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John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

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Surnames: Bazzell
My grandmother was Barbara Allie Bazzell, Calloway and Graves counties in KY. Her father was David Tinsley Bazzell, and his father was Richard L. All of these from VA, SC, TN, and KY. The next generation back was John Green Bazzell and his father Thomas. From Moravia, Bohemia??? Is there documentation for that information, or is it something that's been accepted without an authentic source? I'd really like to know. Thanks!

Re: John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

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Surnames: Bazzell
This is from a scrapbook that my Aunt Mabel Fuqua gave to my sister and her to me. This is Bazzell history as told by Otis Bazzell B. 7/02/1877 as his father Thomas Porter Bazzell born 7/25/1851 had told him.

The Bazzell name is from Scotland. The first records show they migrated from VA to Persons Co., NC to Williamson Co, TN on to KY in 1830. Ten families came through the Cumberland gap by way of ox wagons, horseback and on foot. There was plenty of wild game for everyone including the dogs. Four brothers settled on Clarks River near Coldwwater (two on E. and 2 on W.)"

David Bazzell B. 1759 father of:
David, ,John, Robert, and Richard "Black Dick" (nickname so because "of a heavy black beard"

Richard (my ancestor) is father of:
Richard , Jimmie or J.C., David Tinsley, Kindal, Mathias, Susan, and Sallie.

David Tinsley Bazzell is father of:
Thomas Porter, Marcus, ,Henry Irvan, Sophronia McAtee, Elmira Latham, Laura Fiske, Izora Small, Joretta Fannie Albritton.

Thomas Porter Bazzell is father of:

Otis Johnson Bazzell, Ollie Evans

Otis J. Bazzell is father of:
Homer, Hunter, Howard, Mable Fuqua, Hazle (Married to Harned Hinkle), Myrtle Eddings.
*females included their married surnames.

I have the birthdates and some marriage dates and spouses of the males if anybody is interested.

Re: John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

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From the writings of my Grandfather Otis J. Bazzell, from his father Thomas P. Bazzell:

David Born on or before 1759
father of : John who married Delpha Rice
John is father of: Billy, John, Jim, Joe Henry, Richard, and two females.

Joe Henry is father of:

Elvis, Judge Arie, Alice Marine, and Essie Chapman.

Re: John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

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Surnames: Bazzell
I made an error! Richard "Black Dick" Bazzell was John's son Richard! Excuse me.

I found a map at one of these genealogy websites that showed Bazzell families now living in the Eastern part of England at this time. And, I've found not a thing that proves that any Bazzell came from Moravia. I have a third cousin that is a genealogist and he had our family traced back to Scotland, and my father, Hunter Bazzell had the papers, and I don't know who owns them now. I even tried to put the Bazzell surname into searching that Slavic country and zilch! I do not believe it to be true in any way, shape, or form.

Re: John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

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Surnames: Bazzell
When you see the "Moravia" claim, the usual documentation suggested is "Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666" by George Cabell Greer. However, that book is available online and you can read it for yourself here:


If you take a look, you'll find no Bazzell is ever mentioned. You will see a Thomas Boswell entry exists in that book (some people say that over the years Boswell became Bazzell). But even if we accept that as the correct person, there is no mention whatsoever of the country of origin.

I believe the Czechoslovakia claim is spurious.

Re: John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

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Do you know who Elmira Bazzell Latham married? My 4g grandfather was Bazel Latham, born in 1788 in one of the Carolinas.

Re: John Green Bazzell and Thomas Bazzell - 1700's

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I'm very intrested in all of your dates. my husband is a decendant of Richard your same ancestor. And through his son Mathias.
Thanks, Cindy. My email address is
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