.

Holt-Cherokee connection

Wilisha Scaife (View posts)
Posted: 943306839000
I'm just starting my search of my family history and came across your information. Maybe you can help me. The areas in which you've mention do not ring a bell for me but because I have so little info, I'm not sure where my history search will take me. My great grandfather's name was John Holt. I assume that this was not is birth name, he was more than 1/2 Cherokee Indiana. He married my grandmother and I am not sure what her former name was (I heard it was Boone but I am not certain). My great grandparents had 4 children (?): Louise, Charles, Dorothy, and Betty. Betty was my grandmother. My grandmother and of her siblings lived most of their adult lives in Indiana. I am not sure where they were born or raised so I don't know where my great grandparents originated from. Maybe you can help, if not, thanks for taking the time to read this reply.

Holt-cherokee connection

Yvonne Mason (View posts)
Posted: 943951070000
I to am looking for holts. My mother-in-law's
grandmother was a full bloodied cherokee. Her
mother's name was Eullie and her father's name
was Doc(we don't know if that was a nickname
or his given name. We do know that he was a
Cherokee Chief. The daughter's name was Ollie
that was my mother in law's grandmother. Ollie
married Pete Talley and they lived in Roache's
Cove in either Fackler or Stephenson Ala.We
do not know if Doc and Eullie was from Ala or
if Pete and Ollie moved there from some place
else. We do not know if Ollie had siblings.
We also do not know when they were born or died
We know that Pete was a full bloodied Irishman
and he gave Ollie's father a bushel of corn and
a donkey for Ollie's hand in marriage. We
know that Ollie and Pete had several children
one of them being my mother in law's mother.
Her name was Susanier Talley. They lived in
Stephenson, Bridgeport and Sand Mountain.
Any help would be wonderful. I can be e-mailed

Holt-Cherokee Connection

Wilisha Scaife (View posts)
Posted: 944086504000
Thanks for your reply. I have been waiting for one and was beginning to give up. I know that there are probably houndreds of Cherokee connections with the name Holt, but when you are trying to find out "who you are", any responds is exciting. I must say, your reply hit home more than I thought it would. You mentioned that there is Irish in your family. Although it may mean very little, I also have some Irish in my blood. I did not mention it previously because I am not sure where it penetrated but I do know that my great aunt, Dorothy (Holt) White, was doing dome research on our family history (for a book she was writing) before she died; she knew of my interest and told me that we had Irish ancestry (my grandmother had told my mother and our family that as well). My great-grandfather's (John Holt)
wife was named Rosie. I don't know if the Irish penetrated from her ancesters or his but I know that it is present. As I mentioned before, this connection may mean very little but I was moved when I read that in your reply and since my search has just begun (and seems to be going no where), anything that sparks my interest is worth checking out. Thanks.

help me If you can

Posted: 944758513000
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my fathers father died when he was 10 and I have been trying to find out about him. My fathers name is John Holt his father was Garwood Holt who married Virginia Reed. Garwoods parents I just found today His father was also John Holt and his wifes name was Vera Campbell.I know that Garwood Holt was born July 4,1919 in Arkansa I dont know when his father was born or mother.I wonder if this is the same John Holt

Garwood Holt

Tom Bynum (View posts)
Posted: 946463957000
I guess I am one of your many 2nd cousins.Garwood was my Uncle, and Your Dad is my cousin. I used to spend a lot of time in Aunt Virginia's store. I have spent some time with your dad and his brothers and sister, although their first names elude me at the present time.
I do not know a lot about our family history.
I will try to impart my knowledge of it to you in normal email, if you would like to respond. I would also like to know if Aunt Virginia ( even if your Dad ) is still among the living. I would expect your Dad to be alive, but he was a wild one at one time.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Tom Bynum

Garwood Holt

Posted: 946667146000
Edited: 997668931000
You say you know my grandmother how are you related to my dad. well my grandmother is still alive and kicking and is still full of it. My dad is also. Are you related to my dads mothers or fathers side you can write me at Virginia

Re: Holt-Cherokee Connection

Posted: 993305727000
Classification: Birth
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Surnames: Holt, Sanders
I have been reading with interest all the Holt-Cherokee postings. I have been searching for about 30 years for parents of my grandfather, James R Holt, born 1831 in Georgia, married Euphrasia Palmyra Sanders. They moved to Texas between 1885 and 1889 and James died in 1890 in Cass Co, TX. One of the stories handed down is that his ancestor came from England and married an Indian Princess. After that he was more or less an outcast with the whites and also the indians as neither approved of the mixed marriage. I don't know if there is any truth in this story but am beginning to think it could be since I have not been able to locate anything in all my years of searching. Any scrap of information would be deeply appreciated.
Patsy in Texas

Re: Holt-cherokee connection

Rebecca Blalock (View posts)
Posted: 996516362000
Let's talk to see if we have a connection. My grandfather, Albert Holt and his siblings were born in Fackler, Jackson Co., AL and nearby places. His father was James Monroe Holt, son of Dock or Doc Holt. I'm wondering if there is a connection between the Doc's we are looking for -- especially since AL is involved! Drop me an email and let's see what we can figure out!

Re: Holt-Cherokee Connection

Deborah Mastrangelo (View posts)
Posted: 1000863546000
Classification: Query
Hello, I'll start out by saying I'm very new to this game and I have to say it is facinating!
There has always been talk in our family that there was a Cherokee connection . My great-grandfather was a US Marshall named James Lee Holt. He was married to Maude Mable Norris. This would have been around the turn of the century. I'll be interested to hear from you. THanks
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