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Norwegian Immigrants from Vinje Telemark

Surname: Nestestu

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Surnames: Nestestu, Bolstad
One of my great aunts, Mary Bolstad, married someone with the last name of NESTESTU. They had one daughter that I know of, Harriet. Last I heard she was living in Florida.

Mary Bolstad, was one of eight(8) children of Torbjorn (Thomas) BOLSTAD and Sophia. They lived near Deerfield, WI. My grandfather, Lewvean Lars Bolstad, was Mary's brother. My Bolstad family came from Ulvik, Hardanger, Norway.

My family register reports can be viwed on my web site. Click the "Family Register" button on left side of welcome pag.

Norwegian Immigrants from Vinje Telemark

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Surnames: Hustvedt, Stephens, Nestestu, Hovdestad, Bergeland, Stondal, Ramberg, Jamsgard, Corstvet, Kostveit, Tveiten, Nesset, Drotning
I am helping a woman in Vinje with some research for a book and thought I would put down the names of a few people we are looking for in hopes there might be some living relatives still in the Dane county area.

We do not need ancestor information, but information on what happened to these people after they came to the US. I have the information on these people from Gerhard Naeseth books I, II, & III, so don't need that info either.

If any of these Vinje area people sound familiar, please email me.

Bjorn Olson HUSTVEDT, imm 1843, married Ingebjorg Halvorsdatter Hagedalen/Hakedalen. We believe some of their children may have used the name Stephens in the US.

Osmund Aslakson NESTESTOG/NESTESTU, imm 1843, married Ingebor Bjornsdatter HOVDESTAD.

Bjorn Osmundson Nestestog/Nestestu, imm 1843, married Gunhild Olsdatter BERGELAND, dau of Olaf/Ole Torjuson BJORNSTAD & Tone Kittelsdatter SKAALID. We believe some of their children may have used the name Stondall/Stondal in the US.

Eivind/Even RAMBERG, imm 1843

Olav and Knut JAMSGAARD

Halvor and Tollef/Tallev KOSTVEIT/CORSTVET

Neri Osmundson TVEITEN, imm 1845

Olav NESSET, imm abt 1844?

Eivind/Even DROTNING, imm abt 1844?

Most of these people came first to the Koshkonong area of Dane county...some stayed...some moved on to other areas. Need info on their descendants.

Any help you can give us will be wonderful.


Surname: Hustvedt

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Surnames: Hustvedt
I have seen the tombstone of Bjorn and Ingeborg Hustvedt at the Western Koshkongong Church Cemetary. The dates are: Bjorn-b. 1822, d. Jan 19, 1903
Ingeborg-b. 1828, d. Sep 18,1899
I also have an Aasne Olsdatter Hustvedt(sometimes spelled Hustveit), she married Aslak Olavsson Skolas in 1848. She was b. Apr. 10, 1825 and d. Jun 19, 1912.
If you have any info if these two are related please let me know.

Dane County, WI

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Surnames: RAMBERG
I descend from the Ramberg line in Dane County Wi that you wrote about

Re: Norwegian Immigrants from Vinje Telemark

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Your original post is almost a year old, so I don't know if I can provide any relevant information. One of my ancestors is Tollef Korstvedt or Aslaksen from Dane County.

Re: Norwegian Immigrants from Vinje Telemark

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Hi Susan,
So good to hear from you. Yes, I am still working on this line and would love to hear what you know about this family. I can email you what I have so far. I am about ready to send the info off to Norway, so your timing is perfect!! I don't like how these new pages work, so have no way of contacting you directly unless you send me your email address. Mine is
Hope to hear from you soon,

Re: Dane County, WI

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Surnames: Ramberg
Are you still out there in cyberspace? I don't know how I missed this post!! Still looking for Ramberg info. Contact me at

Re: Korstvet/Corstvet

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Surnames: Korstvet, Corstvet
Tallef Aslakson Korstvedt--
Son of Aslak Osmundson Hustvedt & Anne Tovsdatter. Born in Vinje September 18, 1819 and emigrated to Cottage Grove township, Dane county, Wisconsin. Farmer. Died August 7, 1857. Married Aasne Saamundsdatter Aae, born October 18, 1819 and died September 21, 1909. She emigrated from Kviteseid in 1844. She married a second time November 8, 1852 to Aslak Asmundson Nestestue, who emigrated from Vinje in 1843. When Aslak married Aasne, he took the name of Korstvedt as his own and the spelling was later changed to Corstvet.

