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Crandell / Crandall - Anne Arundel County Maryland

Crandell / Crandall - Anne Arundel County Maryland

Jen (View posts)
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Surnames: Crandell, Smith, Dawson, Beazley
There is a small family cemetery on my property in Anne Arundel County. Interred are various members of the Crandell family from that area. I suspect there are more gravesites than headstones - perhaps some once had wooden markers. At any rate, there are 5 I can identify.

Mary Crandell: 1823-1884

Mary's granddaughter, Ila Dawson Crandell, 09/26/1890 - 01/16/1892, daughter of Lewis A and Bettie (Dawson) Crandell.

James A. P. Smith 02/06/1840 - 12/17/1867
"Death so stern, so cruel hearted, robs us of the ones we love. But we grieve not for one departed. Better joys await above."

Francis Crandell 11/05/1815 - 11/09/1867

Martha V., wife of Ellis S. Beazley, 10/13/1873 - 02/20/1910

These folks are not of my family, however, curiosity made me do a little research. This is what I've found:

1910 census:
Ellis S. Beazley (49), widower, born VA, parents born VA.
Daughter Sarah J (16) born MD, both parents born MD
Neice Fola Phipps (12) born MD, both parents born MD
obviously, the record for either Ellis or his daughter Sarah is incorrect. Ellis could not have been born both in VA and MD.

1870 Census Anne Arundel County 8th District
Mary Crandell (52) head of household
Son John (13)
Son Louis (9)

1880 Census Anne Arundel County 8th District
Mary Crandell (62) head of household
Son John W. (23) Saddle and harness maker
Son Louis A. (19)
next door was another Crandell family ..
William (50) head of household House Carpenter
wife Mary (43)
daughter Anne (17)
son James F. (13)
son Thomas F. (11)
son William G. (9)
daughter Mary L. (4)

District 31
William Dawson (50)
wife Margaret (42)
son Richard (19)
son Franklin (16)
daughter Lida (15)
daughter Bettie (13)
son John O. (11)
daughter Maggie M. (7)
son Samuel (5)
daughter Grace D. (2)

Francis Crandell may have been Mary's husband, although that is not a known fact at this time. There is no indication how James Smith fits into this family at all. There is a Frank Crandell in the census records, however the wife's name is listed as Jane. Youngest son, John, is listed as age 6... he should have been 3 if it is the same family. I can find no Mary of the correct age anywhere except as a widow in the 1870 and 1880 census.

I also have some handwritten land records for this property... these were a result of a deed and title search done in the 1950s. Much of it is in shorthand of some kind, but it provides the names of property owners and a little bit of lineage. There is also mention of a will.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Re: Crandell / Crandall - Anne Arundel County Maryland

Thomas Wills (View posts)
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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Crandell
I have several Crandell's in my line from Anne Arundel at the time of the Rev. War. William Crandell was at Annapolis in 1780 and his mother was Sarah. I believe his wife was Rachael. There is a Francis Crandell jr. married Jane Attwood 1733 there also. I have found many other Crandells in Anne Arundel but these are the only ones in my line. I wish there were more headstones.

Re: Crandell / Crandall - Anne Arundel County Maryland

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I no longer own the property where this cemetery is located, so cannot give permission for anyone to access it. I did make provisions in the sale contract that the cemetery would remain undisturbed. The new owner is talking about cleaning it up and surrounding it with picket fencing.

If I can ever get anyone to translate the deed records written in shorthand, I will post pertinent details.

Jen Krause

Re: Crandell / Crandall - Anne Arundel County Maryland

Jen Krause (View posts)
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I wish there were more headstones, as well. There may be... buried under silt from over 100 years of hurricanes. The cemetery is within 200 ft of a Chesapeake Bay inlet (Broadwater Creek) and has doubtless been flooded many times. During my lifetime there have been a few. 100 years of leaves falling - as it is in the woods - gives you quite a bit of leaf compost, as well. We did poke around a little to see if we could find any more, but did nothing extraordinary.

Perhaps you can find more information in county deeds. Good luck. Jen

Re: Crandell / Crandall - Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Franklin Crandell Crandal Crandel
Hi, I am interested in the Crandells in Anne Arundel County as well-- I think more info about them will help me find more info on some of the Franklins in my tree

My g-g-grandmother was Henrietta Norma Franklin b 27 Feb 1865 d. Her mother was Margaret A. Franklin (not sure if that was her maiden name) b. 1846.

in 1870 Margaret Franklin and Henrietta Franklin were living in District 8 Anne Arundel County with Margaret Crandel b 1813, Eliza Crandel b 1820, Fannie Simms, Cephus Hebburn, William Stuart, and Richard Crandel.

in 1880 Margaret is now a Crandell living with her husband Andrew Crandell b. 1846, and Henrietta Franklin is listed as a stepdaughter.

Later, Andrew and Margaret have two daughters, Bernie and Lillian, and they all show up in the censuses over the years. My grandmother remembers Aunt Lillian and Aunt Bernie Crandell so that assures me that they are all connected. As far as she knows neither of them married which is supported by the censuses showing them still with the same last name.

I am trying to figure out who Henrietta Franklin's father is. She is buried right next to Joseph Franklin 1844-1923. My grandmother believes that Joseph was Henrietta's husband but I wonder if Joseph Franklin was really her father. I can't ever find him living with Henrietta but I do find her later with her two children, Reginald Cannon Franklin and Henrietta Norma Franklin (my g-grandmother)

Re: Crandell / Crandall - Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Classification: Query
I really don't know much about the Franklins or the Crandels except the names on the headstones in the family cemetary on the property I used to own. I can tell you that the people across the road were Franklins when we moved there in 1954 and that I had heard the Franklins once owned most or all of the property on that road.

Like your mother, I would assume the man buried next to her is her husband, even though there is a 20 year difference in age. It was not uncommon for women of that era - especially spinsters - to marry much older men.

There is a Joseph Franklin (16) found in Tracy's Landing (District 8, AA Co.) in the 1860 census. It would appear there are no parents living in that household - only offspring ranging in age from 9 to 24. Catherine Thomas (24)may be the twin sister of Elizabeth Franklin... or cousin... or perhaps the Franklin children are living in a house on the same property as the Thomases. Ages prove the Thomases cannot be parents, step or otherwise of these Franklin children. It shows the two oldest Franklin women having estates of 1500... likely an inheritance of some kind.

There is a JE Franklin, born 1844, living in Baltimore with a wife Maretta and some small children... none of which are Henrietta. There is no proof this is the same man, but if not, then Joseph has dropped off the radar for 1870. Of course the last name could have been misspelled or mis-interpreted for the index, making finding him more difficult. When you are searching, try using Frank*, Franck* and Frenk* Frenck*... or even something like Frack*

It is possible that Henrietta Franklin married Joseph Franklin - 2nd and 3rd cousins often married one another. There are so many possibilities.
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