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Greers Of Missouri

Greers Of Missouri

Ellen (View posts)
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Would anyone have information on The Greers from Buchanan Co.,Missouri. All I know is there were four brothers, Albert, Frank, Floss, and Charles. Charles was my grandfather. I would greatly appreciate any info concerning the parents of these guys.

Re: Greers Of Buchanan County, Missouri

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Hi Ellen,

There is an Albert Greer b. Kansas in 1873 on the 1930 and 1910 census indexes for Buchanan County.

Sondra Mumford at RW WC,

Name: Floss A GREER
Birth: ABT. 1886 in Kansas

Father: Louis G. GREER b: ABT. 1848 in Ohio
Mother: Mary WILSON b: ABT. 1852 in Indiana

Marriage 1 Jeanette Unknown b: ABT. 1888 in Ohio
Francis GREER b: 1909
Bernice GREER b: 1913
Gerald GREER b: 1914
Ellsworth GREER b: JUN 1917
Marcelle GREER b: APR 1919

The birth years and birth states make them a dim possibility to be brothers. Ms. Mumford hasn't updated her data in 4 years, so she may have lost interest. She doesn't give sources, either. You could try writing her.

Floss is either dead, using a different name or got skipped in 1930, because he doesn't appear on the index under that name.

Without dates, it is hard to help you. Saying he was your grandfather doesn't help much. Depending on your age and birth order, your grandfather could have been born 48 - 160 years ago. 48 if you are now 16 and the product of a long line of star-crossed teenage lovers who had their first child at 16; 160 if you are now 80 and both you and your parent were born when your parents were 40.

Actually, if you are now 80 {but still spry} and both you and your father were children of old {even sprier} men with second wives, your grandfather could have been born (80 + 60 + 60) = 200 years ago, in 1804.

An awful lot of genealogists are in their 50's, and most families average 30 - 35 years per generation, so your grandfather was probably born 120 years ago, give or take 20 years, if you are typical. That works out to 1870 - 1890, which means the Floss and Albert I found were still in the running. It is not proof, of course.

Re: Greers Of Buchanan County, Missouri

Ellen (View posts)
Posted: 1101582088000
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Sorry, I wasn't thinking of dates. My grandfather Charles was born abt.1883 in Buchanan Co., Mo. For some reason or another, he changed his name to Gyer and lived in Nebraska and Kansas, before settling down in Garfield Co.,Ok. .My dad,born in the 1930's, was the first child out of eight to be born a Greer, after his dad changed their name back to Greer.
Charles Greer died in Wichita, Kansas in 1942. He is buried in the Enid Cemetary in Enid, Ok.
If memory serves me right, Floss moved to Oregon with his family, where he died. My dad went to Oregon several yrs. ago to visit some of his cousins.

Re: Greers Of Buchanan County, Missouri

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1883 was a bad year to be born from one point - descendants finding you on the census. Your Charles' parents were probably in Buchanan County in 1880, but it would behard to tell from the 1880 which couple would have a son named Charles three years down the pike.

The 1890 census burned.

The 1900 isn't indexed for Missouri in the ones I subscribe to.

In 1910, there is one Greer in Buchanan County old enough to have fathererd a son in 1883:

Greer, George L., head, age 55, b. Ohio, both parents b. Ireland
----, Lizzie, wife, 50, Arkansas, Penn, Virginia

He doesn't have any children with him, however.

It looks a lot like this is the second marriage for both - the "marital status" column has what looks like "M2" to me - and they have been married for 16 years.

There is a Charles Greer in the 1910 index for Buchanan County, but he was born in 1872, not 1883.

Sorry I couldn't do more.

Re: Greers Of Missouri

Sandy (View posts)
Posted: 1103593130000
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I have information on the Greers you are looking for. Please email me at
Thanks Sandy

Re: Greers Of Missouri

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Surnames: Greer
If you are still interested in finding information about the Greers of Buchanan Co., MO, please reply. Frank Greer was my grandfather. If you have found information about Louis Greer, I would be interested in seeing it. I have not been able to find his pedigree or that of his wife, Mary Wilson.

Re: Greers Of Missouri

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I would love any information you may have on the Greer Family. Please E-mail me at I'll be waiting eagerly to hear from you.
fstexasrose (Ellen)

Re: Greers Of Missouri

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Re: Greers Of Missouri

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Surnames: Greer, Osterkamp, Wilson
SORRY ABOUT THE FORMATTING. I WILL EMAIL A FORMATTED VERSION LATER. Below is most of the information I have about the Greer's. I haven't had time to verify all of the information. Most of the information has been loaded in my son's (Douglas Ray Greer) family tree on I created the tree starting with my son so that my wife's family would be included.
My father Vester Ira had two brothers Francis Wayne and Harold. They were the sons of Emma Osterkamp and Frank Greer, brother of Albert, Floss, and Charles. Additional information is in the attachments and in the pedigree chart for Douglas Greer. --------------------------

Greer Genealogy 7/26/10---

Frank was my grandfather, father of my father, Vester. Harold was Vester's youngest brother. Henry Osterkamp was the brother of Vester and Harold's mother. Frank appears again in the census at 1 year old. L(ouis) G Greer is Franks's father and Mary is his mother. Albert
and George are Frank's brothers and Bell is his sister.