Children of Aasne with Tallef:
Aslak "Alexander" Corstvet (born March 26, 1850). He married Betsy Amundson (1855-1885). In 1888 he married Emma Lampert, daughter of Ulrich & Caroline Lampert. In the early 1920's he was principal of a large high school in Milwaukee. Betsey is buried at St. Paul's Liberty Cemetery in Deerfield, Wis. NOt sure where Alexander & Emma are buried or when they died.

Children of Aasne with Aslak:
Tollef Aslakson Corstvet. Tollef was born August 21, 1853 and died April 10, 1936. He married June 4, 1879 to Ingeborg Olsdatter Berstad (March 14, 1857-December 26, 1937), daughter of Ole A. Berstad & Aslaug Knudsdatter. Witnesses at their wedding were Aslak Korstvedt & Halvor Gjerjord (Jargo). Tollef & Ingeborg are buried at St. Paul Liberty Cemetery.

Children of Alexander Corstvet & Betsy Amundson:
1. Thomas Alexander Corstvet 1875-1879.

Children of Alexander Corstvet & Emma Lampert:
1. Ruth Corstvet 1890 born at Whitewater
2. Elsa Corstvet 1892 born at Stoughton
3. Thomas Edward Corstvet, born // // // in _________married 1921 Margaret Casey. Had a son, Richard who was born or else resided in Baton Rouge LA.
4. Emma Gretchen Corstvet 189__ born Boston, Mass.

Children of Tollef Aslakson Corstvet and Ingeborg Olsdatter Berstad:
1. Andrew John Corsvet, b. _____ d. 1959 -married Mildred Blanche Tipton, b._____ d. 1974 daughter of Thomas Tipton and Jessie Martin. Mildred was born in Kansas. Their children were
Harriet Ingeborg Corstvet -- born 1939 & (Andrew) John Corstvet, b. 1943--married 1986 to Julie Barr. John & Julie live in Middleton and have a daughter, Debbie, who was born in 1990.
2. Anna Alice Corstvet (1884-1935). Taught at Deerfield High School and Madison East.
3. Alexander Oscar Corstvet, b. _____ married a woman named Ann. Alex was an editor with Western Publishing at St. Paul. No children.

That's all I have on those 2 Tollefs.

Also in this area was another Korstvedt...they have to be related but not quite sure yet...the fathers look similar but the mothers are different.

Halvor Aslakson Korstvedt
Son of Aslak Amundson Tvetene & Margith Osmundsdatter, born in Vinje May 11, 1817. Emigrated to Cottage Grove township, Dane county, Wisconsin. Farmer. Married April 10, 1838 to Sigri Osmundsdatter Midsøe, daughter of Osmund Osmundsen Midsøe & Sissel Aslaksdatter. Sigri was born in Vinje in 1814 and died April 29, 1852.
Aslak (born April 2, 1844)
Osmund (born June 12, 1845)
Tollef (born May 21, 1847)
Christine Marie (born August 28, 1849)
Tollef (born April 9, 1852)

This has been a quite a challenge working on this family, but hopefully you can understand it. Depending upon which Tollef Aslakson you are related to, I may have information going back futher on these families. Anything you can add or correct will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for looking.

Re: Surname: Hustvedt

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Hi Linda,
Hope this doesn't come out twice...I tried oosting it once and it never showed up, so will try one more time.

In answer to your questions, yes, they are related. Bjorn and Aasne are brothers and sisters. I will post what I have on Aasne and other siblings here. If you want what I have on Bjorn, please let me know and I will post that also.

Brothers and sisters of Bjorn Olson Hustvedt:

Aasne Olsdatter Hustvedt, (7/4/1826-1912) sister to Bjorn Olsen Hustvedt. Married Aslak Olson Midgaarden (6/2/1819-13/1/1879) from Lardal. He used the name Skolas in America. Lived in Aurdal township in Otter Tail County, Minnesota. She died of severe burns when her house caught on fire.

1. Asloug Skolas, born 30/7/1849. Married Austin Jordahl in 1870. Austin died in 1902. In 1923 Aasne had one daughter and was living in Clifton, Texas.

