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Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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Surnames: Siergiewicz, Michalewicz
I'm searching for the surname Siegiewicz near Kurty. My grandfather Ludwik Siergiewicz emigrated to the US in 1913, and on one document listed Kurty as his hometown, and on another listed Zadziewia, Wilno, Russia as his hometown. I've located Kurty in present day Belarus, but I've not located the other city mentioned...I would imagine it would be near Postavy, but the name has likely changed...does anyone recognize the names?

He settled in Nashua, New Hampshire where he married my grandmother, Leokadia Michalewicz also from the Postavy area, likely a village named Weilka Olsia.

I would love to hear from any family members still in the area!

Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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Googling Zadziewia produced some hits in Polish, enough to confirm that it is/was near Postavy. I googled further to try to find what it might be called today. The closest I could find was Zadezh'ye, which is also near Postavy. Going by the coordinates, Zadezh'ye is not quite as close to Postavy as Kurty is, but it's still in the neighborhood. Unfortunately I wasn't able to confirm that Zadziewia and Zadezh'ye are absolutely the same place, but it seems like a good possibility.

If you're looking for relatives in Belarus, keep in mind that they are unlikely to speak English and thus are unlikely to be visiting sites like this. Have you checked your surnames at social network sites like Facebook? I use the Russian-language social network sites Odnoklassniki and VKontakte to keep in touch with my relatives in Belarus and Russia -- if you don't speak Russian but would like to check your surnames there, I could take a look for your surnames there. LMK.

Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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Thanks for the tips on the Russian language social sites & geo locations! I am unfamiliar with the sites, and Russian/Cyrillic...if you could look up the surnames, that would be wonderful!

Since my grandparents left Europe before WW1, and since they were from smaller villages, I would be very surprised if there were still relatives in the area, but it's worth a shot!

Funny thing is, I was researching a related line, and left a message in English on a Polish board somewhere down the line. A relative saw it almost right away, but took a year to get in touch. Some regions and generations are still hesitant to reach out to strangers...

Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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I'll check Odnoklassniki and VKontakte for members in or near those villages.

My own grandparents also left before WW1 but people don't move as often or as far as is common in the US. Believe it or not, when my grandfather received special permission to return to his birthplace for a visit back in 1966, his older brother was still living in the village where they were born. My grandfather's younger sister and her family lived in a somewhat larger town nearby, having resettled there after a move to Siberia after WW1 and a subsequent move to Kazakhstan.

And when I visited Belarus for the first time in 2000, after having found my relatives via an internet search the year before, many of them were still living in the same places where they were when my grandfather had visited in the 60s.

So you never know...

Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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That's pretty amazing! I've connected with one cousin from this line so far, but they've since moved to Warsaw. My grandfather died before I was born, and I would love to be able to reconnect and hear stories from the family.

I've also had a breakthrough in locating Zadziewia. It's not specifically marked on a map, and is now known as Zadzieŭie. It's located just West of Postavy, between the lake and the old Postav Airbase...

Thank you for all your help!

Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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Okay, the spelling you've got looks like it might be the Lithuanian spelling. Further googling got me Zadziewie as the current Polish version. The Belarusian version of the name is written in Cyrillic and from what little I know of the Belarusian language is probably fairly close in pronunciation to the Polish. The Russian version, transliterated to the Latin alphabet, would be Zadev'ye.

I had seen Zadev'ye in my checks of gazetteers but had not made the connection. Here's a link to a page at which has maps plus a photo of the Catholic church there. This is the Polish version of the page; if you go to the upper right-hand corner of the page you can choose to view versions in English, Belarusian, or Russian.

From the maps you can see how close it is to the Lithuanian border. It's classified in Russian as a village, which means the population is probably a few hundred at best. I don't know the area but have traveled nearby -- it's about 50
miles north of where my folks live.

I'll let you know if I find anything at the social
networking sites. Now that I know where it is I can check possibilities from the village itself plus nearby larger towns.

Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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Wow, what a timely post. I was just researching Zadziewia, Wilno, Poland for my own family (Rundzia/Rundzio) and came across your post in a Google search. My grandmother listed her hometown as Sadvey, Lithuania on her ship's passenger list but as Zadziewia, Wilno, Poland on her naturalization papers years later. Further research led me to this page listing all the names that town has had over the centuries as well as some microfilm sources for church records:
In case the link doesn't work, I'll list the names here: Zadev′e, Vileĭka, Vil′na, Russia; later Zadziewie (Postawy), Wilno, Poland; later Zadzei︠u︡e, Pastavy, Vitebsk, Belarus

Hope that helps you.


Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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Wilno refers to Vilna governorate so when you research various alternatives they have to be within borders of the governorate.

According to Polish gazetteer, there were at least two Zadzewie villages in Polish settlement areas. The second one is in the Wilno governorate.

I am no expert in Polish but Zadzewie is in "powiat Wilejski" (district of Viliejka and it is closest to the village Mankowicze (Mankoviche) and it seems to have its own church.

When you type in задзевы (Zadzevi - Belarussian version of Zadzewie) to google, you will get a Belarussian website on Roman Catholic church network formation in Belarus. (Use google translate) Zadzevi is listed as a parish in Svir diocese with over 3000 parishioners.

I think, the problem is that Google Maps are not detailed enough to spot Zadzewie or the town/village has not survived until today.

Re: Siergiewicz-Michalewicz near Kurty, Weilka Olsia, Postavy Belarus

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I agree with the mapping is extremely difficult to locate small villages...either the map isn't indexed, or the search engine has difficulty with cyrillic.

That said, I did come across a miracle and have located the village of Zadziewia...If you pull up a map of Postavy, Belarus, the village is located between the old airbase and the city. You'll notice a lake on the Western edge of the city...Zadziewia is located between the West edge of the lake and the old airbase (you can still see the outline of the landing strips. Don't know if it's still in use). Just guessing, but the village may have around 100 residents today
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