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Madeira - Morocco - Da Silva, De Vivieros, Moniz, Mounter, Rosa, Ramsay

Madeira - Morocco - Da Silva, De Vivieros, Moniz, Mounter, Rosa, Ramsay

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Surnames: Madeira - Morocco - Da Silva, De Viveiros, Moniz, Mounter, Rosa

My great grandfather came to Australia from the Island of Madeira. He took the name Ramsay, and spoke Seven Languages. He married Henrietta Petersen from Danmark.

Apparently, Ramsay his real name was da silva, and he often spoke of his mother's name being Mounter(however, it is later considered to have been Moniz)

Of all the records and information, my uncle traced what appeared to be a matching record of a marriage of Antonio Da Silva (Parents Antonio Da Silva and Anastasia De Vevieros) to Maria Rosa Moniz (parents Manuel Moniz and Antonia Rosa).

My Great Grandfather's real Name is considered to be Antonio Da Silva. He is known to have said that his father (Antonio Da Silva) was brought across from Africa(possibly Morocco).

Da Silva is possibly not his real name, as it is known that Da Silva was a name given to Moors, Africans and Jewish peoples who were brought over to the Island of Madeira from Africa. Da Silva means Forest, hence the reference to Africa, which was considered a jungle forest.

All I know is that my great grandfather arrived in Australia after running away from Military school, spending three years working on ships and finally arriving in Australia.

Apparently, it use to be a tradition that the first son became a priest, the second son took oevr the business and the third son was sent to school(in this case millitary school). He was only 14 when he ran away.

My great grandfather's father came over from africa(moor, african, or jewish?) and worked on a grape vine plantation(and possibly there were other things on the plantation too, as my great grandfather planted grapes, almonds and oranges here in Australia).

His father fell in love with the plantation owners daughter, they married and had my great grandfather.

Does this story, or any of these names sound familiar? If so let me know!



Re: Madeira - Morocco - Da Silva, De Vivieros, Moniz, Mounter, Rosa, Ramsay

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My ancestors came from the island of Madeira and I have the names Da Silva, De Viveiros and Moniz in the family tree- all from the town Machico and from the records of the church: Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Conceicao.
Maybe we can help each other

Re: Madeira - Morocco - Da Silva, De Vivieros, Moniz, Mounter, Rosa, Ramsay

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Surnames: Rosa, Moniz, Monte, Da Silva, De Vaverios, Furness
Hi fvsantos,

Thank you for your email and it would be great to communicate and see if we have some relatives that are the same.

My great grandfather's name was Antonio Ramsey, but he had told some members of the family, that Ramsey was a name he chose from a man he worked for, when he first came to Australia.

His marriage certificate says he is Ramsey/Furness, but he told members of the family that when he left the ship to come ashore on Australia, he said goodbye to Da Silva. So, some thought this was his last name.

He also mentioned the name Monto, or Monte and after a member of the family visited the Island of Madiera, they discovered an Antonio Da Silva, who had married a Rosa and her parents were known as Manuel Moniz and Maria Rosa.

Antonio Da Silva, is Antonio Ramsey/Moniz/Monte/Da Silva's Father, who had come from North Africa, belived to be Morocco to work on the orchards/plantations of Rosa's father's property on Madiera.

They fell in love and later married and had, as we at the least know, three sons, maybe more children, not certain. Antonio said that at that stage, the oldest son would become a priest, the second son would take over the business and the third would go to school.

Antonio has said that he was sent to a military school, but that he later decided to leave school and become a sailor on the trade ships, where he travelled the world.

He went to places like the Red Sea, spent three years in Macau in China and finally settled in Australia, where he met my mother's grandmother.

It is thought that Antonio was born in the 1820/30's, which would mean that his father was probably born in the late 17th century. If Rosa was young, she would have been born around the begining of the 18th century.

Antonio often spoke about a hill type land feature overlooking a beautiful bay. I think he may have been refering to Monte, since he spoke of Monte, yet we thought that this was his surname at first.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you have a family who's son left and they lost contact with him? A orchard/plantation, A Priest?

I am looking forward to hearing from you and discovering if maybe we are distant relatives.

Take care,

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