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Joseph Israel Aguillard

Joseph Israel Aguillard

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I am searching for more information on Joseph Israel Aguillard, born Dec. 1885. (died 1936) Son of Theogene Aguillard & Rosa Major.
Joseph lived Coon, La. (Pointe Coupee Parish) He was married to Permelia Pepiton Aguillard.
Joseph was killed by his son-in-law Aug. 1936. I am looking for burial place of Joseph, and any further information I can obtain about this family.

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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I am the great grandson of George Aguillard, Joseph's baby brother. George is NOT George Isreal Aguillard, one of the other brothers. He was born in Oct 1890 and the mother, Rosa Major died of measles in March of 1891. Since George was just a baby, he was raised by a cousin family the Pourciaus and thus is virtually unknown on these message boards as a member of the Aguillard clan. I don't know why, but it appears this family had 2 Josephs (J. Hazael and J. Israel) and 2 Georges (George Ismael and George, no middle name as far as I know).

The parents were Theogene Aguillard and Rosa Major Aguillard. Theo's parents were Zenon Aguillard and either Elize or Ysabelle Bonaventure (seen both names). Zenon's parents were Joseph Aguilar (from Canary Islands) and Henriette Guerin.

Rosa Major's parents were Veronique Major and Hortense Major (maiden name ALSO Major). I cannot verify parents for either of them.

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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I am unable to verify that there are 2 George Aguillards. I am only able to verify George Ismael, born 1882. I double checked my Diocese books today, thinking I had overlooked the fact that there are 2, but I did not locate a second George.
Do you have any Aguillard photos that you can share? Do you know anything about the murder of Joseph Israel ?
I can be reached at

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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Well I promise you there are 2 Georges or I wouldn't exist today! Like I said, since the mother died only 6 months after he was born, they probably never had him baptized or recorded by the diocese. He also never shows up on any of the census records as living with the family since he was raised by the cousin Pourciau family and never really lived with the Aguillards. But he was not adopted by the Pourciau family and always maintained the Aguillard name. George's daughter Thelma Aguillard, my grandma, said that he didn't see the family very often, and he left home early and moved away from Pointe Coupee to Saint Mary Parish when he was in his late teens I think.

My grandma said some of the brothers and sisters did visit him occasionally, particulary aunt Virginia and an uncle that was known as Raoul, who I am thinking might be Joseph Israel. Another person on the board who is a descendant of Zenon Aguillard--another one of the brothers, said her grandmother also said one of the brothers was called Raoul. They named 2 of their boys Joseph so I guess it's not inconceivable they would name 2 of their boys George.

Unfortunately the only thing I really know about the Aguillards is pretty much what I found on here. My greatgrandpa George died when I was 2 and my grandma died last year, so there's no one left to ask, really. I asked my dad, and he remembers some of his grandpa George's Aguillard nieces coming to visit a few times, although I don't know which ones. I would guess Virginie's children since that's the sibling my grandma seemed to know the most about.

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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True, I hadn't considered that about perhaps not having time to have him christened. Have you been able to locate him in any census living with the Pourciau family ? Do you know which Pourciau ?
Joseph Israel also named one of his daughters Thelma ! Joseph had 13 children.
1. Zenon
2. Alphonse
3. Thelma
4. Lovella
5. Roberta
6. Rose
7. Agnes
8. Beatrice
9. Marie
10. Mary Erma (died at 8 days old in 1922)
11. Virginia
12. Evelyn
13. UKNOWN ??

Did you know that the 2 Joseph's and 2 George's also had a baby sister that died ? Ida Marie ? She was born Feb. 26, 1889, and died Oct. 1889.

I also located an obituary from 1915, for Theogene's brothers wife.
Mrs. Marcellan Aguillard. If you'd like a copy of that, send me your email address. You can send it privately if you like to

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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I hadn't thought about trying to find him in a census with the Pourciaus. But I really have no idea what Pourciau family it was. My grandma Thelma always told me it was a cousin. I am assuming it was a cousin of Rosa Major, the mother. Rosa's parents were Veronique Major and Hortense Major. I have searched for HOURS and cannot find who either of their parents are. I am wondering if those were their real first names or not. I always thought Veronique was a woman's name. I even looked to see if maybe that was used as a man's name back then, but every reference I've found to Veronique is female.

A woman named Dolly Eller has told me that Hortense Major had a sister named Constance, but I can't find anything on her, either.

My email is

Have you ever heard of the story about one of the brothers being called Raoul?

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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Chip, I know its been a while, but I have actually finally located my George Aguillard in the census living with the Pourciau family in Pointe Coupee in the 1900 census.

I found a George A. Pourciau listed as being born in October 1890 (which is when George Aguillard was born) living in the household of Victorin Pourciau and Marie Ciphael Pourciau (maiden name also Pourciau!) Marie Ciphael was the niece of Rosa Major Aguillard, George's mother. Rose's sister Arthemise married a Jules Pourciau, and their daughter Marie Ciphael married Victorin Pourciau. I could find no other records stating Victorin and Marie Ciphael had a child name George, so George A. (A. for Aguillard no doubt) must have been my George.

I got further circumstantial evidence when I found in my deceased grandmother's bible a newspaper clipping for the obituary of an Elaine Pourciau Disney. I was able to trace Elaine as the the granddaughter of Victorin and Marie Ciphael. Elaine must have been one of George's "nieces" that my grandmother said used to visit him.

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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John, I checked the diocese records. Victorine Pourciau and Marie Ciphael Pourciau did in fact have a son named George Pourciau. Born Nov. 15, 1890. So, the George on the 1900 census cannot be George Aguillard.
Ciphael Pourciau & Victor Pourciau were indeed 2nd cousins, and were married April 20, 1891. (after the birth of your George)

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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You may be right, but the census records show that George A. Pourciau was born in October 1890, not November. I also notice the baptism date you have in your records is April 1891. Coincidentally, Rose Major Aguillard, George's mother died in late March, 1891. It is highly possible the the Pourciau's took baby George at this time and had him baptized as their own. He was after all only about 6 months old.

And also curiously, the only person in the Pourciau household, including all the parents and children that is listed with a middle initial on the 1900 census record is George, and his middle initial also happens to be A.---for Aguillard. It seems mighty strange that he is the only person for whom a middle initial was listed.

I still think this is George Aguillard, as I can find no later evidence of a George Pourciau born in 1890. If you can prove me wrong, I'm certainly open to it, but for now I'm sticking to my guns.

Re: Joseph Israel Aguillard

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It is possible that the census taker wrote down the wrong month for George. I've seen that so many times on census. Not only do they write the wrong month, but most of the time they write the wrong year.
Ciphael & Victorin were married April 20, 1891.
George Pourciau was born Nov.15, 1890
he was baptized April 15, 1891.

Perhaps you are right about that. But, there is no way to ever verify that !! Perhaps if you order thte microfilm for his baptismal record, it may offer more. It's certainly worth a try.

I find it odd that they would baptize their child 5 days before they are actually married.
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