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Trying to determine if Pigmans and Pigman are the same family!

Trying to determine if Pigmans and Pigman are the same family!

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Surnames: PIgmans, PIgman, Pigmon, Pimond

For a long time I have suspected that Pigmans in the Netherlands and Pigman in the U.S. are the same family. Is there a Dutch Pigmans researcher who would like to exchange ideas and information about this?

Additionally, I have done the full series of y-DNA tests and I cannot find a male Pigmans who has tested to compare with.

It would be one of the highlights of my life if I could find my ancestor John Pigman (Johann Pigmans?) who migrated to Norfolk, England and/or Maryland/ North Carolina in the 17th century!

Curtis Pigman(Pigmans/Pigmon/Pimond)

Re: Trying to determine if Pigmans and Pigman are the same family!

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It is almost certainly a German name not a Dutch one.

Re: Trying to determine if Pigmans and Pigman are the same family!

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Surnames: Pigman, Pigmans,Pigmon,Pimond
In all the censuses our name was normally spelled Pigmon however there is confusion on how it is supposed to be spelled.

I am posting to the Noord-Brabant board because there were/are numerous Pigmans in Tilburg and other places in the Netherlands. Hoping to find some of their genealogy.

Here are a couple of my thoughts/findings:

Most surnames were started as a place name or an occupation. In our case Piemons or Piemond is a variation of Piemonte which is Italian for what we call Piedmont. (Latin for Piemonte meaning foot of the mountain). The center of the Kindom of Piemonte was for a time (14-15th century?) in Chambery, Rhone-Alpes, France - just north of the area of Correze. The Pigmon name is also recorded there but not as far back. I haven't figured out how to get into the Rhone-Alpes records yet but I will.

These COULD be the parents of John Pigman:

groom's name: William Pigman
bride's name: Ana Amond
marriage date: 09 Jan 1667
marriage place: Hunstanton, Norfolk, England
indexing project (batch) number: I04529-7
system origin: England-EASy
source film number: 1951636

If we were Huguenots, the trail could be: from France to Noord-Brabant, then some left for Norfolk, England. Some but not all left in the late 1600's for Maryland.

While I have some matches with y-DNA that are German, most are around the French, Switzerland, Austria, Italian Alpine areas. Pigmon is also a surname that was in Rhone-Alpes and in Correze,France usually spelled Pimond.

Curtis Pigman(Pigmans,Pigmon,Pimond)

Re: Trying to determine if Pigmans and Pigman are the same family!

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when you get variations in the name things can get difficult. A name ending in -man is very common in german. I have been lucky with my name, the only variation I've seen when you get to the 1500 and 1600's is Baers instead of Baars. To get into the Rhone-Alpes records you may need to go to the site and order the microfilm and read it in one of their family history centers.

Re: Trying to determine if Pigmans and Pigman are the same family!

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Surnames: Pigmans, Pigmon, Pigman
Thanks for the suggestion! The other confusing thing is that up until around 1930 our name was always spelled Pigmon! My dad and grandfather are even listed that way in the census as well as as 4 generations before that!

I ran across this site for Tilburg:

I punched in Pigmans and there are approximately 3,050 entries mostly in the village of Tilburg! Wow!

The earliest date I have found for a Pigmans in Holland is 1677 and the earliest date in Old Hunstanton,Norfolk is 1623. Especially with the s dropped on my ancestor's name I think Norfolk could be the origin maybe for both the Dutch Pigmans and the Colonial American Pigman family.

Huguenot's had a strange path. Here is a story someone shared with me recently about his ancestors:

My family came from London, England, deported at Yorkshire, and then Copenhagen, Denmark, en route to America landing in northern VA.
Before that they were in Lancashire, England near Scotland, and before that in the Netherlands I believe in Walloonia in Belgium, and before that France.

It could be Pigmon/Pigman/Pigmans had a similar path except France, Norfolk, then some left for Holland and my ancestor left for Maryland??

Since I am looking for John, would that be Jan in Dutch or perhaps Johannes?
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