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Comans family tree

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My interest is in folks descended from Connor (Cornelius) Cummins (comans).
He was married to Judith Dwyer.
They had 1. Mary Cummins,2.Judith Cummins,2.Cath(leen?) Cummins, 4.Ellen Cummins
5.Margaret Cummins, 6. Honora Cummins and 7. Edmund Cummins who married Winifred Ryan
from whom my husband is descended.
Edmund and Winifred had 1. Judith (Johanna) who emigrated to Australia and Married Patrick Torpy.
2.William Coman who married Annie Fahey who had a large family in Ireland 3 of which emigrated to Australia.
a) Edmund, b)Winifred, c)Ann.
3.Mary Cummins, 4.Michael Cummins, 5.Patrick Cummins and 6,Rodger Cummings who also emigrated to Australia.
There is a possibility that others of William and Annies children emigrated to Scotland or America.
I am looking for Patrick b1.5.1868, Rody (Rodger) b 1.5.1868 (twins) Michael b 10.4.1872, John b3.8.1874 and Andrew b 20.1.1882 (died young?)
All these people come from Clogher, Cashel, Clonoulty, Tipperary. Please respond direct if you have any info.
Many thanks and happy hunting.

Margaret Comans/Cummins

Elizabeth Marshall (View posts)
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I have a Margaret Comans who came to Australia, she was born 1837, Tipperary. She married in Autralia Michael Newman.


Nellie (View posts)
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Are u related to Daniel Comans who came to the states from Ireland???

Comans in Neshoba County Miss.

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yes Daniel Comans was my greatgreatgreatgreatgrandfather came from ireland and settled in the United States he was married to Mary Ann Odom

Re: Comans family tree

Brandy (View posts)
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I have a Rody Cummings in my family tree we've hit a dead end with and can not find anything at all on. It may be possible the last name was different before he immigrated into the united states?
He was born about 1825 (a guess by someone) in Tipperary Ireland and married Delina Brentlinger. This is all I have and not certain it matches here but the area does. I have their marriage date of 1852 December 28th.
Can anyone connect Rody to a parent? Thanks for any help :)


Re: Comans family tree

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Rody sometimes spelt Rhody is usually a diminutive of Roger or Rodger. It is a common name in the Coman or Comans family. Coman or Comans was often spelt as Cummins or Cummings in the early records. The Tipperary Heritage Centre may be able to help you with pinpointing a suitable birth. They would need paying I think.

It is some time since I contacted them. I paid 17pounds sterling for some information. They were not aware that some of the entries could be under Cummins or Cummings but did send me many pages of marriages and births from their records. I only ever made the one payment and I explained the information was for Family History reasons. The Catholic Diocese of Cashe and Emly used to run the Tipperary Heritage Centre but I am not sure if this information is current. I seem to remember that the centre was closed while they assessed the situation but it may well be open again. Their address is Marian Hall, Saint Michael Street, Tipperary Town Ireland.
Or you could try the Limerick Regional Archives, The Granary, Michael Street, Limerick, Ireland. They were very helpful.
Any enquiries should enclose return postage or International Reply coupons (2) or a donation of English pounds to assist them to find the time to reply. I hope this is helpful to you.
If I find that Rody could be a part of any of the Coman/s families here in Australia I will be in touch again.

Re: Comans family tree

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This is Richard Comans born 10/31/1953 wife Debra and daughter Kala Comans. My father is Henry Clyde Comans.
My mother's name is Eugene Comans maiden name Williams. My grandfather's name is Jim Henry Comans.My grandmother's name is Ruby Comans maiden name
sounds the same or spelled the same or Cummins.My grandparents were distant cousins.My grandparents had five other children named Jimmy,R.J.,girls were Lois,Polly,
and Shirley Comans.I was born in Arkansas and live in Bentonville, AR now.Most of kin folks live in Jackson,MS.
Iknow very little about my ancestors other than they immigrated from Ireland.I do have some information on that but i will enter it later.I would like to learn more about Patrick and the importance of finding him.The name sounds familiar. I may have saw the name on some papers of family history which I will check. Also i would like to know your town and/or state,United States.
Thank you Teri

Re: Comans family tree

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Richard Hi!
I am not only looking for Patrick but his twin brother Rodger and all the others in that sentence. I do not know what happened to any of them. They may have emigrated. They may have married in Ireland. They may have stayed single. They may have died. I just don't know. But it would help my research to be able to trace them and perhaps help others too.
I am in Sydney Australia.

Re: Comans family tree

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Hello Richard,

My name is April Crout and I am your cousin. I am not sure if we ever met as children but I remember meeting Uncle Clyde's oldest boys when I was small. I am the oldest daughter of your Aunt Polly. My birth name was Opal, but I changed it to April when I left home. I now live in Abingdon, Virginia with my husband Richard and twins Thomas and Elisabeth. I would love to communicate with you and gather more information about our family tree as well as share any information that I have that might help you. I look forward talking with you.

Your cousin,


Re: Comans family tree

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I found your message posted about the Comans Family Tree and found information on Richard Comans my first cousin. I would love to talk with you about my grandparents Ruby Comans and Jim Henry Comans if you would like to email.

Warmest Regards,

April Crout
Abigndon, VA
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