2. Elizabeth Skolas (5/10/1851-25/3/1942); Married June 17, 1873 to Even Olson Mykeljord (20/9/1843-21/2/1923), son of Ole Richardson Mykeljor & Guri Amundsdatter. Elizabeth & Even are buried at Western Koshkonong Lutheran Cemetery.They had at least 5 children, including: Edward (1892-1932), Thomas (1884-1935) & George (1884-1935 married Lettie Johnson).

3. Ole Skolas, born September 22, 1854, married March 16, 1879 at East Koshkonong to Lisa Jensdatter Vig, (born in Numedal about 1856), daughter of Jens Olson Vig & Eli Johnsdatter. Witnesses at their wedding were O. B. Stephens & R. Skolas. Lived in St. Paul, MN and had 6 children.

4. Olena Skolas (May 5,1856-1929), married April 11, 1884 at West Koshkonong to Kittel G. Lunde (1854-1898), son of Gunder Kittelson Rinden Lunde & Tarjer Olsdatter Ødejordet. Witnesses at their wedding were O. O. Drotning and Michael Severson. Had at least 6 children. Buried at Western Koshkonong.

5. Stephan Skolas (14/2/1859-9/1950), Married March 30, 1887 to Mathilde Lee (1865-1895), daughter of Hans Lie. Buried at Western Koshkonong. Children
Albert (1893-1986)
Herman (1888-1964)
Marcus (1895-1937)
Staie (no dates listed).

6. Rebecca A. Skolas (Mar 3, 1861-1936), married 29/7/1882 to Michael Severson (1859-1946), son of Erick Sjurson Fliseram & Brytteva Colbeinsdatter (from Voss Norway in 1844). Witnesses at their wedding were Stephen & Nelie Skolas. Michael & Rebecca lived in Madison, Wisconsin and had 10 children.

7. Jertine Skolas (1865-1870). I believe this is a daughter of Aasne & Aslak.

8. Julia Skolas (May 14,1863-1934). Made her living as a photographer. Never married.

9. Andreas Skolas born in 1866. Not married.

10. Martin Skolas Married Julia Nelson and had 3 children.

Anne Olsdatter Hustvedt Saeren. Born 1829 and by 1923 had been dead for many years. She married Svein Saeren and they emigrated to the US in 1861. They lived in Minnesota for a while and then moved to Bottineau County, ND. They had only one daughter, Aasne who married Ole H. Roland and they had 4 children: Nettie, Oscar, Selma and Sophia. In 1923, Nettie was married to a man named Knudsen and they lived near Dunkirk, Montana.

Ole Hustvedt Bjaaland. Born May 17, 1831, died April 10, 1893. He was very young when his mother died and was brought up at Donnestad. When he married he bought Bjaaland from his father-in-law. His wife’s name was Gunhild Bjaaland, Their children were:
Aasne (born May 17, 1868 and died March 20, 1898—she married Olav Bergland and they had 3 children. They lived somewhere in Michigan.)
Helga (born August 5, 1877—she married Svein and in 1923 they were the current owners of the farm Bjaaland. They had 4 children.)
Olav (born May 3, 1873—He was a noted ski-runner in his youth and won many prizes. He once won the Kings Cup at Holmenkollen, Christiana. Olav was with Roald Amundson on his South Pole expedition. They left Norway in Jun 1910 and arrived at the pole December 16, 1911. They camped there 3 days and left a cabin on the spot with a Norse flag flying on it. Amundson left a letter there addressed to King Haakon. This letter was found in Scott’s pocket and brought to Norway. The explorer Scott died on the expedition. When Olav Bjaaland was married, Roald Amundson presented him with a fruit bowl of hammered silver. He had a “Skifabrik” for a time but by 1923 had sold it to his brother Sommond. In 1923 Olav was living on a farm owned by his wife.

Sommond (the only brother of Olav. In 1923 was the owner of the ski-factory formerly owned by his brother Olav.)

Hope this helps,

Re: Surname: Hustvedt

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This is a correction to the previous post. There were 2 Aasne Olsdatter Hustvedts, both sisters to Bjorn. The information listed above was correct with the exception of the death circumstances. The Aasne listed here married a Skolas and died in Dane County Wisconsin of heart failure in 1912. Aasne & Bjorn's other sister, Aasne, was born in Vinje in 1824 and died after a house first in Ashby Minnesota in 1895. This Aasne never married and lived alone in Ashby.
Sorry for the mixup....too many Aasne's in this family!!!
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