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GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

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I am searching for descendants of Alma BACON (born after 1922 in Woodford, Essex)(parents Richard BACON & Emily Eliza SHEPHERD), who married a Mr GARWOOD. They possibly had a son called Michael or Duncan.

There were also three other siblings of Alma: George, who may have had a son called Richard; Joan, who married a STROBER, and had two daughters called Sally and Julie;
and Gladys, who married Mr McGURK/McGUIRK. They possibly had a son called Duncan or Michael. The last address I have for Gladys is from years ago in Barkingside.

My mother and her family moved from England to Australia when she was very young (she's the daughter of Albert STREET and Dorothy BACON), and she has only vague memories of these people, and no idea where they are now. I would very much like to make contact with them.
Any information on these families, or advice on how to proceed, would be very much appreciated.

Kristy McCarrick
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Re: GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

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Hello, my name is Alma Bacon but not the Alma Bacon you want. I have been researching my family history and that of my husband for 25 years and will help you if you want. I will not charge anything my time but there will be costs of certificates and printing. Let me know if you want any assistance. Alma Bacon (Orsett, Essex, England)

Re: GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

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Presume that you know that you can now get a lot more info from Have had a quick look and have found that the birth of Alma H L Bacon was registered December quarter 1923 in West Ham Volume 4a Page 765. You can also search on a mothers surname after 1912 so have had a look at this and have found 4 entries
Margaret E Garwood Sep 1927 Marylebone 1a 590
Robert A J Garwood Sep 1929 Romford 4a 730
Ruth a Garwood Dec 1938 Bermondsey 1d 112
Michael R Garwood Mar 1949 Essex SW 5a 180

What I can't tell from the above is whether the Mother is your Alma as there are a couple of Garwood/Bacon marriages one being May Bacon to Alfred J M Garwood Mar 1927 Pancras 1b 164. I would have thought that the first two births above are likely to be from the May Bacon marriage but you would need to look at the birth certs or the parish records to be sure. I can't find at the moment an Alma Bacon/Garwood marriage

Trust this helps

John Garwood

Re: GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

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Surnames: bacon, street
Kristy, hello I have just seen your message and hope my reply gets to you. I am Richard son of George Bacon. I remember Alma Garwood (my aunt) mentioning a few years ago that someone had tried to get in touch but she was quite frail at the time and could not really respond too well. Any way today I have just found some old photos that my mum had - she was Mary Bacon. I bave photos of your mum, but I dont know if its Ann or Kath, they were about 17/14 yrs old in 1964, and one of your gran and grandad Dolly and Albert Street. The photographer was a studio called John Ploog in Elizabeth West - is that where you are? Dolly was my dad's sister and Ann and Kath are my cousins. I did a bit of googling and found your message. If you get in touch I can send some more details and photos if you like.

Re: GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

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Hi everyone, sorry for not replying sooner, but I didn't have a working computer at the time you replied to this thread.

Alma and John, thank you for your offers of help, and for looking that information up for me. I've actually made a lot of progress on this family, and have made contact.

Richard, it's great to meet you :-) Yes, I called Alma a few years ago, and she passed my information on to Gladys/Aunty Chub, and I spoke to her too before she passed. I am now in contact with her son Duncan.

If you'd like to contact me, my e-mail address is , also I'm on Facebook. Elizabeth West is a suburb of Adelaide, where Ann and Kath live. I'm in Brisbane, QLD. We (my daughters and I) have been down there a couple of times to visit.

I can send you what research I've done on the family tree if you like, let me know if you're interested.

Re: GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

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Hello Kristy

I dont know if you got my mail - I sent it earlier but it came to my other computer as if I'd sent it to myself - very strange - I was going to copy the text into here but I'd rather not publish too much detail, let me know if you got the mail or not please.

Best wishes


Re: GARWOOD & BACON of Woodford, Essex

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Hi Richard, I received your e-mail, and will reply ASAP :-)
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