GREER, FRANK (1920 U.S. Census)
MO, BUCHANAN, WASHINGTON, Age: 39, Race: W, Born: KS,
GREER, HAROLD (1920 U.S. Census)
OSTERKAMP, HENRY E (1920 U.S. Census)
GREER, FRANK (1880 U.S. Census)
KS, ATCHISON, 4-WD ATCHISON, Age: 1, Race: W, Born: KS,
GREER, L(ouis) G (1880 U.S. Census)
KS, ATCHISON, 4-WD ATCHISON, Age: 32, Race: W, Born: OH,
GREER, MARY (Wilson)(1880 U.S. Census)
KS, ATCHISON, 4-WD ATCHISON, Age: 28, Race: W, Born: IN,
GREER, ALBERT (1880 U.S. Census)
KS, ATCHISON, 4-WD ATCHISON, Age: 4, Race: W, Born: KS,
GREER, BELL (1880 U.S. Census)
KS, ATCHISON, 4-WD ATCHISON, Age: 3, Race: W, Born: KS,
GREER, GEORGE W. (1880 U.S. Census)
KS, ATCHISON, 4-WD ATCHISON, Age: 12, Race: W, Born: KS,
1. LOUIS G.2 GREER (UNKNOWN1)1 was born Abt. 1848 in Ohio1, and died Mar 7, 1922 in Atchison, Kansas1. He married MARY WILSON1, daughter of ? WILSON and UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1852 in Indiana1, and died Unknown1.----

Notes for LOUIS G. GREER:::
Death certificate indicate he was 75 at time of death, place of residence was 1706 Utah Ave. Atchison, Kans. Occupation: Laborer. Albert Greer gave information and his address was 6314 Belding St., St. Joseph, Mo. Burial in Oak Hill cemetery Lot 8 - 3 - E -------

Atchison Daily Globe Tuesday March 7, 1922 :
An old man named Louis Greer, is very low at his home at 1706 Utah avenue. He has pneumonia. His wife is also sick with influenza. They are destitute circumstances, and are receiving county aid. ------

Atchison Daily Globe Wednesday March 8, 1922 :
"So much has been said and written about the extreme poverty in famine stricken Armenia," a nurse of the Atchison County Public Health association told a Globe reporter recently, "that I want to show you some of the horrible conditions existing right here in Atchison that not even Armenia can surpass in poverty and dire wretchedness." The reporter consented to accompany the nurse on one of her regular calls. They went to a place on Utah avenue and entered an old tumble-down, deserted looking shack, hardly fit for animals to live in, where an aged couple, in extreme want of the barest necessities of life, were slowly ebbing away the last days of their existence. The misery and suffering that hovel bespoke cannot well be equaled any place. It looks bad enough from without but inside the stench and filth was almost overcoming. The kitchen was littered with old tins, scraps of bread and pieces of dried, spoiled meat. There was not a knife, fork, spoon or piece of china wear in the entire house. The couple, while they were still able to be up, ate their food out of the tins in which it was canned. The floor was bestrewn with ashes, coal, kindling and old clothing.
The old couple was in a room adjoining the kitchen. It was even dirtier and more ill-smelling, and the real squalor of the place could not be realized until one entered it. A woman, well in the seventies and partially blind, was lying crossways on a foul smelling bed, in a critical state of health. The man, seventy-five years old, was seated in a creaky chair by the stove, groaning with pangs of hunger. " I haven't had anything to eat for five days," he managed to say between spasms of coughing. "I don't think I will live through the night," and the thought did not seem to worry him in the least. The couple is entirely helpless and had it not been for a kindly neighbor women and the nurses of the health office, the distressed pair would probably be dead by this time.
The nurse, efficient and quick, aided by the neighbor, soon established order where chaos had reigned. She had taken food with her and gave the old people something to eat. Next she washed the woman and provided clean bed clothes. When she had finished, the comfort of the old people and the appearance of the room had been improved a hundred per cent.
The old couple are parents of five sons. They all live in neighboring towns and have repeatedly been informed of the old people's condition, but so far they have done nothing. "My sons are no good to me," said the old man, "except one. I know he will help us."[Gathering Moss.GED]------

Atchison Daily Globe, March 8, 1922 :
Louis G. Greer died last night at 8:00 in his home at 1718 Utah avenue. He was 76 years old and pneumonia caused his death. He is survived by his wife and several children, one of whom lives south of town. Another son lives in St. Joe. The deceased has lived in this community for several years. The funeral will be Thursday afternoon, the services to be conducted in the chapel of the Harouff Undertaking Co., at 2 o'clock. Burial will take place in Oak Hill cemetery. Mrs. Louis Greer, who has been very sick with pneumonia is better.

Re: Greers Of Buchanan County, Missouri

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