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Origins of Abraham Coriell / Coryell?

Origins of Abraham Coriell / Coryell?

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I have a lot of but conflicting information about the origin of Abraham Coriell. He is first recorded in Piscataway, NJ in 1702(record of cattle ear mark). Family records say they were Huguenot who escaped from Orleans, France to Holland Oct. 22, 1685. French name said to be Querelle. "He probably came with Scotch and English emigrants who landed at Amboy and moved to Raritan in early 1700s."

Another reports says Corriel brothers (Eliam Emanual, David, and perhaps Abraham) came to America from Corsica in 1663. Abraham and David are both listed in records from Piscataway NJ in 1663.

Abraham may have been married to a Agnes McCourt (also sp. Annetje or Catryntje Van Der Court)

Some think the Coriell family is French in origin, some say Dutch.

Birth dates for Abraham range from 1660 to 1685. Perhaps there could be two - one father and one son both named Abraham.

I've been through ship's lists, and French and Dutch gen. Records to no avail

abraham coryell

dennis coryell (View posts)
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my dad, jack coryell of seattle, says abraham coryell was french, deported for being a huguenot, came to new jersey. my grandfather, perry coryell, married a mail order bride from Rome about 1912, divorced her for bringing her 3 sisters. He was a millionaire silver miner who owned mines from muscatine iowa to seatle. also owned a newspaper in glenwood springs CO where he is still remembered for publishing an editoria so upsetting that the people cam to his house to lynch him. he escaped but later shot a couple of union lawyers and died in prison. If you want info on our part of the family, email my sister at I'm a city manager in wyoming Minnesota, originally from saginaw michigan.

Abraham Coryell

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Dennis - thanks for the message. I'll follow up with your sister. Do you have any details or sources on the original Abraham
coriell? Very tough guy to pin down

Finding Coriells

Keith J. Coriell (View posts)
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Tracing from me back, (Keith - born 12/9/43 - Thibodaux, LA) (George - born 3/8/17 - Darrow, LA) (Sherman Vincent - from Battle Creek, Michigan) and (Willian Irving - unknown), I am trying to find a connection to the Abraham Coriell of Piscataway, NJ.

Jennette Coryell

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Hi Dennis
The last Coryell in my line is Jennette born 1831 in Michigan. My family tree is on the following if that will help. Good luck
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