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Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

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I have two sets of great grandparents that immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine late 1800's and early 1900's. One family is buried at St. Demetrius Ukainina Orthodox Church/Cemetary in Jaroslaw. I can only assume that was the church they attended before their deaths.

The other family attended a church in Leeshore called Nativity of the Mother of God Ukrainian Catholic Church. It is my understanding to this point that my father and his sbilings were baptized here.

I would like to research and get copies of births, baptismals of my grandmother (born in 1902) and her siblings as well as my father and his brothers (born in the 20's and 30's.

Does anyone know if it is possible to search these records and who do I contact? Where?

Thanks for any help


Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

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Hi Sandra - What is the Name of the Families you are researching? - there may be other information - that could help you. with some information.
I have some Local History Books - information submitted by families - perhasp yours.

Birth: Genealogical Registration of Birth - is available from the Govt of Alberta - Vital Statistics Registry Offices - in Edmonton Alberta. The Cost $40 Cndn.
Marriage and Death Genealogical Registration of Death - from same.
Provincial Archive in Edmonton Alberta - may hold some records . I don't believe that you will receive a copy of informtion - but may receive a transcript of info -for a very small fee.

Contact the Church Offices - If the baptisms were not held there - they may be kind - and make enquiries for you

Contact BASILIAN FATHERS in Mundare Alberta - they may hold records re Baptisms, Marriage, Death.

The parish was originally Ukrainian Catholic and was served by the Basilian fathers from Mundare until 1923.

Religious differences developed in the Jaroslaw community and in 1925 the parish was reorganized as the Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of St. Demetrius the Martyr. As a result, a new Ukrainian Catholic parish was established at Jaroslaw, which eventually built the Holy Spirit Church that stands across the road to the northeast of St. Demetrius'.
Cheers, Stella

Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

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Thanks Stella for the info.

It is good to know that the Orthodox church was once Catholic. I think I remember reading about the history in the area of some churches becoming Greek Orthodox but didn't know which ones.

I am hoping to save some money as ordering birth certificates for at least 10 people can be expensive! My Grandmother's birth was before Alberta was a province as well so not sure if they would even have records for her.

The two names I am researching is Iwaschuk/Iwazczuk and Chwyl. My great grandparents were Jacob and Barbara Iwaschuk and Luc and Fanny Chwyl - their son Nick and Martha Iwashcuk -Chwyl were my grandparents. I do have a copy of family history from the Bruderhiem History book. It has a write up of Jacob's brother, Fred (Teodore) and his family. I did locate a book on the internet from Chipman (I think that is the name??) that has the names of Jacob and Barbara but have not actually seen the book yet to get the write up on them.

If you have any further info I would appreciate it.

I think I will try the Basilian Fathers in Mundare to start. I know all these people existed but would be nice to have copies of their batismals at the very least.


Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?CHWYL,IWASHCHUK

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From the Alberta GenWeb Local History Book site
CHWYL, ; Dreams & Destinies; Lamont
There is a Volunteer: Shirley - who owns or has access tot he above book. Request a Lookup.

1.There are records for births prior to 1906.
If you have names etc -
The Provincial Archive in Edmonton - may hold information. They will not give you a copy of the original document- but will transcribe the information found. * years ago the cost was $5 Cndn.

2.The Alberta Genealogical Society has published a book of Births,Marriage Death to 1905
A03 - Alberta Index to Registrations of Birth, Marriages and Deaths 1870 - 1905:
a 648 page book containing about 32,000 names compiled by members of the AGS from registrations in those years before Alberta became a Province. Cost: $48.00 plus $9.00 postage and handling.

This Book can be found in Some Public Libraries - Genealogy sections. Will show names -etc & Registration Number
Not all names are listed - only 1 out of 5 of our family members appear.

Early Birth Registrations sometime have very little information -
BAPTISM - records may be the first way to go.
Cheers, Stella

Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?EWASCHUK, IWASCHUK

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Homestead Records are Availble from the Provincial Archive in Edmonton

Part PTS SW Sectn 9 Township 57 Range 20 Meridian W4
Reference: Volume: 309 Folio: 357
Microfilm reel number: C-6180
Names: Jakym Iwaszuk

found a little info in Dictionary of Ukrainian Canadian Biography of Pioneer Settlers Alberta 1891-1900
e mail me at


Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

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Born December 7 1871 - inBiliche Zolote,Disrict Borshchiv,Galicia Ausria [WesternUkraine]
Died: February 8 1949 in Lamont Alerta.

Wife: Barbara [may also be shown as Varvara]KUBASH
Son: Ivan -[John}
Sailing record not available
HGR Volume 18 1899 - 1900 # 79150
Date of Application October 25 1899.
Name Yakym IWASZUK
Homesead SW9 -57- 20 W4M.
Applicaton # 5380 - District # 44 List # 647
Patent Granted.
NATURALIZATION: granted November 2 1904
Supreme Court NWT Edmonton Alberta
Name: Yakim YVAKZUK
Residence: Sar Alberta
Occupation: Farmer
Former Residence: Austria
In 1923. on North side of the SaskatchewanRiver on
SW9 57 20 W4M is listed J. EWASCHUK
P.O.Bruderheim Alberta.
CRDM Alta # 69 -1923
In 1949on same quarter section is listed Mike IWASCHUK

Cheers, STella

Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

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Wow, thank you STella. I did not know Barbara's last name so that in itself is a wealth of information!

Thank you!

Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

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The Master Surname Database (not online) (mostly burials in Alberta cemeteries) of the Alberta Genealogical Society lists these names;

Jacob IWASCHUK, 1866 - 8 Feb 1949
Barbara IWASCHUK, 1877 - 21 May 1967
burial in the Demtrius UK. Orhto. cemetery, Bruderheim.

There are some 10 other IWASCHUK burials in this same cemetery, plus more in other nearby cemeteries.

Luke CHWYL, 1843 - 20 Jun 1931 father of Nick
Fevronita CHWYL, 1868 - 7 Jun 1916 w/o Luke
burial in the Holly Cross UK Gr Cath,Skaro, cemetery, Lamont.

For further research please contact the Research Committee of the Edmonton Branch. They should be able to send you a printing of these names or cemeteries for a small fee.

The Edmonton Branch

Also see this,


Re: Where to look for Church records for Lamont County?

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Thank you Peter. I had visited the cemetary this past summer and all the Iwaschuk's buried there are my relatives. I did not know of the other cemeteries though. AS far as I know there is no direct connection but one never knows and I will keep this info in mind in case I do need to research further ancestors.

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